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The feeling of the warm embrace of a perfect evening; surrounded by great company, enjoying delicious snacks and luxurious drinks, and overwhelmed by conviviality.

This feeling, this ultimate moment of joie de vivre, is summarized in the words β€œAma la Vita” – Italian for β€œlove life!”.

We offer this experience in the form of grazing table catering, fresh snack boards and luxury gifts

Drink boxes and drink boards

Beautiful gifts available in the Netherlands and Belgium. All contents have a shelf life of at least 3 weeks. Including luxurious gift packaging, robust drinks board and the tastiest Italian snacks under the drinks board. The XL variant has a lot more snacks, a larger shelf and free luxury wine or beer of your choice!

Gifts without a snack board

The following drinks boxes contain everything for a wonderful drinks evening, but the planks can be ordered optionally.

Fresh drinks boxes and platters

Drink boxes with fresh products or fully prepared shelves, we will take care of it!Β Delivered throughout the Netherlands with refrigerated transport.

Catering Apeldoorn and fresh Grazing platters

Are you familiar with the buffet revolution worldwide: the grazing table? A grazing table is actually an extensive drinks board, but in the size of a complete table! It is a completely new experience, far removed from the traditional buffet as we know it in the Netherlands. We offer this experience in the Apeldoorn area as completely on-site Grazing Tables or deliver every Friday Grazing platters (can also be picked up in Apeldoorn)

Grazing Catering

Buffet revolution

Are you familiar with the buffet revolution worldwide: the grazing table? A grazing table is actually an extensive drinks board, but in the size of a complete table! It is a completely new experience, far removed from the traditional buffet as we know it in the Netherlands. It offers so much more and always has something for everyone (Yes, we dare to claim that!).

Amaze your guests

My team and I are happy to come to you to provide tailor-made luxury grazing catering. Perfect for festive occasions or business events where you want to go big. Choose our luxurious Grazing Table drinks board catering and amaze your guests!

Recently cared for grazing tables

Successfully delivered for:

Wines and gifts

Ama la Vita means β€œlove life!” In italian.

These wines are specially made to create the perfect wine gift: high-quality Italian wines that will appeal to everyone, beautiful bottles in multiple luxury gift packaging and a beautiful message! 

The snack board is more than just a snack; it is a symbol of conviviality and togetherness that is deeply rooted in Dutch culture. This tradition, which is somewhere between an art form and a culinary experience, has grown enormously in recent years. In this article we explore the rise of the drinks board in the Netherlands, we delve into what makes a drinks board special, and we provide tips on how to order or put together the perfect drinks board yourself.

What is a Borrelplank?

Historically, the snack board is a selection of cold snacks, often served during informal gatherings or before a meal. The classic snack board consists of an assortment of cheeses, meats, nuts, olives, and bread or toast. More modern versions often add creative elements, such as fruit, dips, and even small sweets, pushing the traditional boundaries of the drinks board.

Why Borrelplank?

The drinks board symbolizes sharing and enjoying with friends, family or colleagues. It is not only the diversity of flavors and textures that makes the drinks board so attractive, but also the visual aspect. A well-composed drinks board is a feast for the eyes and invites you to taste and discover. In addition, the snack board is ideally suited to meet various dietary requirements, from vegan to gluten-free.

Ordering a Borrelboard in the Netherlands

With the rise of online shopping and local delis, ordering a snack board in the Netherlands is easier than ever. It is important to choose a supplier that meets your personal preferences and quality requirements. Many providers offer the option to personalize your drinks board so that it fits perfectly with the occasion.

Top providers of Borrelboards in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a rich variety of snack board providers, from specialized delicatessens to online platforms that collaborate with local producers. What sets the top providers apart is their commitment to quality, originality, and the ability to personalize.

How do you serve a platter?

Presenting a drinks board is all about balance and creativity. Start with a large, flat board or wooden plank as a base. Arrange the different components in such a way that a harmonious whole is created, with an eye for color and texture. Don't forget to accompany the drinks board with a selection of appropriate drinks, such as wine, beer or non-alcoholic alternatives.

Make your own serving board

For the do-it-yourselfers among us, putting together your own drinks board is a fun and creative process. The key to success is selecting quality ingredients and playing with flavors, colors, and textures. Experiment with local cheeses, artisanal meats, and fresh seasonal products to make your platter personal and unique.

Drinks board for Special Occasions

Ordering or putting together a drinks board for special occasions adds an extra dimension to your event. Whether it concerns birthdays, holidays or business meetings, a carefully selected drinks board can enhance the atmosphere and contribute to a memorable experience. Personalize your order with unique themes or specific wishes of your guests to pleasantly surprise everyone.

Sustainability and the Borrelplank

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, many suppliers of drinks boards consciously choose local and sustainable products. This not only supports the local economy, but also ensures freshness and quality. When ordering, look for suppliers who use environmentally friendly packaging and are committed to a responsible production chain.

The Future of Borrelplank in the Netherlands

With the increasing popularity of the drinks board, innovation and creativity are key words. Social media plays a major role in spreading new ideas and trends in the field of drinks, ranging from exotic ingredients to artistic presentations. The future of the drinks platter in the Netherlands promises a continued evolution of this culinary tradition.

Customer Reviews and Experiences

Sharing experiences and reviews is invaluable for both providers and consumers. Positive feedback can inspire others to also order a drink, while constructive criticism helps providers improve their service. The best snack board providers distinguish themselves by excellent customer service and the willingness to listen to their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering a Borrelplank

  • When is the best time to order a snack board? Ideally, you place your order a few days in advance, especially if you have specific wishes or are placing a large order for an event.
  • How do I deal with dietary restrictions? Most providers offer options for different dietary needs, such as vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. Communicate your needs clearly when placing your order.
  • What are the delivery options and coverage? This varies per provider. Some have limited regional coverage, while others deliver nationally. Check this in advance to avoid disappointments.


The snack board is a beautiful tradition that touches the heart of Dutch conviviality. Whether you choose the ease of ordering or the pleasure of putting it together yourself, a drinks board offers a rich experience that brings people together. With the growing focus on quality, sustainability and creativity, the future of the drinks platter in the Netherlands is promising. We encourage everyone to explore the world of drinks and experience the joy of sharing and enjoying with loved ones.

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