Handmade Balinese drinks board on the table

Bali, that beautiful place where we would go in 2020 to spend a holiday and enjoy the sun and nature. To discover, see and experience more of my grandfather's roots (originally the Moluccas) and to taste the Balinese culture. And yes, when you talk about tasting, you are of course also talking about the Indonesian cuisine that we would have loved to taste there every day. Unfortunately, that holiday was not possible last year due to corona and still not this year. What this year has brought us is a great collaboration with Balivie. They have brought us a wonderful addition to our range, namely: Balinese handmade wooden planks! And I would like to tell you more about those fantastic unique drinks boards.

If you buy a beautiful handmade snack board in our webshop, you literally bring a piece of Bali into your home.

Sustainable & unique

When purchasing a drinks box in our webshop, you have been able to order a handmade Balinese board as a by-product for some time now. The great thing about these drinks trays is that they are each unique. In addition, this is a completely sustainable and fair trade product. The wood from which the drinks boards are made is: recycled wood. For example, from old fishing boats.

Also this product fair trade. The makers of this beautiful wood product receive a fair price for their work. In this way, buying a Balinese wooden serving board contributes to a... sustainable future and a better, fair place in the trade chain for the Balinese. 

Balinese wooden planks from Balivie

We can offer these beautiful and unique wooden planks in our webshop thanks to our collaboration with Balivie. They have been to Bali several times, have met the families who make and forge these planks by hand and know how the sale of the planks makes a real difference to the lives of these people. We are happy to contribute to this and think this is a wonderful sustainable initiative! We fully agree with the beautiful words of Team Balivie itself: 

“Our initiatives may be small, but for the people we work with in Bali, it means a slightly better life. And we are happy to contribute to this!” – Team Balivie 

Thanks to our collaboration with Balivie, we support the families in Bali who are responsible for this beautiful handicraft when selling each handmade wooden plank. They make these drinks trays from recycled wood. That wood comes from old fishing boats. That is why you even see old paintwork in bright colors on some shelves, such as red, green and blue.

Why drinks boards from Bali

Perhaps you have already had the privilege of visiting Bali and have traveled here. Perhaps it is a wish to go there again, as I have myself. In any case, be aware that the Balinese mainly live from tourism. And also that this tourism has not been there since the beginning of 2020 (until the pandemic ends). That is precisely why we think it is extra nice to import these planks from Bali with the help of Balivie and thus help a number of families there with a fair income. In any case, we can't wait to visit the island ourselves and meet the people there.

Would you like to order a Bali snack board?

Do you also want to contribute to sustainability and bring a beautiful piece of Bali into your home? I say go for it. The Bali serving board is also beautiful for on the table or in your interior. In addition to being used for drinks, these planks are also very suitable for decoration. You can choose from different sizes of planks.

Disclaimer: Because these are handmade planks, each plank will look different. The plank you buy will always differ slightly from what you see in the sample photo. The colors may be different and this concerns untreated wood. It is therefore advisable to put snacks in bowls or to estimate for yourself what you will and will not eat straight from the shelf. 

Bali planks x business drinks

Would you like to order a large number of drinks boards for a business drink or event, such as our Balinese boards? Please contact us at contact@foodandwood. Because these are handmade products, the stock is not endless. We are happy to help you find your ideal drink (gift). 



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