Private and fresh
Ordered before 10:00 am, delivered in the evening or ordered before 11:59 pm, delivered the next day.

Ordered before 5 p.m., delivered the next day.

Or choose a different date in the shipping calendar.


Ordered before 5 p.m., delivered the next day.

Ordered before 5 p.m., delivered the next day.


A shipping rate of €7.50 applies to all orders per address within the Benelux and other conditions apply outside the Benelux. (Please contact us for shipments outside these limits).

Yes, we can deliver on invoice for orders over €500 in order value (invoice must be paid before delivery). We also offer an option to pay afterwards through Klarna.

By placing your order with a minimum order value of €500.00 via the website and choosing the payment option: Pay by invoice. As soon as we have approved your order, you will receive the invoice by email.

The payment term is no later than 30 days from the time of ordering (depending on the time of order compared to delivery date). We always accept payment before shipment. If you order on invoice two weeks before the chosen shipping date, a payment term of 14 days applies. If you place your order 7 days before the desired shipping date, the payment term is 6 days.

Our products are shipped in suitable and festive packaging. For our Ama la Vita For gift boxes, outer packaging is used to prevent damage if deemed necessary. 

Fresh shipments are delivered as standard with Trunkrs in a refrigerated shipping method, where the contents are kept at refrigerator temperature (max. 7 degrees) for up to 48 hours. Afterwards it is important that the products are stored in a refrigerator.

Our refrigerated drinks boxes contain fresh products that can be kept refrigerated for a maximum of 4 days from the moment of shipment, thanks to vacuum packaging, among other things.

Example 1: If the cooled drinks box was delivered on Monday evening, you can serve the contents until Thursday.
Example 2: Was the cooled drinks box sent on Thursday, but could not be delivered on Thursday evening, for example because no one was at home? The delivery person will then offer the refrigerated box one last time on Friday evening (the contents can remain safely refrigerated in the box for up to 48 hours). If the box is accepted on Friday evening, the drinks box can still be consumed until Sunday (4 days after shipment on Thursday).

The first delivery attempt of my refrigerated order with Trunkrs failed, what now?

Our carrier Trunkrs always has two delivery attempts for our refrigerated boxes. Our advice is therefore to always have a refrigerated box delivered to your home 2 evenings in advance. If the delivery person delivers the drinks box on the second evening, the delivery promise has been fulfilled and there is therefore no money-back guarantee. Was it not delivered within 2 delivery attempts and were you at home or did you give permission to drop off? Then you have every right to compensation or your money back.

Important: If a refrigerated drinks box is not accepted after 2 delivery attempts (2 days), while the driver was at the door, any form of warranty or money return will lapse. This falls under food waste and we are happy to combat it at all times.

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