High quality food is close to our hearts. It is not without reason that Food & Wood was created. Good and tasty food with the versatility of a restaurant, but at home. In addition to the fact that all drinks boxes are put together with great care in terms of diversity, we also only choose quality products. Products with quality marks and from suppliers where quality is the standard. This way we can always guarantee quality to our customers!

Freshly packed on the day of shipment

Your package will be freshly packed on the day of shipment. The freshest products are even purchased that same morning and a few hours later they are chilled on their way to you.

Products such as oven snacks and most types of cheese and meat products are vacuum packed and kept cold (below 4-7 degrees) using professional insulating material and frozen gel packs, together with the rest of your order. This has been tested extensively, so we know for sure that our drinks boxes arrive safely and fresh when delivered on the same day.

Warranty Policy

We give Guarantee on the freshness of the products up to the first delivery attempt at the specified address and the first delivery attempt at the neighbors and, if a possible sorting error by our carrier, also the second delivery attempt. After this time this warranty expires. If a second delivery attempt to your address is required, you can still safely accept your package. If you have any concerns about freshness, please contact us.

Therefore, make sure you are present at the (first) time of delivery and place the food in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

NB: not in the freezer, because the products cannot be frozen again. This is not safe for perishable products.

To ask?

Do you have any questions about our products or a request regarding pregnancy or an allergy? The allergens are listed per box and you can find more information about them here food safety & allergens.

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