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My name is Pamela Plomp and I have a passion for good food and especially drinks. I have specialized in making dazzling drinks tables (grazing tables) and I also like to make your drinks experience fantastic.

We have provided successful drinks for:

National shipping of snacks?


In September 2019, (before the outbreak of the pandemic), a concept for national delivery of drinks and snacks did not yet exist! We started with this and developed a shipping method with which we could deliver throughout the Netherlands with perfect quality!

In addition to quality, sustainability plays an important role, partly in our packaging materials. For example, our isothermal filling material can be recycled (waste paper) and our ice packs can be ideally reused (for a day at the beach, for example) or cut open and rinsed down the sink (biodegradable).

Social entrepreneurship & packing hub

Over the years, Food and Wood has had great opportunities to grow to two locations. Food and Wood is now located at Vlijtseweg 130 in Apeldoorn on the site of the old Zwitsal factory. We are located in a building where the Zwitsal management previously had offices. This site is a vibrant part of Apeldoorn. Here you will find cool events and activities and more and more catering.

Social packing hub

We have entered into a partnership with the work-training company Larcom, which offers people who are at a distance from the labor market opportunities to develop themselves. Larcom develops these employees by putting together our products. We are proud to be part of this.

Sustainable and recyclable solutions

With our solutions and ideas, in the form of Icepacks and other sustainable cooling solutions, we provide refrigerated delivery solutions that focus on the environment and sustainability. Our promise is to use environmentally friendly materials for passive cooling in our last mile of the distribution chain.

In the media

Things soon went pretty fast and I was able to provide fun catering assignments! We also received more and more visitors to our website, which meant that our national delivery also started to run smoothly. When we were hit by the pandemic in 2020, it was a big setback. I could no longer provide catering and make beautiful shelves on location! The rise of the drinks box created a great opportunity to continue Food and Wood.


In fact, it became total madness! I was busy day and night together with my auxiliary troops. This was noticed. A article in the Stentor appeared and became a week later our Amorino drinks box also through it Algemeen Dagblad tested the best with a 9.3!

Make your own snack board
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A party, business event or really coming up with something original for the VrijMiBo? We are happy to think along with you. We can also advise you on specific wishes or allergies. You have also come to the right place for fully catered catering concepts!

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