What is a grazing table?

Have you ever heard of the buffet trend worldwide: the grazing table? If you ask me, a grazing table is literally a well-stocked drinks board, but as big as a full table! It is not at all comparable to how we know the traditional buffet in the Netherlands. Everything is in separate (warming) containers or on trays, neatly arranged next to each other and accessible with serving spoons. There is often also a walking route and you will need cutlery.

The charm The thing about a grazing table is that everything is beautifully presented and that every bite can be eaten immediately without cutlery. A buffet full of finger food, so to speak, and it can be healthy too!

“A grazing table is a well-stocked snack board full of cheese, meat, crackers, bread, dips, fruit, snack vegetables, chocolate, nuts, olives and much more! And the beautiful thing? Everything is possible!"

Where does the grazing table come from?

The grazing table originally comes from Australia. But they are also very popular in America, the country where everything is big and over the top. The charcuterie boards, which have long been very popular, have also grown into complete buffet tables there. I love it!

Literally translates from English meaning grazing table in our language 'grazing table'. Yes, you might think that doesn't make us any wiser. I personally like to interpret that translation as the fact that an entire table has been transformed into an edible landscape. A landscape filled with artistically arranged cheese, meat, crudité (raw food), seasonal fruit, chocolate, snack bites, dips, nuts, bread, crackers, olives and decorations.

Grazing table
Prefer to enjoy one at home from 2 people grazing box? Check us out range of drinks boxes for at home.

Enjoy relaxing

It is a very relaxing way for you and your guests to select tasty snacks together and find flavor combinations, without actually cooking. Your guests can do their own research and choose what they feel like at that moment.

A grazing table is ideal for catering at an event, wedding or the ideal snack table for during a production or working day on a set.

A paradise of sweet & savory

Because it easily takes an hour or more to get to the table styling and the food remains presented here throughout the event (without warming containers), it is common to use cold snacks. However, this cold buffet is so versatile that you will hardly miss anything and you will not be busy with it yourself. We can complete each grazing table according to your wishes with both sweet and savory components.

Antipasti serving board

Sweet table

Do you have a preference for certain snacks and products? For example, if you would like extra sweetness in your grazing buffet, we can expand it with fruit tarts or pastries, Sicilian cannoli and more baked goods.

Ideal as catering for:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Behind the scenes at events
  • Baby showers
  • Openings and launches
  • Family celebrations
  • And other special occasions

Make or order a grazing table

Would you like to have a grazing table for your guests for a large party, wedding, meeting or baby shower? If you have the time and you like it, you can try this yourself by buying everything from the supermarket and building your grazing table step by step. Keep in mind that this will take you an entire morning or afternoon, including the preparation!

Is it your own big party and would you otherwise consider catering? How nice is it to order a grazing table! This phenomenon has not yet been seen much in the Netherlands and is therefore very unique! We can provide a fully customized grazing table at your location.

Do you want this too?

Please feel free Contact If you are interested, we will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities. And do you have any (dietary) wishes or ideas? Feel free to share them, it's your party! We only ensure that your guests will be amazed by a unique, beautiful and, above all, delicious grazing table as a buffet!

You can contact Pamela by sending an email to: contact@foodandwood.nl.

Examples of grazing tables in various styles.



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