Why have food packages become so popular?

Dear readers, are you also curious why food packages have become so popular lately? In this blog post we dive into this interesting trend and discuss all the benefits it brings. From convenience to inspiration in the kitchen, we take a look at the world of dining kits and why they've become so popular. Enjoy reading!


Cooking a healthy meal can be a challenge, especially for people with busy lifestyles. Fortunately, meal kits offer a convenient solution that not only saves time but also makes cooking easier.

Convenience of Ready Meals

  • HelloFresh: With HelloFresh you receive a weekly box of fresh ingredients and recipes delivered directly to your home. No stress about what to cook, no hassle in the supermarket.
  • Marley Spoon: Marley Spoon offers flexible meal options with easy-to-follow recipes, making cooking fun and effortless.

Time saving

  • Pre-Portioned Ingredients: Food packages contain exactly the required amount of ingredients, so you don't have to waste time on weighing and portioning.
  • Less Planning: No need to think about what to cook or make shopping lists. Everything is organized for you, saving valuable time.

Simple Cooking for Busy Lives

  • Step-by-Step Recipes: Each dining package comes with clear step-by-step instructions, so that even novice cooks can put a delicious meal on the table without stress.
  • Variation and Inspiration: Discover new recipes and ingredients that you might not normally try, making cooking a creative and educational process.


Dining kits are rapidly increasing in popularity among people who like to experiment in the kitchen. These packages are composed of all the necessary ingredients and recipes for a specific meal. But what makes them so inspiring and why do they bring so much variety to your menu?

Discover new flavors and recipes

Dining kits allow you to discover new recipes and flavors that you might not have considered before. Consider, for example, the Thai curry from HelloFresh, the Korean bibimbap from Marley Spoon, or the Mexican tacos from Allerhande Box.

Easy variety in meals

These packages offer an easy way to add variety to your meals without having to think about what you want to cook. With a wide range of choices, from vegetarian to world cuisine, you can try something new every week without having to put in much effort.

Inspiration for culinary adventures

By regularly trying food packages, you will be inspired to culinary adventures. You will learn new cooking techniques, ingredients and flavor combinations that stimulate your creativity in the kitchen. For example, you can experiment with homemade sushi from Sushbox or authentic Italian dishes from HelloFresh Italia.

Benefits of dining packages

If you're still on the fence about using meal kits, here are some of the benefits they offer:

  • Time-saving: No time wasting on shopping, looking for recipes or measuring ingredients.
  • No waste: All ingredients are packed in the right quantities, which minimizes food waste.
  • Learn to cook: Step-by-step instructions help even beginners to prepare delicious dishes.

The rise of food packages

Ordering food packages has become increasingly popular in recent years. These packages, in which all the necessary ingredients for a meal have already been put together, are delivered in a specific quantity. This means consumers get just enough of each ingredient, without excess food that could eventually spoil.

Sustainability benefits

By delivering tailor-made food packages, companies such as HelloFresh contribute to reducing food waste. But how exactly does this help the environment?

  • Exact quantities: Dining packages deliver exactly the right amounts of ingredients, eliminating unnecessary products that would otherwise be thrown away.
  • Durable products: Many of these food kit companies strive to provide sustainable, organic products, further reducing their impact on the environment.
  • Portion packs: Providing foods in small portions prevents overeating and reduces the amount of food left unused.

Practical examples

Several companies offer food packages that help reduce food waste. Some examples are:

  • HelloFresh: This company delivers weekly meal boxes with precisely measured ingredients, ranging from classic recipes to vegetarian options.
  • Marley Spoon: Another company that offers meal boxes with flexible recipes and sustainable ingredients.
Comparison table
Brand Type Sustainability Variety
HelloFresh Meal boxes High Wide range of products
Marley Spoon Recipe boxes Average Flexible options


Food parcels contribute to reducing food waste in their own way. By providing just the right amounts of ingredients and focusing on sustainability, consumers are encouraged to cook and eat more consciously, which has positive consequences for both the environment and individual families.

Healthy choices and control

Healthy food plays a crucial role in our well-being. However, making healthy choices can sometimes be difficult, especially when we lead busy lifestyles. Fortunately, meal packages offer a convenient solution to consciously choose healthy food and at the same time have control over what we eat.

Easy planning of healthy meals

Example: HelloFresh

  • HelloFresh offers various food packages with healthy recipes and fresh ingredients.
  • Every week you can choose from a wide selection of balanced meals, so you always find something to suit your taste and needs.
  • With clear recipe cards and precisely measured ingredients, planning and preparing healthy meals becomes a piece of cake.

Control over ingredients and nutritional values

Example: Marley Spoon

  • At Marley Spoon you can decide which meals you receive and how many portions you need, giving you complete control over your nutrition.
  • The recipes have been carefully formulated to provide an optimal balance of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables.
  • By knowing exactly which ingredients are used, you can make conscious choices and adapt your eating habits to your needs.

Time-saving and efficient

Comparison table:

Brand offer Price Delivery
HelloFresh Varied recipes Simple Weekly
Marley Spoon Customizable portions Flexible Home delivery
  • Eating kits allow you to prepare healthy meals without having to spend hours in the supermarket or spending a lot of time cooking.
  • Using meal packages makes it easier to make healthy choices and follow a balanced diet, even during busy periods.

In short, meal kits allow you to maintain healthy control over your diet in a simple and effective way, without sacrificing taste or variety.

The rise of meal boxes: an overview

If you're looking for a simple and inspiring way to cook, meal kits are definitely worth considering. The popularity of meal packages can be explained by the convenience, variety, reducing food waste and the focus on healthy choices. So what are you waiting for? Try it yourself and discover the convenience of food packages! Good luck in the kitchen!

Frequently asked questions about our dining package

What are possible future developments and trends in the field of dining packages and how will they influence their popularity?

In the future, we can expect food packages with healthy and sustainable ingredients to become increasingly popular. People are increasingly looking for easy ways to eat healthy and are more aware of the impact of their food choices on the environment. In addition, personalized dining packages, which are tailored to individual dietary needs and taste preferences, are also expected to gain popularity. With these developments, we can expect the popularity of meal kits to continue to grow and the offering to become more diverse to meet the needs of different consumers.

How have meal kits contributed to changing consumer behavior around meal preparation and food waste?

Meal kits have helped change consumer behavior around meal preparation and food waste through the convenience and sustainability they offer. These packages contain just the right amount of ingredients for a meal, meaning consumers don't waste food by buying too much. In addition, food packages reduce the chance of impulsive purchases at the supermarket, which can also help reduce food waste. Using food kits also allows consumers to try new recipes and improve their cooking skills, which can lead to a more conscious and sustainable way of dealing with food.

What are the main reasons why meal kits have become so popular?

The main reasons why meal kits have become so popular include the convenience and time savings they offer. People appreciate the fact that all the necessary ingredients are already assembled and measured, which simplifies cooking. In addition, aspects such as discovering new recipes and ingredients, reducing food waste and the focus on healthy meals also play a role in the popularity of meal packages.

What advantages do dining packages offer compared to traditional shopping and cooking?

Dining packages offer several advantages over traditional grocery shopping and cooking. First, you save time because the ingredients are already assembled and the recipes are prepared. You also prevent food waste, because you receive exactly the right quantities for the dishes. You will also discover new recipes and ingredients, allowing you to expand your cooking repertoire. Finally, you don't have to think about what you want to cook and you don't have to make a shopping list, which simplifies the meal planning process.

How do food packages respond to the growing demand for different types of diets and nutritional preferences?

Meal kits respond to the growing demand for different diets and nutritional preferences by offering meals that are specifically formulated according to certain dietary requirements or nutritional needs. They often contain varied ingredients and recipes that suit, for example, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or keto diets. This makes it easy for people to choose meals that suit their individual needs and preferences, without having to shop for all the ingredients themselves.

What role do sustainability and health play in the popularity of food packages?

Good afternoon! Sustainability and health play a major role in the popularity of food packages. More and more people are aware of the impact of food production on the environment and are therefore choosing more sustainable options. Food packages that use local and organic ingredients are therefore often more popular.

In addition, health is an important factor. People increasingly value healthy food and easy ways to prepare healthy meals. Eating packages that offer fresh and balanced meals respond well to this and are therefore gaining popularity. So, sustainability and health certainly have a major influence on the popularity of food packages!

How do dining packages contribute to convenience and time savings for consumers?

Eating packages contribute to convenience and time savings for consumers because they contain all the necessary ingredients in the right quantities, so you don't have to think about what you want to cook or do the shopping yourself. In addition, the recipes are often easy to follow and preparation often takes less time, because all ingredients have already been prepared and measured. In this way, meal packages offer a convenient solution for people who like to cook healthy and fresh, but have little time to think up recipes and do the shopping.



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