Why a wine (drinks) package is the ideal gift

Gifts make people feel special.

They show that you care about them. Perhaps that is why the tradition of giving and receiving gifts has persisted through the ages. Immediately drinks box or a wine drinks package, gift giving can become magical! A box filled with a collection of perfect snacks and drinks, the perfect drinks box can give more joy than receiving each item separately.

Research even shows that memorable drinks boxes can strengthen relationships.

Maybe that's because drink boxes demonstrate that you know and care about someone enough to find multiple items that match their personality, interests and needs.

Are you ready to make your loved one feel special?

Send a drinks box to make employees or friends feel appreciated (see our drink packages), to celebrate their birthday, or even to welcome them to a new home. Send a drinks box for every event you want to celebrate!

Drink boxes with luxury wine, cheeses and meats

Our drinks boxes take the hassle out of preparing food and give your parties or gatherings a wow factor! We give each drinks box an artistic style and fill them with artisanal cheeses, fine meats, seasonal fruit, antipasti and snacks that will leave a lasting impression, both visually and tastefully.

They are the perfect centerpiece for company parties, office meetings, dinner parties, cocktail parties or nights out with friends. Impress your guests or treat yourself with one of our drinks boxes or drinks boards with the most fantastic wines. It is a box for your loved ones to thank them, congratulate them, wish them well or simply to let them know that you are thinking of them. And of course all our drinks boxes and drinks boards come with a great choice of wine. Because a wine package is the ideal gift and has been that way for centuries!

A wine drinks package is the ideal gift

Wine has long been considered the ideal gift – the ancient Greeks thought it was a gift from the gods, and the ancient Egyptians even went so far as to bury their loved ones with an abundant supply to ensure they were well supplied in the afterlife.

You would think that giving wine as a gift would have become passé at some point over the millennia, but in fact it never seems to go out of style. Here are 10 reasons why a wine drinks package will always be a winner…

1. Choosing the right wine in drinks package is a great way to show that you care about someone

Whether it's a vegetarian wine for a vegetarian friend, or a family member's favorite Chardonnay, taking the time to select the right wine for the recipient is a great way to show how well you know them, and how much you care. she gives.

2. There are wines for all occasions

Wine matches many of our pleasures in life and is therefore a suitable gift in all kinds of situations. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, a baptism or a Christmas present, there is always a suitable wine. There are even wines that traditionally belong to special occasions, such as champagne and sparkling wine for festive occasions and port for baptisms. Following these traditions is a great way to mark the significance of these important events.

3. Celebrate a certain year with a vintage wine

When giving the gift of wine on the occasion of a wedding, anniversary or birthday, a vintage from the year of the wedding or birth can be a wonderfully personal way to celebrate this important event.

4. Wine is the perfect gift for dinner parties

If you bring wine to a drinks party or choose it in a drinks package or drinks box, you can choose a wine that complements the food. This is certainly a sign that you have put a lot of thought into the gift. If you are not sure which wine best suits your box, please contact us. We at Food and Wood are happy to advise you on choosing the best wine.

5. Celebrate someone's heritage or favorite region

Does someone like to go on holiday to a certain region or does he/she come from a region with a beautiful wine tradition? Give this gift! Drinking a nice glass of wine is sure to bring back wonderful memories. Your gift will be greatly appreciated.

6. Wine is beautifully wrapped in a wine package

When it comes to gift giving, presentation is important. Beautiful packaging really makes your gift extra special. Our luxury drinks packages and drinks boxes are beautifully packaged in gold or black sustainable boxes with gold print. Your personal message is packaged in a luxurious envelope. This will provide a real 'wow' effect when your wine drinks package is unpacked.

7. A wine bottle itself looks beautiful!

As an object, wine bottles are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. A beautiful bottle can take a place of honor on someone's mantelpiece or table. The visual appeal of a wine bottle and the positive associations it evokes should not be underestimated.

8. Wine lasts a long time

Wine makes a great gift because there is no pressure on the recipient to drink it now – if left unopened, the right wine can improve with age. This means that the recipient can enjoy it at a time of their choosing, without the pressure of an expiration date.

9. A wine drinks package is made for sharing!

A wine drinks package is a gift that says: “Share me.” Whether the recipient pops the cork and shares it with you on the spot, or enjoys it with loved ones at a later date, wine will almost always be enjoyed socially. By gifting someone wine and snacks, you're not just treating them to wine – you're also allowing them to share the experience with the people they love.

10. Wine has health benefits

According to research, red wine has several unexpected health benefits, with some studies suggesting it is good for your teeth, keeps you mentally sharp and helps you live longer. Obviously, these benefits can only be experienced if you drink in moderation, but they're still some pretty good health benefits for something so delicious!

Would you like to order a drinks box with wine?

We're sure you'll agree that our wine hampers are a truly versatile gift for drinks, but also suitable for a wide range of possibilities and occasions. A order a snack board with wine is therefore the perfect choice. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, your birthday or just a good friend, there is always a nice wine drinks package that meets your needs.



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