Trendy snacks for a modern drinks board

Welcome, bon vivant! Did you know that 35% of people put together a drinks board every weekend? The blog post 'Trendy snacks for a modern snack board' takes you on a culinary journey full of tasty inspiration and innovative snacks that will take your meeting to a higher level. Are you ready to surprise your taste buds and impress your guests? Then read on and discover the secrets of a successful drinks board!

What are modern snacks?

When putting together a drinks board, it is not only about taste, but also about presentation and surprise elements. Modern snacks offer a unique and contemporary twist on traditional options and are therefore perfect for a trendy drinks board. In this article, we'll delve deeper into what sets modern snacks apart and provide practical examples to help you get started.

Why modern snacks?

Modern snacks are distinguished from traditional snacks by their innovative and creative approach. They can range from unexpected combinations of flavors to striking presentation and experimenting with textures and ingredients. By adding modern snacks to your drinks board, you not only impress your guests, but you also create a unique culinary experience.

Examples of modern snacks

Here are some examples of modern snacks that will take your drinks platter to the next level:

  • Avocado toast with smoked salmon and wasabi mayonnaise: This modern twist on a classic combines creamy avocado with savory salmon and a spicy wasabi mayonnaise for an explosion of flavors.
  • Goat cheese bonbons with pistachios: An elegant and surprising snack where soft goat cheese is rolled in crunchy pistachios, making every bite a feast for the senses.
  • Mini tacos with pulled jackfruit: Vegan option with a modern twist, using jackfruit as a meat substitute and served in small tacos for a trendy and tasty snack.

Benefits of modern snacks

  • Creative presentation: Modern snacks are often visually attractive and provide a striking presentation on your drinks board.
  • Diverse flavor combinations: By experimenting with ingredients and flavors, modern snacks offer a wider range of culinary experiences.
  • Trendy look: With modern snacks you give your drinks board a contemporary and trendy look, making your party extra special.

By adding modern snacks to your drinks board, you give a surprising and contemporary twist to classic snacks, so your guests will enjoy your culinary creativity again and again. Experiment with different ingredients and presentation styles to make your drinks platter unique and unforgettable!

Popular snacks for a modern snack board

When putting together a snack board, it is important not only to choose tasty snacks, but also to pay attention to visually attractive and easy-to-prepare options. Below you will find some trendy snacks that fit perfectly with a modern drinks board.

Cheese board with a twist

  • Brand: Beemster
    • Choose a mix of old and young cheeses
    • Add special cheeses, such as truffle cheese or goat cheese with honey
    • Combine with luxurious crackers or crusty baguette

Veggie delights

  • Brand: Zonnatura
    • Roasted pepper dip
    • Avocado spread with feta and lime
    • Cucumber rolls with cream cheese and salmon

Finger licking good tapas

  • Brand: Nicolas Vahé
    • Marinated olive mix
    • Manchego cheese with fig jam
    • Chorizo wraps with arugula

Sweet temptations

  • Brand: Tony's Chocolonely
    • Choose a mix of dark and milk chocolate
    • Add caramel sea salt bars for a surprising taste
    • Combine with fresh fruit, such as strawberries and grapes

Tips for a successful drinks board

  • Make sure you have a good balance between savory and sweet snacks
  • Vary textures, colors and flavors for an interesting presentation
  • Use different serving dishes and accessories for a festive look

With these trendy snacks and useful tips, your drinks platter is guaranteed to be a success! Be inspired and surprise your guests with a tasty and contemporary selection of delicacies.

Modern presentation

When putting together a snack board, the presentation is at least as important as the taste of the snacks themselves. By applying modern presentation techniques, you give your drinks board a contemporary look that will impress your guests. Here are some tips to present the snacks in a modern way:

  • Use of different textures: Mix and match various textures, such as crunchy crackers, soft cheeses and crunchy vegetables, to create visual contrast.
  • Color coordination: Use colors that go well together to form a harmonious whole. Think red grapes next to green olives and yellow cheese.
  • Construction in layers: Build your snack board in layers, starting with larger items such as cheese cubes and meats and ending with smaller snacks such as nuts and olives for a dynamic look.

Styling for a wow effect

In addition to the presentation of the snacks, the styling of the drinks board is also crucial for creating a wow effect. With the right styling techniques, you can turn an ordinary drinks board into a visual spectacle that your guests will never stop talking about. Here are some styling tips for a wow effect:

  • Use of serving accessories: Invest in high-quality serving boards, bowls and spoons to give your drinks board a luxurious look. Think of brands such as Salt&Stone for beautiful serving boards in different types of wood.
  • Edible flower decoration: Add edible flowers to your drinks board for a decorative and tasteful accent. Brands such as VanDijk Bloemen supply beautiful edible flowers that are perfect for styling purposes.
  • Geometric arrangement: Create a geometric arrangement of the snacks on your drinks board for a sleek and contemporary design. Think straight lines and symmetry for a professional look.

By paying careful attention to both the presentation and styling of your drinks board, you ensure an unforgettable and tasteful experience for yourself and your guests. Happy styling!

1. Vermouth with tapas: a classic combination with a modern twist

Vermouth is a versatile drink that pairs perfectly with trendy snacks like avocado toast and sweet potato fries. The slightly bitter taste of vermouth is an excellent addition to the various flavors on the drinks board. Some recommended brands are:

  • Martini: a classic with a rich history and a wide range of variants.
  • La Quintinye Vermouth Royal: a premium choice with complex flavor notes.

2. Craft beer with mini burgers: a refreshing combination for beer lovers

For craft beer lovers, mini burgers are a tasty choice. The contrast between the grilled meat and the hoppy aromas of craft beers makes for an irresistible combination. Some recommended brands are:

  • BrewDog: known for its bold beer flavors and innovative approach.
  • The Owl: a Dutch craft beer brand with creative and tasty brews.

3. Gin and tonic with charcuterie: an elegant match with a twist

A classic gin and tonic goes perfectly with modern snacks such as charcuterie boards with various meats and cheeses. The refreshing spicy notes of gin in combination with the subtle bitterness of tonic form a harmonious whole. Some recommended brands are:

  • Hendrick's Gin: a premium gin with floral and spicy notes.
  • Fever Tree Indian Tonic: a high-quality tonic with a refined bubble structure.

4. Mocktails with vegetarian finger food: a healthy and creative choice

For the non-alcoholic option, mocktails are the perfect addition to vegetarian finger food snacks. The fresh and colorful combinations of mocktails provide an interesting and tasty experience. Some suggestions are:

  • Virgin Mojito: with mint, lime and sparkling water for a refreshing twist.
  • Cucumber Cooler: with cucumber, lime juice and soda water for a light and refined taste.

With these combinations of modern snacks and matching drinks you can take your drinks board to a higher level and provide an unforgettable experience for your guests. Cheers!🥂

A tasteful ending

You are guaranteed to impress your guests with these modern snacks and matching drinks for your drinks platter. Create an unforgettable experience by choosing trendy and contemporary options that perfectly match the atmosphere you want to create. Cheers to a successful drink full of tasty and stylish delicacies!

Frequently asked questions about snacks

Which hot snacks go well with a modern drinks board?

A modern snack board is paired with hot snacks that are both surprising and tasty. Think of mini spring rolls, stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta with goat cheese and figs or even small sliders with pulled pork. These snacks add diversity to your snack board and provide a delicious taste experience. Enjoy putting together your modern drinks board with these delicious hot snacks!

Which special techniques or tools are useful to use when making trendy snacks?

Special techniques and tools can be useful when making trendy snacks. For example, a spiral cutter can be useful for making vegetable strings or ribbons for vegetable wraps or salads, for example. A melon ball spoon can also come in handy for making fun and tasty presentations with melon or other fruits. Furthermore, a small kitchen torch can be useful for caramelizing sugar on, for example, a crème brûlée or roasting peppers for a tasty dip. There are various useful techniques and tools that you can use to take your trendy snacks to the next level. Have fun experimenting and enjoy making and of course eating your creations!

What are nice presentation tips for putting together a modern drinks board?

A nice presentation tip for putting together a modern drinks board is to work with different textures and colors. For example, vary with different types of cheese, meats, nuts, dips and crackers. You can also play with height differences by, for example, using small bowls or glass jars. Don't forget to add fresh herbs or flowers as decoration for a festive look. This way you make your drinks board not only tasty, but also a feast for the eyes! Good luck and enjoy your meal!



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