Top 5 online drinks boxes for a virtual party

Hey there! Are you looking for a way to add some fun to your virtual party? In this blog post we share the top 5 online drinks boxes that are perfect for organizing a successful and atmospheric meeting. Discover which drinks boxes can take your party to the next level and get useful tips for choosing the right option. Sit back, grab something nice to drink and let's explore together!

What are online drinks boxes?

Are you looking for an easy and tasty way to organize your drinks or party? Then online drink boxes are the perfect solution! These curated packages contain an assortment of delicious snacks and drinks that you can easily order and have delivered, so you can host a successful remote party in no time.

What are online drinks boxes?

Online drink boxes are carefully composed packages with a mix of various delicacies, ranging from cheese and charcuterie to nuts, dips and sweets. These boxes are supplemented with matching drinks, such as wine, beer, bubbles or soft drinks, so you get everything you need for a successful drink in one go.

Some popular examples of online drinks boxes and their contents:

  • Drinks & Bites Box by The Borrelfabriek: contains a mix of luxurious snacks such as fuet, olives, nuts and dips, combined with a bottle of wine of your choice.
  • Tapas box by Tapas Master: offers a range of Spanish tapas, such as patatas bravas, chorizo and manchego, accompanied by a selection of Spanish wines and sangria.

The benefits of online drink boxes

Ordering an online drinks box has several advantages, including:

  • Ease: You don't have to collect all the ingredients yourself, but you will receive everything ready-made in one box.
  • Variation: Sample a variety of snacks and drinks without having to do much preparation.
  • Surprise: Be surprised by the ranges that have been carefully put together by experts.
  • Time saving: Save time and effort through the convenience of having the drink boxes delivered.

How do you choose the right online drinks box?

When selecting an online drinks box, there are some factors you can take into account:

  • Size: Choose a box that matches the number of guests you want to have drinks with.
  • Preferences: Pay attention to the specific snacks and drinks in the box and tailor them to the tastes of you and your guests.
  • Budget: Decide in advance how much you want to spend and look for a drinks box that fits your budget.

In short, online drinks boxes offer a convenient and delicious way to organize your drinks or party remotely, without hassle and with plenty of tasty options to enjoy. What are you waiting for? Order your favorite drinks box today and enjoy an unforgettable drinks experience!

Criteria for choosing the right drinks box

When selecting the ideal online drinks box, there are several crucial things you should pay attention to. By making smart choices based on the following criteria, you can find a drinks box that perfectly suits your wishes and needs.

1. Price

The price of a drinks box can vary greatly depending on the contents and quality of the products. It is important to determine a budget and see which drinks boxes fit within this budget. Some examples of popular drinks boxes are:

  • The Luxury Drinks Box from Foodie's Choice: €39.95
  • The Basic Borrelbox from €24.99

2. Content

The contents of the drinks box are of course very important. Pay attention to the diversity and quality of products, such as different types of cheeses, meats, dips, and snacks. Choose a box with products that match your taste preferences. Example of a content-rich drinks box:

  • The Tapas Box from Tapas Time: with an assortment of Spanish tapas for €29.99

3. Delivery

Reliable and fast delivery is essential when ordering a drinks box. Look at the delivery time, delivery costs and delivery areas. Choose a provider who guarantees fresh delivery. For example:

  • The Neighborhood Drinks Box from Lekker Lokaal, with delivery within 24 hours

4. Theme

Some drinks boxes are put together around a specific theme, such as a Spanish tapas evening or an Italian antipasti selection. Choose a theme that suits the type of drinks you want to organize. For example:

  • The Asian Drinks Box from Taste of Asia: with sushi, dim sum and other Asian delicacies

By considering and comparing these criteria, you can choose the perfect drinks box that meets your wishes and expectations. Then enjoy a delicious and carefree drinks experience together with friends and family!

Top 5 online drinks boxes

Drink boxes are perfect for organizing a nice drink or virtual party with friends or colleagues. In this article we will present the top 5 online drinks boxes so that you can make the right choice for your special occasion.

1. Borrelbox Deluxe from Borrel & Zo

The Borrel Box Deluxe from Borrel & Zo is an extensive drinks box with a selection of luxurious snacks and drinks. The box includes:

  • Various types of cheese and charcuterie
  • Freshly baked rolls and toast
  • Selection of premium wines and specialty beers

Price: €49,95Delivery: Free within the NetherlandsExtras: Includes handy serving board

2. Drink Experience Box from De Borrelfabriek

The Borrel Experience Box from De Borrelfabriek offers a unique drinks experience with a mix of savory and sweet treats. In the box you will find, among other things:

  • Luxury olives and nuts
  • Mini quiches and bruschettas
  • Cocktail recipes and ingredients

Price: €39,99Delivery: Delivery throughout Belgium and the NetherlandsExtras: Includes cocktail shaker and bartender tools

3. Veggie Drink Box from De Groene Snack

For the vegetarians among us, the Veggie Borrelbox from De Groene Snack is an excellent choice. The box contains a variety of delicious vegetarian snacks:

  • Hummus with vegetable sticks
  • Stuffed dates with cream cheese
  • Vegetarian spreads and tapenades

Price: €29,95Delivery: Free shipping in the NetherlandsExtras: Includes recipes for vegetarian snacks

4. Beer & Bites Box from Bier&Zo

The Beer & Bites Box from Bier&Zo is a must-have for beer lovers. This box contains a selection of craft beers and matching snacks:

  • Craft beers from local breweries
  • Dry sausage and cheese cubes
  • Beer tasting notes and tips

Price: €24,99Delivery: Shipping within 1-2 working days in the NetherlandsExtras: Includes beer opener and tasting glass

5. Tapas box from Casa de Tapas

The Tapas box from Casa de Tapas brings the Spanish atmosphere to your home with an assortment of authentic tapas dishes:

  • Patatas bravas and calamari
  • Manchego cheese and serrano ham
  • Sangria mix and cocktail recipe

Price: €44,95Delivery: Delivery throughout EuropeExtras: Including tapas board and napkins

Choose the drinks box that best suits your taste and wishes and enjoy a successful drinks experience!

Criteria for the perfect drinks box

When choosing the ideal drinks box, there are several criteria to take into account. Taste, price, variety and presentation play a crucial role in this. We have thoroughly researched and assessed various online drinks boxes based on these criteria.


  • Example:
    • Delicious Tapas box from Tapas Time: This box contains an assortment of fresh tapas with authentic flavors that will surprise your guests.


  • Comparison:
    • Drinks box Deluxe from Catering Company : €50 for 10 people, including luxury snacks and drinks.
    • Drink box Basic from Foodies Catering: €30 for 8 people, simple selection of snacks without alcoholic drinks.


  • Example:
    • Diversity in the Italian Antipasti Box from Gusto: This box offers a mix of meats, cheeses and olives for a varied drinks experience.


  • Comparison:
    • Stylish snack board in the Drinks Board Deluxe from SmaakvolleTafel: Perfectly presented snacks on a wooden board for a luxurious look.
    • Standard serving bowl in the Basic Drink Box from GoedEten: Simple presentation without extra frills.

Our recommendation

After careful consideration, we recommend the 'Tapasbox' by Tapas Time as our favorite drinks box. This box scored high on all criteria and offers a balanced mix of flavors, variety and presentation at a reasonable price. With the Tapas box from Tapas Time you are assured of a successful drinks experience for every occasion.

Choose the perfect drinks box for your party with confidence by taking into account what is most important to you: taste, price, variety and presentation. Happy drinking! 🍷🧀🥖

End of the Party: Summary and Recommendations

In this blog post we discussed the top 5 online drinks boxes for a virtual party. By taking the criteria into account and following our recommendation, you are guaranteed to organize a successful party. Cheers!

Frequently asked questions about the Online Borrelbox Ellen

Which snacks and drinks are usually included in an online drinks box?

In an online drinks box you will usually find a mix of savory and sweet snacks, such as different types of cheese, charcuterie, olives, nuts, crackers and dips. When it comes to drinks, you can think of mini bottles of wine, specialty beer, soft drinks, fruit juice or even a cocktail mix. This variety ensures that there is something tasty for everyone to enjoy during an online drink!

Are online drinks boxes suitable for different occasions, such as birthdays or company parties?

Yes, online drinks boxes are certainly suitable for different occasions, such as birthdays, company parties and other celebrations. They offer a convenient and varied selection of snacks and drinks specially formulated to create a fun and festive atmosphere. The convenience of ordering a drinks box online and having everything you need at hand makes it a popular choice for various events. You can easily adjust the boxes to the size of your party and your personal preferences, making them perfect for numerous occasions.

What makes Ellen's online drinks box unique compared to other online drinks boxes?

What makes Ellen's online drinks box unique is that it is specially composed with unique and high-quality products that have been carefully selected. Ellen pays a lot of attention to the quality and originality of the products in her box, making every drink a special experience. In addition, Ellen often offers personal tips and suggestions for optimally enjoying the contents of the box, which makes the experience even more special. So if you are looking for an online drinks box with a personal touch and exclusive products, then Ellen's drinks box is definitely recommended!

What are the advantages of an online drinks box compared to buying snacks and drinks yourself?

With an online drinks box you don't have to go to the store to buy all the necessary snacks and drinks. Everything is delivered ready-made to your home, saving you time and effort. In addition, many online drink boxes contain a varied range of snacks and drinks, allowing you to try different delicacies that you might not easily choose yourself. Moreover, online drink boxes are often put together by experts, so you can enjoy a carefully selected selection of products that are well matched to each other. In short, an online drinks box offers convenience, variety and quality compared to buying and putting together snacks and drinks yourself.

How does the ordering and delivery process of an online drinks box work?

When you order an online drinks box, you place an order via the provider's website. You choose the desired drinks box and add it to your shopping cart. You then go through the ordering process where you enter your address details and complete the payment. After placing your order, the provider will prepare and package the drinks box for you. Finally, the box will be sent via the chosen delivery method, after which it will be delivered to you on the agreed day. This way you can fully enjoy a nice drink at home!

Which criteria are important when choosing a good online drinks box?

When choosing a good online drinks box, a number of criteria are important to pay attention to. Firstly, it is important to look at the composition of the drinks box. Pay attention to the variety and quality of the products, such as cheeses, meats, dips, and crackers.

In addition, the price-quality ratio is an important criterion. Compare the price of the drinks box with the contents and quality of the products to determine whether it is worth it.

It is also good to pay attention to the delivery conditions, such as delivery options, shipping costs, and delivery time. A good online drinks box is carefully packaged and delivered on time, so that you can fully enjoy your drinks moment.

In short, when choosing an online drinks box, pay particular attention to the composition, price-quality ratio and delivery conditions for the best choice. Have fun drinking!

Are online drinks boxes more expensive or cheaper than physical drinks boxes that you buy in the store?

Online drinks boxes can be both more expensive and cheaper than physical drinks boxes that you buy in the store. This may vary depending on the provider, the contents of the drinks box, and any additional services such as delivery costs. Some online drinks boxes may be cheaper due to economies of scale, while others may be more expensive due to exclusive products or special compositions. It is therefore wise to compare prices before making a choice.



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