Top 5 Popular Local Wedding Catering Options

Dear readers, are you about to plan your wedding and looking for the perfect catering options? Then you've come to the right place! In this blog article, we share the top 5 popular local wedding catering options and reveal their unique features and benefits. Be inspired and discover the tasty options for your special day.

Gastronomic delights

The Tastemakers have earned a reputation for their delicious culinary creations. The luxurious dinner buffet they offer is a true fusion of international dishes and local favorites.

International Pampering

  • Delicious tapas made from Pata Negra ham from Spain
  • Fresh sashimi from the best quality tuna from Japan
  • Artisan French cheeses, including a creamy Brie de Meaux

Local Taste Sensations

  • Freshly baked rolls from the local bakery
  • Grilled vegetables from the farm around the corner
  • Artisan ice cream from the award-winning ice cream maker 'IJssalon de Verleiding'

Exclusive Atmosphere

The luxurious dinner buffet from De Smaakmakers is not only a treat for the taste buds, but also for the eyes. The beautifully prepared dishes are presented in stylish tableware from 'Serax' and 'Villeroy & Boch', making every bite a feast for the senses.

Personal Touch

De Smaakmakers excel in service and customer focus. During the luxurious dinner buffet you will be personally guided by sommeliers who will advise you on the perfect wine-food combinations.

A Caress for all the Senses

  • See: Beautiful layout and presentation of the dishes
  • Feel: High-quality tableware and cutlery for a luxurious experience
  • Smell: Seductive scents of freshly baked bread and spicy herbs
  • Taste: An explosion of flavors of both international delicacies and local delicacies

Enjoy the luxurious dinner buffet by De Smaakmakers and undergo a gastronomic journey that will enchant all your senses.

Tapas party by 'Tasteful Happen

Tasteful Happen is known for providing delicious tapas parties, perfect for any type of event. From informal gatherings to tasty wedding meals, our extensive selection of small dishes ensures an unforgettable culinary experience.

Why Choose Tapas?

Tapas are not only delicious, but also great for creating a cozy and informal atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a variety of flavors and textures, allowing everyone to find their favorite dish. Additionally, sharing tapas encourages interaction and conversation between guests, contributing to a relaxed and fun atmosphere at any party.

Various Tapas Selection

At Tasteful Happen we offer a wide range of tapas dishes, carefully composed to suit different tastes and dietary requirements. Some of our popular options include:

  • Spanish Pimientos de Padrón: Grilled green peppers with sea salt, a simple but tasty dish.
  • Shrimp croquettes with lemon mayonnaise: Crispy croquettes filled with shrimp and served with a refreshing lemon mayonnaise.
  • patatas Bravas: Baked potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and alioli, a true taste explosion.

Personalization Service

At Tasteful Happen we strive to meet all your wishes. Whether you have a specific culinary style in mind or need to accommodate dietary restrictions, our team is ready to create a bespoke tapas menu that is perfect for your event. Moreover, we provide a smooth and professional service, so you can concentrate on enjoying the party.

Can you imagine how your next event will be transformed by a tasty tapas feast? Contact us today and give your guests an unforgettable culinary experience!

Traditional Dutch buffet by 'De Stamppotkoning

De Stamppotkoning guarantees a tasty and authentic culinary experience with its traditional Dutch buffet. Whether it is an intimate wedding, a company party or an anniversary, this buffet offers a delicious selection of dishes that represent Dutch cuisine at its best.

What can you expect?

At De Stamppotkoning you can count on a buffet full of delicious Dutch classics, prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Some dishes you may encounter in the buffet are:

  • Stews: from the classic kale stew to the richly filled stew.
  • Split pea soup: a hearty soup with smoked sausage and pork.
  • Meatballs: juicy meatballs in a rich gravy.
  • Herring: fresh herring served with onions and pickles.
  • Smoked sausage: the iconic Dutch sausage, perfect with the stew.

Why choose a traditional Dutch buffet?

  • Culinary experience: With De Stamppotkoning you not only get tasty dishes, but also a piece of Dutch culinary history on your plate.
  • Authenticity: The buffet exudes the traditional Dutch atmosphere, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.
  • Flexibility: By choosing a buffet style, guests can choose their favorite dishes and enjoy an informal dining experience.

How to order?

Ordering the traditional Dutch buffet from De Stamppotkoning is easy. You can contact the team directly and discuss your wishes. Based on this, a menu is put together that perfectly suits your event and preferences.

In short, with De Stamppotkoning you are assured of a tasty and memorable Dutch buffet that your guests will remember for a long time!

Exotic barbecue by 'Grillmeesters aan Zee

At Grillmeesters aan Zee you can enjoy an exotic barbecue experience that will take your summer wedding on the beach to the next level. With an extensive selection of meat, fish and vegetarian options, our exotic barbecue promises a tasty and varied experience for you and your guests.


Our exotic barbecue offers a range of top quality meat options. Some examples are:

  • Wagyu steak: Enjoy the refined taste and tenderness of Wagyu steak.
  • Iberico pork tenderloin: Taste the unique flavors of Iberico pork tenderloin, known for its rich marbling and juiciness.
  • Organic chicken skewers: Choose delicious and healthy organic chicken skewers for a tasty option.


For seafood lovers, we offer a range of fresh and tasty options, including:

  • Salmon fillet: Enjoy the luxury of juicy salmon fillet, perfectly grilled for a delicious texture.
  • Gambas: Savor the vibrant flavor of grilled prawns, a popular choice among seafood lovers.
  • Tuna steak: Discover the full flavor and firm texture of tuna steak, an elegant choice for your barbecue.


For vegetarian guests we offer a range of delicious options, such as:

  • Stuffed peppers with couscous: Enjoy the flavorful combination of stuffed peppers and soft couscous, a vegetarian favorite.
  • Grilled vegetable skewers: Savor the fresh flavors of grilled vegetable skewers, perfectly seasoned for a robust taste.
  • Portobello mushrooms: Experience the meaty texture and rich flavor of grilled portobello mushrooms, a delicious option for vegetarians.

Tasteful Accompaniments

To complete your barbecue experience, we offer a variety of delicious side dishes and sauces, such as:

  • Freshly baked baguette with garlic butter and olive tapenade.
  • Fresh green salad with cherry tomatoes and balsamic dressing.
  • Homemade chimichurri sauce for a spicy kick with your meat and fish dishes.

At Grillmeesters aan Zee we strive to make your event unforgettable with our exotic barbecue experience. Contact us to learn more about our menu options and make your summer beach wedding truly special.

An unforgettable culinary experience for your special day

After reviewing the top 5 popular local wedding catering options, it is essential to consider guests' taste preferences, wedding theme, and budget when selecting the right catering service for an unforgettable dining experience. Good luck planning your perfect wedding party!

Frequently asked questions about local catering

Do the local catering options specialize in certain cuisines or dishes?

Yes, local catering options may specialize in certain cuisines or dishes depending on the catering company and their specialties. Some companies may specialize in Italian, Asian, vegetarian or vegan dishes, for example, while others may offer a wider range of options. It is therefore advisable to contact the various catering services in your area to inquire about their specialties and menu options. This way you can make a choice that best suits your wishes and needs.

How many months in advance should weddings book the catering service?

For weddings it is wise to book the catering service at least 6 to 12 months in advance. It can be busy, especially during the wedding season, and popular caterers are often fully booked quickly. By planning well in advance, you can be assured of a good catering service on your special day.

Are there options for renting crockery and cutlery from local caterers?

Yes, you can indeed rent crockery and cutlery for events and gatherings from many local caterers. It is useful to contact the caterer in advance to discuss availability, prices and any conditions. This way you can fully enjoy your event without having to worry about the crockery and cutlery. Good luck with arranging your event!

Are there any popular drink options that caterers offer for weddings?

Yes, there are several popular drink options that caterers often offer for weddings. Some of the most common choices include champagne for the toast, a selection of wines (such as rosé, white and red wine) to be served with dinner, and an assortment of soft drinks and fruit juices for the non-alcoholic options. In addition, many caterers also offer special cocktails that match the theme of the wedding. It is always wise to discuss with the caterer which drink options best suit your specific wishes and budget.

Can the catering options be adapted to the dietary requirements or allergies of the guests?

Yes, the catering options can often be adapted to the dietary requirements or allergies of the guests. It is important to indicate this in advance, so that the caterer can take this into account. Most catering companies are flexible and can adapt dishes or offer alternatives, such as vegetarian, gluten-free or lactose-free options. It is always wise to discuss this in a timely manner to ensure a tasty and worry-free experience for all guests.

What dishes are most commonly offered by local wedding caterers?

The most commonly offered dishes by local wedding caterers are often a mix of luxurious starters such as bruschetta, salmon rolls and meatballs, followed by main courses such as grilled chicken, salmon fillet or a vegetarian option. Popular side dishes are often seasonal vegetables, couscous or mashed potatoes. For dessert, choices are often offered such as a wedding cake, macarons or a dessert buffet. Of course, this can vary depending on the specific caterer and the culinary offerings they offer.

Do the caterers also offer vegetarian or vegan options for weddings?

Yes, many caterers now offer vegetarian and vegan options for weddings. It is wise to discuss with the caterer in advance which specific dishes and menus they offer for guests who eat vegetarian or vegan. This way you can ensure that all guests at your wedding can enjoy a tasty meal that suits their dietary preferences.



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