Top 10 Most Popular Business Gifts for Businesses

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In this blog post we take you through the world of promotional gifts for companies. Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gesture for your customers or a way to strengthen bonds with your partners, corporate gifts play an important role in the business world. Curious about the top 10 most popular choices? Then read on!

1. Practical promotional gifts

Giving practical promotional gifts is a smart move to increase brand awareness of your company. Simple but useful items such as diaries, notebooks and USB drives can have a long-lasting impact on potential customers and business partners.

Useful promotional gifts that catch the eye


A printed agenda is an ideal business gift. It not only provides practical value to the recipient, but also ensures that your company logo is regularly seen. Some popular brands that offer quality printable calendars are:

  • Moleskine
  • Leuchtturm1917
  • Paperblanks


Notebooks are a timeless and frequently used promotional gift. Brands such as:

  • Castelli
  • Moleskine
  • Leuchtturm1917

offer a wide range of stylish notebooks that are perfect for showcasing your brand in an elegant way.

USB sticks

With the growing demand for digital storage, printable USB sticks are a practical and appreciated promotional gift. Some reliable brands for USB sticks are:

  • SanDisk
  • Kingston
  • Verbatim

Benefits of practical promotional gifts

Using practical promotional gifts offers several advantages for your company:

  • Increased brand recognition: By regularly being in view of your target group, your brand remains top-of-mind.
  • Useful and useful: Practical gifts are often kept and used for a long time, extending the exposure of your brand.
  • Positive association: By giving high-quality promotional gifts, you create a positive association with your brand among the recipient.

It is important to invest in promotional gifts that are both qualitative and functional to leave a lasting impression on your target group. With the right choices you can effectively promote your brand and strengthen ties with customers.

Sustainable promotional gifts: Tackling water scarcity with reusable water bottles

More and more companies recognize the need for sustainability and make conscious choices for promotional gifts that not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also contribute to a green image. A sustainable promotional gift can make a difference in how your company is perceived by customers and partners.

Why reusable water bottles?

  • Reduce plastic waste: Millions of plastic water bottles end up in the oceans every year, having a devastating impact on the marine ecosystem and our health. By switching to reusable water bottles, companies can actively contribute to reducing plastic pollution.
  • Promote health: Reusable water bottles encourage employees and associates to drink more water, which is essential for good health and productivity.
  • Strengthen sustainable image: By printing water bottles with your company logo and a sustainable message, you show that your company stands for environmental awareness and sustainability.

Examples of popular brands and models

  1. Dopper Original: The Dopper Original is an iconic water bottle known for its durability and stylish design. With a choice of colors and easy to clean, this is a favorite among many.
  2. Chilly's Bottles: Chilly's Bottles offers a wide range of trendy and sustainable water bottles in different sizes and designs. Ideal for both at home and on the road.

Eco-friendly bags: Sustainability in style

In addition to reusable water bottles, eco-friendly bags are an excellent choice as a sustainable promotional gift. From shopping bags to laptop bags, there are plenty of options that are not only functional but also contribute to a greener planet.

Benefits of eco-friendly bags

  • Reduce your ecological footprint: By choosing bags made from recycled materials or organic cotton, you reduce the impact on the environment and contribute to a circular economy.
  • Long-term exposure: Printed eco-friendly bags act as walking billboards, drawing attention to your brand name and sustainable message again and again.

Inspiring examples:

  1. Ecozz Bags: Ecozz offers a wide range of colorful and sustainable bags made from recycled PET bottles. The perfect choice for an environmentally conscious promotional gift.
  2. Bag-again: Re-sack reusable fruit and vegetable bags: These reusable bags are not only stylish, but also help reduce single-use plastic in supermarkets and shops.

Choosing sustainable promotional gifts not only shows your commitment to the environment, but can also lead to positive associations with your company. By consciously choosing products that make a difference, you show that sustainability is an integral part of your business philosophy.

3. Technological promotional gifts

Companies always face the challenge of strengthening their image and continuing to surprise customers and partners. An effective way to do this is by using technology-related promotional gifts. In this blog post we discuss some popular options and how they can help improve business relationships.

Power banks: Power available anytime, anywhere

One of the most appreciated technological promotional gifts are power banks. With brands like Anker, Xiaomi and Belkin offering high-end models, companies can offer their customers and partners a reliable solution to charge their mobile devices on the go. Some advantages of giving power banks as promotional gifts are:

  • Dexterity: Receivers can have power at hand anytime, anywhere.
  • Practical: Suitable for both business use and personal use.

Wireless Chargers: Increase convenience with the latest technology

With the rise of smartphones that can charge wirelessly, wireless chargers have become a trendy and functional promotional gift. Well-known brands such as Samsung, Apple and Ikea offer wireless chargers that are both stylish and efficient. Some reasons why wireless chargers are appreciated as promotional gifts:

  • Modernity: Wireless technology reflects innovation and progress.
  • Comfort: No more hassle with cables and plugs.

Bluetooth speakers: Music connects

For companies that want to add a more social aspect to their promotional gifts, Bluetooth speakers are an excellent choice. Brands such as JBL, Bose and Sony offer high-quality Bluetooth speakers that deliver powerful sound. Some advantages of Bluetooth speakers as promotional gifts are:

  • Interaction: Creates a shared experience between recipients.
  • Entertainment: Suitable for both business and leisure use.

By making smart use of tech-related promotional gifts, companies can not only strengthen their modern image, but also provide practical and valuable gifts that customers and partners will enjoy for a long time.

4. Luxury promotional gifts

Luxury corporate gifts play an essential role in creating a lasting impression and showing appreciation to important customers or during special occasions. These gifts go beyond a standard present and radiate prestige, craftsmanship and style.

Luxury pens: A timeless gift of class

  • Montblanc Meisterstück 149 Fountain Pen: With its iconic design and impeccable quality, this fountain pen is a favorite among stationery enthusiasts.
  • Parker Sonnet: A classic that exudes elegance and sophistication, perfect for those who love a touch of luxury in their daily writing experience.

Exclusive wines: For an unforgettable taste experience

  • Chateau Margaux: A prestigious choice for wine lovers, this French Grand Cru Classé is known for its excellent quality and unique flavor profile.
  • Sassicaia 2016: This Italian wine is one of the top wines in the world and is a valued choice for gourmets looking for something special.

Gift packages: A fusion of sophistication and pleasure

  • Fortnum & Mason The Grosvenor Hamper: Filled with gourmet treats and luxury products, this package is a true treat for the senses.
  • Jo Malone London Gift Set: A range of lush scents and care products for a luxurious moment of pampering, perfect to give as a token of gratitude.

By choosing luxurious promotional gifts like these, you not only show your appreciation, but you also show that you have an eye for quality and craftsmanship. Make your next corporate gift an unforgettable experience for your recipients.

Inspirational gifts for a lasting impression

The conclusion of the blog article “Top 10 Most Popular Business Gifts for Companies” emphasizes that it is essential to choose the right business gift, taking into account the target group, company image and budget. By choosing a suitable promotional gift, you not only leave a positive impression on the recipient, but you also strengthen the bond with your relations. Therefore, choose carefully and match your choice with the identity of your company. Good luck finding the perfect promotional gift!

Frequently asked questions about promotional gifts

What makes a promotional gift popular for companies?

That is a good question! A corporate gift is becoming popular for businesses for a variety of reasons, but some common factors include: usefulness, durability, personalization and budget. Useful promotional gifts that are often used or appreciated tend to be popular with companies because they stick with the recipient and create a positive association with the company's brand. Sustainable promotional gifts show that the company cares about the environment and society, which can contribute to a positive image. Personalization of promotional gifts, for example with the company logo or the name of the recipient, makes the gift more personal and memorable. Finally, budget plays a role, because companies want their promotional gifts to be cost-effective and add value to their business relationships.

How can a company choose the right promotional gift for their target group?

To choose the right promotional gift for your target group, it is important to take various factors into account. First of all, it is essential to determine the budget and purpose of the promotional gift. Next, it is important to understand the interests and needs of your target group. Think about what gift is both useful and relevant to them. In addition, it can be useful to look at what your competitors are giving away and whether there is anything original that your company can offer. Finally, it is also important to ensure the quality of the gift, as this is a reflection of your company. Be creative, think about the needs of your target group and choose something that will surprise and appreciate them!

Are there any trends in the world of promotional gifts for companies?

Yes, there are certainly trends in the world of corporate gifts. An important trend is the shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly promotional gifts. Companies are showing increasing interest in products that are made from recycled materials or that are produced in a sustainable way. In addition, there is also a growing popularity of personalized business gifts, which are specifically tailored to the recipient. This contributes to a personal and unique relationship between companies and their customers or employees. So it is wise to consider these trends when choosing promotional gifts for your company.

In what ways do promotional gifts contribute to strengthening ties with customers and partners?

Business gifts can contribute to strengthening ties with customers and partners in various ways. In this way they show appreciation and demonstrate commitment to the relationship. By giving a promotional gift, you can also draw attention to your company name and logo, keeping you top-of-mind with your customers and partners. In addition, promotional gifts can strengthen loyalty and create a positive association with your company. In short, giving promotional gifts is an effective way to strengthen ties with your customers and partners.

Which factors determine the choice of promotional gifts by companies?

Companies consider several factors when choosing promotional gifts. Some important factors are the budget, the image of the company, the target group of the promotional gifts, the occasion and the purpose of giving the promotional gift. In addition, trends, the quality and sustainability of the gift, its relevance for the recipient and the degree of personalization also play a role. It is important to weigh these factors carefully to make a successful choice.

What are the benefits of giving corporate gifts for companies?

Giving promotional gifts has several advantages for companies. First, it promotes customer and relationship loyalty. By giving gifts you show that you appreciate them and that can strengthen the bond. In addition, it can also help increase brand awareness and improve customer satisfaction. Giving promotional gifts can also have a positive effect on the brand awareness of your company and can contribute to strengthening your image. So it is certainly worthwhile to use promotional gifts as part of your marketing strategy.

How can the effectiveness of promotional gifts be measured within a business context?

To measure the effectiveness of promotional gifts within a business context, you can use different methods. One of the most commonly used methods is to conduct customer satisfaction surveys in which you specifically ask about the impact of promotional gifts on the perception of your company. In addition, you can also monitor and analyze sales figures to determine whether there is an increase after distributing promotional gifts. You can also keep track of how often a promotional gift is used or seen by a customer, for example through personalized gifts with a unique code. By combining and analyzing this data, you can get a good idea of the effectiveness of promotional gifts within your company.



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