How do you choose the right wines for a drink?

In the how-to guide “How do you choose the right wines for a drink?” you will learn step by step how to select the perfect wines that go together with different flavors on a snack board. The purpose of this guide is to help you choose wines that complement the diversity of flavors and textures of the snacks and appetizers on your platter, so that your guests can enjoy a complete and delicious tasting experience. With practical tips and guidelines, this guide will guide you in making the ideal wine choices that suit your drinks platter.


Determine the theme of the drinks board

First, choose a theme you want to use, such as Italian, Mediterranean or cheese and charcuterie. Select matching cheeses, meats, fruits, nuts and breads or crackers that match the chosen theme. Make sure that all items on the shelf harmonize and complement each other. Present the drinks board in an attractive way to emphasize the thematic atmosphere. Good luck and enjoy creating your perfect drinks board!


Select the wines based on the theme

Choose wines that match the theme of your drinks board. For example, select a Chianti for Italian dishes or a Sauvignon Blanc for a Mediterranean platter. Make sure that the flavor profiles of the wines match the dishes you serve. This way you create perfect harmony between the wine and the snacks on your snack board.


Variety in flavors

  • Choose both red and white wines to ensure variety in flavors.
  • Pay attention to the dry and sweet wines to ensure diverse taste experiences.
  • Make sure you select a balanced mix of different types of wine for a varied tasting experience.

Complement with sparkling wine

  • Choose a sparkling wine, such as Prosecco or Cava, to give your drinks board a festive finishing touch.
  • Make sure the wine is well chilled before serving.
  • Pour the sparkling wine into beautiful glasses and enjoy the festive touch it adds to your drinks moment.
  • Don't forget to toast and enjoy the convivial atmosphere that a good wine brings!

Consult a sommelier

If you have any doubts about which wine to choose, ask a sommelier in the wine shop for advice. Tell the sommelier about your taste preferences and the dish you want to serve so they can recommend the perfect wine for you. Try different options that the sommelier recommends to discover which one suits your taste best. Enjoy the process and learn more about wine by talking to an expert.


Serve the wines at the right temperature

Make sure you serve the wines at the right temperature. Red wine should be served at room temperature, so do not store it in the refrigerator. White and sparkling wines need to be chilled properly, so put them in the refrigerator for at least a few hours before serving. Be careful not to serve white wine too cold, as this can negatively affect the taste.


Presentation and glassware

Use appropriate glassware for each type of wine on the drinks board. Choose an elegant wine glass for white wine and a wider glass for red. Present the wines beautifully by placing them in order from lightest to heaviest and possibly add some decorations for a festive touch. Do not forget to rinse and dry the glasses before use.


Enjoy the combination

Taste the different wine-food combinations and discover which flavors go best together. Choose a varied snack board with cheese, meats and olives. Pour the right wine with every bite so you can experience the full taste experience. Experiment and enjoy how the flavors complement and enhance each other.


Experiment and discover

  • Try different types of wine such as a fresh Sauvignon Blanc, a fruity Pinot Noir or an elegant Chardonnay.
  • Pour small amounts with each cheese or meat choice on your platter and taste which combinations appeal to you most.
  • Take notes of the successful combinations so you can remember and share your favorite pairings with friends and family.
  • Experiment with both red and white wine, and remember that personal preference is the key to creating a perfect drinking experience.

Conclusion and recommendations

In this guide you learned how to choose the right wines for a drink. Choose wines that complement the flavors of the different snacks, pay attention to the balance between sweet and savory, and experiment with different combinations to discover what you like. With these tips you can always put together a successful drinks board and let your guests fully enjoy the delicious combination of wine and snacks. Cheers and enjoy your perfectly composed drink moment!

Necessary materials

  • Different types of wines
  • Glassware (wine glasses)
  • Sparkling wine
  • Sommelier
  • Thermometer (for checking temperature)
  • Drinks board fruit bowl dishes
  • Serving bowl
  • Corkscrew
  • Possibly decanting carafe

Helpful suggestions

  • Consider the range of flavors on the drinks platter and choose wines that match them. Look for complementary flavors such as a fresh Sauvignon Blanc with goat cheese or a fruity Pinot Noir with salami
  • Don't forget to take the intensity of the flavors on the snack board into account. A light Chardonnay goes well with mild cheeses, while a firm Merlot goes well with spicy meats
  • Try to vary both red and white wines so that there is something for everyone. A rosé can also be a nice addition for a summery touch
  • Consider the temperature of the wines. Make sure white wine is well chilled and red wine is served at the correct room temperature for the best tasting experience
  • Experiment with different wine regions and grape varieties to better emphasize the flavors on the drinks platter. And of course, remember that personal taste is the most important thing when choosing the right wines. Have fun putting together your perfect drinks board!

How do you make the perfect drinks board?

  • Choose a variety of cheeses, meats and other delicacies such as olives, nuts and fruit for your snack board
  • Provide different textures and flavors on the board, for example soft cheeses next to hard cheeses and spicy salami next to mild ham
  • Present the snack board beautifully on a large wooden board or bowl and add some fresh herbs for a decorative touch.
  • Combine the snacks on the board with matching dipping sauces, such as honey for the cheese and hummus for the vegetables
  • Serve the snack board together with a good bottle of wine or a refreshing drink and enjoy this cozy snack board with friends or family!

Frequently asked questions about drinks board ideas

How do you present a drinks board in a festive way?

To present a drinks board in a festive way, it is best to start by choosing a beautiful board or serving bowl. Next, it is important to select a good variety of treats, such as different types of cheese, meats, nuts, fruit and dips. Make sure you have a good balance between sweet and savory, and vary the colors and textures. Fill the shelf generously, but also make sure that it remains clear. Finally, you can decorate the drinks board with fresh herbs, edible flowers or small plates and picks to give it a festive look. Have fun putting together and presenting your drinks board!

Which vegetables can be added to a snack board?

You can add different vegetables to a snack board to provide a healthy and tasty option. Consider, for example, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, carrots, pepper strips and radishes. These vegetables are easy to dip in hummus, tzatziki or another tasty dip. This way you ensure a balanced and varied drinks board! Enjoy your meal!



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