The drinks box: quality time as a gift

Are you looking for a nice gift for your love (for Valentine's Day), your dear parents, best friend or that friend who unfortunately doesn't live around the corner? Our answer is: give quality time. Nothing is worth more than taking the time for each other and for things that you enjoy. What you enjoy. And what better way to do that than spending time together or giving someone else (with their partner) the gift of quality time? You do this by giving a drinks box as a gift!

Who do you want to give a moment of enjoyment?

A drinks box as a gift ensures that someone has to relax for a moment to enjoy your gift. And isn't that what everyone wants sometimes? What can I say, everyone needs that from time to time! We are going way too fast and thundering along in this society. Weekends are hardly time to relax anymore, because we always have something to do. We are always 'on'. How nice is it if you can take a moment unwind with a nice snack board in front of you. You don't eat that while standing at the kitchen table. No, you'll have to sit down for that, alone or together, but it's certainly fun!

Do you already know who you want to surprise with a nice drinks box delivered to your home? We have a nice drinks box for every group. You can easily choose a drinks box as a gift via our website. And hey, that gift can also be for yourself πŸ˜‰ You also deserve a moment of enjoyment!

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Which drink boxes can I give as a gift?

You can give all drink boxes on our website as a gift. You can give a drinks box as a gift for various reasons:

  • In honor of a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated (such as a birthday, anniversary, great achievement, birth or purchase of a new house);
  • To offer someone support (think of the loss of a loved one/pet, (long-term) illness, a difficult period or busy work);
  • Or just because you care about someone or love someone dearly!

Our boxes are very popular as gifts and the nice thing is that you can always add a personal message to the box. This makes the gift extra personal and you can always explain why you have sent someone or a family a beautiful drinks box. Of course, you can always have the box delivered to yourself and give the drinks box as a gift yourself.

For example, our drink boxes are frequently ordered for Valentine's Day as a surprise for the partner, at Easter for fun with the family, on King's Day to have a drink together without worries, in the summer to take with you to the park and of course during the holidays to enjoy together. cheers!

Our assortment

You can choose from a chilled or unchilled drinks box. The unrefrigerated drinks box is delivered by PostNL, the refrigerated drinks box by an evening or fresh courier. Our chilled drinks boxes can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 4 days and therefore do not have to be consumed immediately after delivery. The recipient can schedule a drink up to 4 days later.

Curious about the various drinks boxes to give as a gift? View our complete range here refrigerated and unrefrigerated drinks boxes.

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Choose your delivery time yourself

We deliver the boxes and shelves throughout the Netherlands. We do this from Monday to Saturday. Do you have any questions for us or would you like to have something beautiful custom put together? This is always possible if you inform us of your wishes well in advance! Please feel free to contact us at and we will enthusiastically get to work putting together something that meets all your drinks needs!



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