What are tasty vegan dips to go with the drinks box?

This guide will help you choose tasty vegan dips for your drinks box. Did you know that some vegan dips contain more protein than meat? Enjoy tasty and animal-friendly options during your drinks.


Step 1: Choose a base for your dips

Select a number of basic ingredients such as hummus, guacamole or a bean dip as a starting point for your vegan dips. These will serve as the main components of your drinks box. To get started, choose a variety of flavors, textures and colors to make your vegan dips interesting and inviting.

  1. Choose hummus as a classic and beloved dip, made from pureed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil.
  2. Add guacamole for a creamy and fresh option, made from avocado, lime juice, onion, tomato and fresh herbs such as cilantro.
  3. Think of a bean dip like black bean dip, a protein-rich and savory choice with ingredients like black beans, cumin, paprika and lime juice.

By choosing these various basic ingredients, you create a balanced and tasty selection of vegan dips for your drinks box. Don't forget to experiment with different recipes and flavor combinations to surprise and delight your guests.


Step 2: Add colorful vegetables

Chop up a variety of fresh, colorful vegetables for your vegan dips. For example, cut carrots into thin strips, cucumber into slices, pepper into cubes, and celery into sticks of bite-friendly size. This variety of chopped vegetables will add a mix of flavors and textures to your dips.

Make sure you present the vegetables beautifully on a serving platter, each in their own grouping, so you can enjoy an attractive color palette. Experiment with other colorful vegetables such as radishes, cauliflower florets, cherry tomatoes or broccoli for even more variety. This way you can brighten up your vegan dips and enjoy a varied and nutritious snack at the same time.


Step 3: Experiment with herbs and spices

Mix a scoop of garlic powder or finely chopped garlic cloves into your dipping sauce for an intense flavor. Add a pinch of paprika powder for a subtle spiciness. Also try adding cumin for a spicy touch.

Fresh herbs such as parsley and coriander give a wonderful freshness to your dips. Chop them finely and mix them into the sauce for a flavor explosion. Vary and experiment to find the perfect balance of flavors for your favorite dips!


Step 4: Presentation is important

Choose small bowls or dishes for your vegan dips and vegetables. Place this strategically in the drinks box so that it looks attractive. Think about a good balance between colors and textures for a visually appealing presentation.

Arrange the vegetables and dips in a beautiful way in the bowls. Create a balanced distribution and ensure a harmonious whole. Use different sizes and shapes to make it interesting. Pay attention to details, such as adding fresh herbs or extra decorations for a finishing touch.


Step 5: Serve with matching snacks

Serve your vegan dips with matching snacks such as toast, crackers, olives or nuts for a complete drinking experience. Place the dips in small bowls or bowls on the table, together with the accompanying snacks. Place the bowls strategically so that they are easily accessible to your guests.

Don't forget to pour some drinks too! Provide a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, such as wine, beer, soda and water. Place the drinks on a separate table or bar, so that your guests can choose what they want to drink. Cheers to a successful drink!

Final verdict and recommendations

Great choice! I'm delighted that you enjoyed learning to make delicious vegan dips for your drinks box. With the right ingredients and presentation you are guaranteed to turn every drink moment into a party! Have fun and enjoy sharing these treats with your friends and family. Enjoy your meal!


  • Containers for the dips
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits (such as carrots, cucumber, peppers, cherry tomatoes)
  • Various herbs and spices
  • Serving dishes
  • Matching snacks (such as pieces of bread, crackers, tortilla chips)

Helpful suggestions

  • Hummus is a classic and always popular vegan dip for the drinks box!
  • Guacamole is deliciously creamy and full of flavor – perfect for dipping vegetables and chips
  • Baba ganoush, made from roasted eggplant, garlic and tahini, is a tasty addition to your drinks box
  • Salsa verde, with fresh herbs, capers and gherkins, is a refreshing vegan dip
  • Spicy sriracha dip adds a spicy kick to your drinking experience
  • Vegan spinach artichoke dip is creamy and rich in flavor, perfect to combine with bread or vegetable sticks
  • Also try a homemade vegan tzatziki with Greek soy yogurt, cucumber and garlic for a refreshing taste variation

Instructions for putting together your vegan drinks box

  • Start by unpacking the Vegan drinks box and arrange the different vegan snacks on a platter
  • Combine the different snacks with a range of dips and sauces for some extra flavor variation
  • Add some fresh fruit, nuts and olives to the drinks box to vary the flavors and textures
  • Don't forget to add a nice drink, such as a vegan wine or a refreshing mocktail, to complete the drink
  • Enjoy being together with friends or family while enjoying the delicious vegan snacks from the drinks box! Enjoy your meal!

Frequently asked questions about our Vegan Drinks Box

Is there a minimum number of people required to order a vegan drinks box?

No, there is no minimum number of people required to order a vegan drinks box. You can order one for yourself or for a group of friends, the number of people doesn't matter. Enjoy your vegan treats!

How can I order a vegan drinks box?

To order a vegan drinks box, you can search online for caterers or restaurants that offer this service. Many companies have special menus or drinks boxes for vegans. You can also contact these companies directly and ask what options they have for a vegan drinks box. In addition, there are also platforms such as Thuisbezorgd.nl or Deliveroo where you can filter specifically for vegan options. This way you can easily order a delicious vegan drinks box for your next party or meeting! Good luck ordering!

How long can the snacks be kept in the vegan drinks box?

The snacks in the vegan drinks box are best consumed within 2 to 3 days for the best freshness and taste. Make sure you keep them cool and cover them tightly to keep them fresh for longer. Enjoy your meal!

Do you also offer hot dishes in the vegan drinks box?

Yes, we certainly offer hot dishes in our vegan drinks box! The box contains a variety of delicious vegan snacks, including hot options such as vegan bitterballen, mini quiches or filled puff pastry snacks. So you can certainly enjoy a range of hot dishes in our vegan drinks box. Enjoy your meal!

Are drinks included in the vegan drinks box?

Yes, drinks are also included in the vegan drinks box. You can usually count on non-alcoholic drinks such as soft drinks, juices or water. Sometimes vegan alcoholic options are also added, such as vegan wine or beer. It varies per provider, so it is always good to consult the specific information of the drinks box you are interested in. Have fun drinking!

Can you adjust the presentation of the vegan drinks box for a special occasion?

Of course! When adapting the presentation of the vegan drinks box for a special occasion, we can take into account specific wishes such as theme, colors, decorations, and branding. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options and create a tailor-made presentation that perfectly suits the occasion.

Is the vegan drinks box delivered or does it have to be picked up?

The vegan drinks box is usually delivered to your home. You can find the exact delivery information on the website of the drinks box provider. When ordering, you can often indicate at which address and on what date you want to receive the box. Have fun with your vegan drinks box!

What variety of snacks can I expect in a vegan drinks box?

In a vegan drinks box you can expect a diverse variety of snacks that are all free of animal products. Think of hummus with vegetable sticks, vegan cheese cubes, olives, nut mix, bruschetta with tomato, vegan mini quiches and of course fresh fruit. These drink boxes offer a tasty and varied selection of plant-based delicacies to enjoy during your drinks moment. Enjoy your meal!

What do customers like best from the vegan drinks box?

Customers often like the vegan cheese cubes, hummus and roasted vegetables from the vegan drinks box best, based on their positive reactions and ratings. The carefully selected range of flavors and textures contributes to a tasty experience that many customers enjoy.

Are the snacks in the vegan drinks box ready-made or do I have to prepare something myself?

The snacks are ready-made in the vegan drinks box. So you no longer have to prepare anything yourself. Enjoy it!

Are the ingredients in the vegan drinks box organic and sustainably produced?

In the vegan drinks box of this specific brand, the ingredients are not necessarily organic or sustainably produced. It is always good to consult the product information of the box or contact the supplier directly if you are specifically looking for organic and sustainable products.

Is the vegan drinks box suitable for larger groups?

Yes, the vegan drinks box is certainly suitable for larger groups! The box contains an assortment of delicious vegan snacks and the quantity is often suitable for several people. It's a convenient and tasty option for a group gathering or party that vegans and non-vegans can enjoy. You can always inquire with the drinks box provider for specific details about the quantity and options for larger groups. Have fun with your vegan drink box!

What's in a vegan drinks box?

In a vegan drinks box you will usually find an assortment of plant-based treats, such as hummus, guacamole, olives, different types of nuts, crackers, vegetable sticks, dried fruit and vegan cheese. In addition, vegan spreads, dips, sandwiches and sweet snacks are often added. It may vary depending on the caterer or store where you order the drinks box, but in general a vegan drinks box contains a tasty selection of vegan options to enjoy during a drink or party.

Are allergies and dietary restrictions taken into account when compiling the vegan drinks box?

Yes, allergies and dietary restrictions are certainly taken into account when compiling the vegan drinks box. The ingredients are carefully chosen and common allergens such as nuts, gluten and soy are taken into account. In addition, other dietary restrictions, such as low sugar or low salt, are also taken into account when putting together the box. This way you can enjoy the delicacies in the drinks box with peace of mind, without worrying about possible allergic reactions or dietary restrictions.

Can special requests be submitted for the contents of the vegan drinks box?

Yes, when ordering a vegan drinks box, special requests can usually be made for its contents. It is always best to contact the supplier or catering service directly from where you order the drinks box to inquire about the options for specific dietary requirements or allergies. They will do their best to accommodate your requests and create a box that suits your needs.



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