Which accessories are useful to give as a gift with a tapas board?

Hey there! Are you looking for a perfect gift for a real foodie? In this blog post we will help you choose accessories that are ideal to give as a gift with a tapas board. Whether you want to organize a tapas evening yourself or surprise someone else, we have a number of useful tips for you. Read on and discover how you can take your tapas experience to the next level!

Types of tapas boards

Tapas boards are not only functional, but can also be a stylish addition to your tableware. There are different types of tapas planks available, from robust wooden planks to elegant marble ones. But how do you choose the perfect tapas board for your needs? In this guide we discuss the most important aspects you should pay attention to.

Materials: what options are there?

1. Wooden tapas boards

  • Example: Boska – Wooden tapas board
    • Advantages: classic look, durable, suitable for different types of snacks.
    • Cons: sensitive to moisture, requires regular maintenance.

2. Marble tapas boards

  • Example: Bloomingville – Marble tapas board
    • Advantages: luxurious appearance, cools food, easy to clean.
    • Cons: heavier than wooden planks, can break if dropped.

Dimensions: which size is ideal?

  • The dimensions of the tapas board depend on the number of people you are serving and the amount of snacks you want to present.
  • A 30x40 cm plank is often sufficient for 2-4 people, while larger planks are suitable for larger groups.

Style and design: matching your interior

  • Choose a tapas board that suits your personal taste and the atmosphere of your home.
  • Consider shelves with unique designs or decorative elements to enhance your table setting.

Brands and recommendations

  • Boska: known for their high-quality wooden tapas boards.
  • Bloomingville: offers a beautiful collection of marble tapas boards.
  • Brabantia: for those looking for modern and contemporary designs.

By considering the materials, dimensions and style of the tapas board, you can make the perfect choice for your next tapas evening. Let your personal preferences and needs be the deciding factor when choosing the ideal tapas board.

Knife and fork set

A good quality knife and fork set is invaluable when serving and eating tapas. These small snacks deserve the best cutlery to fully enjoy the taste and experience.

Add luxury to your tapas experience

A high-quality knife and fork set adds a touch of luxury to any tapas evening. Think of beautifully designed cutlery that immediately embellishes the table and takes the presentation of the dishes to a higher level.

Practical benefits of a good set

In addition to aesthetics, a good knife and fork set also offers practical benefits:

  • Ergonomic design: Comfortable handles and perfectly balanced tools make eating tapas a pleasure.
  • Stainless steel: Durability and easy to clean.
  • Sharp knives: Crucial when cutting cheese, cold cuts and other tapas.

Recommended brands and models

Laguiole Style de Vie Tapasse set

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Design: Elegant handle with matching knife and fork
  • Inclusive: Steak knife, dinner knife, dinner fork, dessert fork

Zwilling JA Henckels Twin Pollux

  • Material: High quality stainless steel
  • Design: Sleek and modern with ergonomic handles
  • Inclusive: Table knife, table fork


Invest in a quality knife and fork set to take your tapas experience to the next level. The right cutlery will not only improve the presentation, but also increase the pleasure of tasting different delicious snacks. Choose a set that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, and enjoy every tapas meal as a true gastronomic experience.

Serving dishes and bowls

Serving dishes and bowls play an essential role in presenting delicious tapas and side dishes on your table or during a party. These tableware pieces are not only practical, but also add a touch of elegance to your table setting. Discover below why serving dishes and bowls are indispensable for every home cook who likes to enjoy tapas.

Why are serving dishes and bowls important?

  • Formatting: Serving platters and bowls make it possible to present various items in an attractive and organized manner.
  • Dexterity: They facilitate sharing of snacks among guests and add an interactive element to the dining experience.
  • Versatility: With various shapes, sizes and designs, there are serving dishes and bowls for every occasion and taste.

Practical examples of serving dishes and bowls

  1. Cozy & Trendy Bamboo Bowls: These bowls are perfect for serving sushi, nuts or dips and add a natural look.
  2. Blomus Moon Serving bowl: Ideal for presenting olives, cheese cubes or small hors d'oeuvres, with a contemporary design.
  3. Villeroy & Boch Petite Fleur Dinnerware Set: An elegant option for serving desserts or fruit, instantly giving your table a luxurious look.

Comparison table of serving dishes and bowls

Product name Material Suitable for Particularities
Cozy & Trendy Bamboo Bowls Bamboo Sushi, nuts, dips Natural appearance, durable material
Blomus Moon Serving bowl Stainless steel Olives, cheese cubes, hors d'oeuvres Contemporary design, easy to clean
Villeroy & Boch Petite Fleur Porcelain Desserts, fruits Luxurious appearance, dishwasher safe

By investing in high-quality serving platters and bowls you can take your tapas boards and side dishes to the next level. Choose the right pieces that suit your style and enjoy the ease and aesthetics they bring. Enjoy your meal!

Enjoy every sip with the right glasses

Organizing a tapas evening is all about creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. An element that is often overlooked, but should certainly not be missed, is the use of the right wine and water glasses. In this article we explore the added value of quality glasses and provide practical tips to take your tapas evening to a higher level.

Quality over quantity

Refined wines and refreshing water deserve to be served in glasses that fully express their aromas and flavors. Therefore, choose glasses made of high-quality crystal, such as the Riedel Vinum series, which are specially designed to enhance the drinking experience. These glasses emphasize the subtle notes of the wine and provide an optimal mouthfeel.

Perfectly matched to your favorite drinks

Whether you are a lover of powerful red wines or prefer to enjoy a sparkling white wine, there is an ideal glass for every type. So are the Zalto Denk'Art Universal glasses perfect for different types of wine, while the Sommeliers Vintage Champagne flute glass is exactly the right glass for a festive toast with sparkling wine.

A feast for all the senses

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the right glasses also contribute to the practical side of serving. Consider the sleek design of the Schott Zwiesel Pure water glasses that are easy to hold and add an elegant touch to your table setting. Moreover, these glasses are dishwasher safe, so you don't have to spend hours washing the dishes after your tapas evening.

Guided tour: discover your perfect glass

To simplify the selection process, we have made an overview of some top glasses for wine and water:

  • Riedel Vinum Chianti Classico glass
  • Zalto Denk'Art Universal glass
  • Schott Zwiesel Pure water glass
  • Sommeliers Vintage Champagne flute glass

With this selection of high-quality glasses you are ready to make your tapas evening an unforgettable experience. Enjoy every sip and toast to fun!

Practical and stylish additions

By giving a combination of a beautiful tapas board, a knife and fork set, serving dishes and glasses, you create a perfect gift for someone who loves tapas and fun. Don't forget to take the recipient's personal taste and style into account when choosing accessories. This way you turn a tapas board as a gift into an unforgettable experience.

Frequently asked questions about Tapas board gift

Are there any other accessories that go well with giving a tapas board as a gift?

Yes, when giving a tapas board as a gift, you can also consider accessories such as tapas bowls, tapas forks, a good bottle of wine or Spanish olive oil. These items complement the tapas experience and make the gift even more special. Good luck putting together your perfect tapas board gift!

What type of serving dishes go well with a tapas board gift?

When giving a tapas board as a gift, it is nice to include serving dishes that match the style and size of the tapas board. Choose small, differently shaped and decorative bowls that complement the presentation of the snacks. Think of ceramic, wooden or even glass dishes. This way you complete the gift and ensure a beautiful presentation of the delicious snacks.

Is it useful to also add a cutting board to a tapas board as a gift?

Yes, adding a cutting board to a tapas board gift can certainly be useful. By having a separate cutting board, the different ingredients can be cut easily and hygienically, and you prevent flavors from becoming undesirably mixed. A cutting board also ensures that the table or surface on which the tapas board is served remains protected. So it is certainly a practical addition to the gift!

Which type of knives are ideal to give as a gift with a tapas board?

Small, sharp and versatile knives are especially ideal for a tapas board. Think of a tapas knife, cheese knife, patting knife and a small kitchen knife. These knives are perfect for cutting a variety of tapas ingredients such as cheese, meats, vegetables and bread. Make sure that the knives are of good quality and fit comfortably in your hand. This makes a beautiful and practical gift for the tapas lover!

Which ingredients or spices could be nice to serve together with the tapas board?

Some fun ingredients and spices you can add to your tapas board are olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, Spanish chorizo, manchego cheese, and various types of nuts such as almonds and walnuts. You can also add some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, paprika powder and various herbs to make your tapas board extra tasty. Have fun putting together and enjoying your tapas board!

Are there specific glasses or cups that are useful for serving drinks with tapas?

Of course! Specific glasses and cups are often used for tapas to improve the presentation of the dishes. A small and wide wine glass is often used for wine so that the scent comes into its own. Small cocktail glasses are also often used for special tapas drinks. There are also special beer glasses, such as a tulip-shaped glass for special beers. So it is certainly useful to take this into account when serving drinks with tapas!

What type of napkins or napkin rings are suitable for a tapas board gift?

For a tapas board gift, it is best to choose small cocktail napkins in neutral colors such as white, cream or gray. This keeps the focus on the delicious snacks. In terms of napkin rings, you can go for simple and elegant models that match the style of the person you are giving the tapas board to as a gift. Good luck putting together a beautiful gift!



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