Surprising Drinks Board Inspiration for Every Occasion

Whether you're a seasoned hostess or just looking for new ideas for your next get-together, we've got you covered! In this blog post we share surprising drinks inspiration that is perfect for any occasion. Whether it's a get-together with friends or a special celebration, these suggestions will help you make an impression and enjoy delicious snacks. Sit back, relax and be inspired by our creative ideas!

Original ingredients and combinations

Looking for original ideas to take your drinks board to the next level? Discover here which surprising ingredients and flavor combinations will make your drinks evenings truly unique!

Exotic cheeses

  • Mimolette: This French cheese with its deep orange color and nutty flavor is a real eye-catcher.
  • Manchego: Originally from Spain, made from sheep's milk, with a slightly spicy taste and characteristic crust.

Artisanal meats

  • Iberico ham: A delicacy from Spain, the result of pigs eating mainly acorns, has a unique nutty flavor.
  • Coppa di Parma: An Italian dried ham, with a rich flavor and subtle herbs.

Original combinations

  • Date with blue cheese and walnut: The sweet date, salty cheese and crunchy walnut form a perfect combination of flavors and textures.
  • Serrano ham with fig jam: The salty ham in combination with the sweet fig jam creates a delicious flavor explosion.

Surprise your guests with these unique ingredients and tasty combinations that will make your drinks board a true culinary highlight!

Presentation and styling tips

In this blog post we share valuable tips and tricks to present your drinks board in a creative and attractive way. Discover how the right styling can impress your guests and create an unforgettable experience for any occasion.

Choose the right materials

  • Wooden serving board: Use a wooden serving board as a base for your drinks board. The natural material adds a rustic look and is perfect for serving cheese, meats and other treats.
  • Marble serving bowl: Add a touch of elegance to your drinks board with a marble serving bowl for presenting olives, dips and nuts.

Vary the colors and textures

  • Cheese and charcuterie: Combine different types of cheeses and meats with various colors and textures for a visually appealing presentation.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables: Add colorful fresh fruits and vegetables to your snack board for a fresh and tasty touch.

Create height and depth

  • Cheese bell: Place a cheese dome in the middle of the snack board and stack cheeses and crackers around it for a playful effect and to create different heights.
  • Mini serving baskets: Use small serving baskets or bowls filled with nuts or dried fruit to add depth to your drinks board.

Combine with decorative elements

  • Fresh herbs: Garnish your snack board with fresh herbs such as parsley, basil or thyme for an aromatic and decorative touch.
  • Edible flowers: Add edible flowers to your drinks board for a colorful and elegant presentation.

Use crockery and cutlery

  • Cheese knife set: Invest in a high-quality cheese knife set for cutting and serving cheeses on your snack board.
  • Cocktail sticks: Use cocktail sticks with cheerful decorations or colors to easily pick up and present snacks.

With these tips and tricks you can transform your drinks board into a beautiful eye-catcher that not only offers delicious flavors, but also a feast for the eyes. Experiment with different presentation styles and unleash your creativity for an unforgettable experience!

Drinks and pairing suggestions

When organizing a drinks party, choosing the right drinks is just as important as serving delicious snacks. By creating the perfect pairing, you not only enhance the flavors, but also provide an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Wine and cheese: a classic combination

  • Red wine with hard cheese: A full-bodied red wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon goes perfectly with a spicy Cheddar or Gouda cheese.
  • White wine with soft cheese: Try a fresh Sauvignon Blanc with a creamy Brie or Camembert for a delicious taste sensation.
  • Rosé with goat cheese: A fruity rosé is an ideal match with soft, mild goat cheese.

Beer and bitterballen: a match made in heaven

  • Pilsner with classic bitterballen: A cold glass of lager forms an excellent combination with the savory taste of a traditional bitterbal.
  • IPA with spicy bitterballen: The hoppy taste of an India Pale Ale comes into its own next to a spicy variant such as a goulash bitterball.

Cocktails and finger food: a festive fusion

  • Mojito with bruschetta: The fresh taste of a Mojito is a surprisingly good match with the crispy bruschetta with tomato and basil.
  • Gin and tonic with sushi rolls: A refined gin and tonic goes perfectly with the elegant flavors of sushi rolls with salmon or avocado.

Choose your drinks carefully and experiment with different combinations to find the ideal pairing for your next get-together!

Budget-friendly options and variations

Putting together a tasty snack board does not have to be expensive. With a combination of smart choices and high-quality ingredients, you can create a delicious snack without raiding your bank account. Here are some tips and examples to get you started:

Select affordable basic ingredients

  • Cheese: Choose affordable but tasty cheeses such as young cheese, mature cheese or goat cheese from brands such as Old Amsterdam, Maaslander or Bettinehoeve.
  • Meats: Opt for cheaper meats such as cervelate, chicken fillet or salami from, for example, Stegeman, Linera or Casa Italia.
  • Crackers and bread: Go for affordable crackers and baguettes from supermarkets' own brands or house brands such as AH Basic or Jumbo house brand.

Add variety with affordable delicacies

  • Tapenades: Choose tasty tapenades from the supermarket's own brand or from well-known brands such as Smaak, Zonnatura or De Nieuwe Band.
  • Nuts: Mix cashew nuts, walnuts and almonds for an affordable and healthy addition to your snack board. Think of brands such as Raw Organic, De Notenshop or Dille & Kamille.

Save on drinks

  • Wine: Go for house wines from the supermarket or opt for wines from the lowest price range from well-known brands such as Yellow Tail, Jacob's Creek or Hardys.
  • Beer: Opt for affordable pilsners from major breweries such as Heineken, Grolsch or Jupiler.

Use seasonal and local products

  • Fruits and vegetables: Select seasonal fruits and vegetables from the market or local farmers for an affordable and fresh addition to your snack board.

In summary, with a smart approach and selecting affordable, good-quality options, you can create a delicious and varied drinks board that fits any budget. Enjoy putting together and sharing this tasty creation with your friends and family!

Cheers to endless possibilities

Sure! It is important to consider the right ingredients, presentation, drinks and budget when putting together a surprising drinks board for any occasion. Hopefully this post has given you enough inspiration and practical tips to put together your perfect drinks board! Have fun and enjoy it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you ensure that everyone can enjoy the drink, including vegetarians and people with food allergies?

To ensure that everyone can enjoy the snack board, including vegetarians and people with food allergies, it is important to offer a varied and allergy-friendly selection of snacks. For vegetarians, for example, you can opt for vegetable sticks with hummus, olives, cheese cubes or nut mix. For people with food allergies, it is good to take the specific allergies into account and offer alternatives, such as gluten-free crackers, lactose-free cheese or nut-free options. This way you ensure that everyone feels welcome and can enjoy the drinks platter.

Are there specific tips for creating a thematic drinks board for a party or picnic, for example?

Naturally! When creating a thematic drinks board for a party or picnic, there are a number of tips you can follow.

  1. Choose a theme: First think about which theme you want to use, for example Mediterranean, Mexican, or a cheese and wine table.
  2. Diversity: Provide a variety of flavors, textures and colors on the drinks platter. Think of different cheeses, meats, nuts, fruit, dips and crackers.
  3. Presentation: Arrange the ingredients in an attractive manner on the board. For example, alternate round cheeses with straight pieces of meat and place some berries or grapes for a colorful effect.
  4. Combinations: Think about which ingredients go well together and which flavors complement each other. For example, cheese with jam, cold cuts with pickles, or nuts with dried fruit.
  5. Additions: Add some extras such as olives, dried figs, honey or hummus to complete the snack board.

With these tips, your thematic drinks board will certainly be a success at your party or picnic! Have fun making it!

Which special ingredients can be added to a unique snack board?

There are several special ingredients that you can add to a unique snack board. Consider, for example, truffle cheese, olives marinated in herb oil, good quality chorizo, fig jam, goat cheese with honey and walnuts, and artichoke hearts. These ingredients can give your snack board an extra special twist and provide a surprising taste experience. Have fun putting together your unique drinks board!

Which drinks are best combined with the various snacks on a snack board?

For a snack board with various snacks, it is best to combine different drinks to bring out the flavors. For example, light, fresh white wines such as sauvignon blanc or chardonnay go well with soft cheeses, fish and vegetable snacks. Red wines such as merlot or pinot noir go well with firmer cheeses, meats and tapenades. In addition, beer, prosecco or cava are also good choices for a drinks board, depending on the preferences of you and your guests. The most important thing is to enjoy and experiment with different combinations!

What are original ways to present fruit and vegetables on a snack board?

You can present fruit and vegetables on a snack board in various creative ways to make a festive impression. Here are a few original ideas:

  1. Make vegetable skewers with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and carrot. Present them upright in a glass or a nice container filled with hummus or yogurt dip.
  2. Create a colorful rainbow board with a mix of different cut vegetables such as radishes, yellow peppers, purple carrots and green broccoli.
  3. Make fruit flowers by threading strawberries, kiwi and grapes onto skewers and placing them in a circle on the snack board.
  4. Serve cut fruits and vegetables in small glasses or mini bowls so that your guests can easily enjoy the different flavors.

By experimenting with these original presentations, you give your drinks board a unique and festive look! Have fun decorating your next drinks board!

How can you put together a drinks board that is suitable for different occasions?

To put together a drinks board that is suitable for different occasions, it is best to find a good balance between different flavors, textures and colors. Make sure you put a mix of cheese, meats, nuts, fruit, dips and crackers or sandwiches on the board. Choose various types of cheese such as soft brie, spicy blue cheese and mild goat cheese. Vary with meats such as salami, ham and roast beef. Add some sweet elements such as grapes, figs or dried apricots. And don't forget to add some crunchy elements such as walnuts, almonds or mixed nuts. With this mix of flavors and textures you ensure that your drinks board is suitable for every occasion! Have fun putting together!

Which combinations of cheese, meats and dips make for a surprising snack board?

For a surprising snack board you can use a combination of different types of cheese, meats and dips. For example, consider a mix of soft and hard cheeses such as brie, goat cheese and aged cheese. Add different meats such as salami, prosciutto and chorizo. For dipping sauces you can think of grape jam, honey mustard sauce and a creamy truffle mayonnaise. By varying flavors and textures, your drinks board will certainly surprise your guests! Have fun putting together your drinks board!



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