How do you surprise someone with a Borrelbox gift?

In this step-by-step guide you will discover how to surprise someone with a Borrelbox gift. Learn how to put together and present this unique gift to create a special moment.


Choose the right drinks box

Choose a drinks box that suits the taste and preferences of the recipient. Note the different types of snacks, drinks and other treats included in the box. Verify that the content matches what the recipient likes and surprise them with a tasty selection.


Personalize the content

  • Choose the recipient's favorite snacks and add them to the Drinks Box.
  • Write a handwritten card with a personal message.
  • Add other small gifts, such as a flower or small gift.
  • Pack everything carefully and surprise the recipient with a unique and personal drinks box!

Pack the drinks box nicely

Ensure a festive presentation by packaging the Borrelbox beautifully. Use ribbons, stickers or other decorative elements to make the gift attractive. Choose colors and designs that match the theme of the occasion. Finish with a bow or a personal card for an extra special touch.


Choose a suitable moment

Choose a special occasion to give the Borrelbox as a gift, such as a birthday, anniversary or just to surprise someone. Search the website for the Borrelbox that best suits the occasion and add it to your shopping cart. Then fill in the required details during the checkout process and have the surprise delivered at the right time. Don't forget to add a personal message to make your gift extra special! Have fun giving this wonderful surprise!


Give the Borrelbox personally

Make eye contact while handing over the drinks box and give a sincere smile. Say something personal or a compliment to make the recipient feel special. Ask them if they would like to try a favorite snack right away and enjoy the reaction together. Take some time to admire the gift and show interest in their opinion.


Enjoy the content together

Invite the recipient to enjoy the contents of the Borrelbox together. Toast the special moment and make it a fun get-together. Pour the drinks, hand out the snacks and enjoy the delicious flavors together. Don't forget to let each other know what your favorite aspects of the Borrelbox are!


Show gratitude

Let the recipient know how much you appreciate their presence. Tell them in person how much they mean to you and how grateful you are that they are a part of your life. This can be done with a heartfelt conversation, a handwritten card, or a thoughtful gesture that reflects their favorite things. Express your gratitude in a way that suits you and the recipient, and let them feel how special they are to you.


Surprise with extras

Add surprises to the Borrelbox. Think of small gifts, flowers or other extras that make the surprise even more special. This way you can really surprise the recipient and put a smile on his/her face. Don't forget to package and present the extras carefully.


Make memories

Make memories

Enjoy the moment and make lasting memories with the recipient. Cherish this special time together.

  1. Have a picnic together in the park and share tasty snacks while enjoying the nature around you.
  2. Make a photo book of your shared memories and have it printed to keep.
  3. Plan a day trip to a historic city and discover new places and cultures together.
  4. Choose a creative activity such as painting or cooking and create something unique together that you will always remember.

Ask for feedback

Ask the recipient what he or she thought of the Borrelbox and how you can make the gift even better in the future.

Request feedback about the Borrelbox by sending a message asking how the recipient experienced the gift. Ask specifically what was good and what could be improved. Let the recipient know that his or her opinion is valuable for future gifts. Thank the recipient for his or her feedback!

An unforgettable gift

With this guide you now know how to surprise someone in a unique and personal way with a Borrelbox gift. Create unforgettable moments and show your appreciation for your loved ones! Have fun putting together and giving this special gift!

Required tools and materials

  • Drinks box of your choice
  • Various snacks
  • Drinks
  • Decorative ribbons or rope
  • Gift tags
  • Suitable packaging material (box, basket, etc.)
  • Any additional gifts
  • Camera or phone for photos
  • Notebook
  • Feedback form

Helpful suggestions for you

  • Choose a drinks box that suits the taste of the recipient, such as a cheese board, tapas box or cocktail box
  • Add a personal message to the gift to make it extra special
  • Think of nice extras such as a candle, flowers or a fun card game to complete the experience
  • Have the Borrelbox delivered on a special day, such as a birthday or anniversary, for an extra surprise effect
  • Plan a virtual drink with the recipient to enjoy the contents of the Drink Box together
  • Take photos of the moment the Borrelbox is opened and share them with the giver as a thank you
  • Don't forget to inquire about any dietary requirements or allergies of the recipient, so that you can choose a suitable Drinks box

How do you use a Borrelbox gift?

  • Choose a suitable occasion to give the Borrelbox as a gift, such as a birthday, housewarming or anniversary
  • Look at the contents of the Drinks box and create a cozy setting with matching glasses, napkins and possibly candles
  • Let the recipient enjoy the delicacies in the Borrelbox by presenting them on a beautiful platter and possibly serving some extra snacks.
  • Make the gift personal by adding a handwritten card with a nice message
  • Don't forget to toast the recipient's happiness and enjoy the Borrelbox together! Have fun!

Frequently asked questions about Borrelbox gift

Can special dietary requirements be submitted for a Borrelbox gift?

Yes, most providers of Borrelboxen allow you to submit special dietary requirements. Think of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free. It is important to communicate these dietary requirements in a timely manner when ordering, so that the provider can take this into account when putting together the Borrelbox. This way the recipient can fully enjoy the gift without dietary restrictions coming into play. Have fun choosing the perfect drinks box!

Is a Borrelbox gift suitable as a company gift?

Yes, a Borrelbox gift is certainly suitable as a company gift! It is a versatile and popular gift that is perfect for a variety of occasions, including as a corporate gift. With a Borrelbox you give a range of delicious snacks and drinks as a gift, which is appreciated by many people. Moreover, it is an original and tasteful gift that will certainly be appreciated by the recipient. So yes, a Borrelbox gift is certainly a good choice as a company gift!

Which occasions are suitable for giving a Borrelbox as a gift?

Naturally! A Borrelbox gift is suitable for various occasions, such as birthdays, housewarmings, anniversaries, holidays, or simply as a thank you. It is a versatile and tasty gift that will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys a nice drink. So whether you want to surprise someone or enjoy a Borrelbox yourself, it is an ideal gift for many moments!

What kind of treats are usually included in a Borrelbox gift?

In a Borrelbox gift you will usually find delicious treats such as cheese, sausage, olives, various dips, nuts, crackers and sometimes chocolate or dried fruit. It may vary depending on the specific composition of the Borrelbox, but these are some common treats you can expect!

How far in advance should a Borrelbox gift be ordered?

A Borrelbox gift usually must be ordered at least a few days in advance, depending on the supplier. Some suppliers have a minimum order time of 1-2 days, while others may require a little longer. It is wise to check the supplier's specific ordering instructions to ensure that you can give your Borrelbox as a gift on time!

What are the costs for a standard Borrelbox gift?

The costs for a standard Borrelbox gift can vary depending on the provider and what it contains. On average, the costs are between 20 and 40 euros. It is advisable to check with the specific seller or website for the exact price of the Borrelbox you have in mind.

Are there options to have a Borrelbox gift delivered on a specific date?

Yes, many companies that offer Drink Boxes offer the option to choose a specific delivery date when ordering. It is therefore certainly possible to have a Borrelbox gift delivered on a specific date. It is advisable to check the details and availability with the specific provider where you want to order the Borrelbox. Have fun giving this tasty gift!

Are there luxury variants of the Borrelbox gift available?

Yes, there are certainly luxurious variants of the Borrelbox gift available! These variants may contain extras such as fine cheeses, premium meats, luxury nuts and exclusive wines. Perfect for a special occasion or to really spoil someone. You can often find them at specialty delicatessens or online gourmet stores. Have fun choosing the perfect luxury drinks box gift!

Do companies often offer a discount when ordering multiple Borrelbox gifts?

Yes, many companies indeed offer a discount when ordering multiple Borrelbox gifts. This may vary depending on the company and the quantity of Boxes you order. It is common for companies to offer volume discounts, so the more drinks boxes you order, the higher the discount per box can be. It is always wise to inquire about any discounts that are available before placing a large order.

What is a Borrelbox gift?

A Drinks Box gift is a composed box with different types of snacks and drinks, perfect for a nice drink at home or to give as a gift to someone else. This box can contain various snacks such as cheese, meats, olives, nuts and dips, and often also a bottle of wine, beer or soft drink. It's a fun and tasty way to enjoy a drink!

Is a Borrelbox gift delivered beautifully packaged?

Yes, a Borrelbox gift is usually delivered beautifully packaged. Most companies that offer Drink Boxes as gifts take great care in the presentation. The box is often beautifully wrapped with festive paper or ribbons, so that it is a really nice gift to receive. It can of course vary per supplier, so it doesn't hurt to inquire, just to be sure, how exactly the Borrelbox is packaged at the specific supplier you are interested in.

Can a Borrelbox gift be personalized?

Yes, a drinks box can often be personalized! Many companies offer the option to add a personal message or logo to the Borrelbox. In addition, you can sometimes choose or adjust the contents of the Borrelbox yourself, depending on your preferences and budget. It is always good to check the specific options with the relevant supplier.



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