What are suitable drinks to give as a gift with a drinks basket?

Choosing a suitable gift for a drinks basket can sometimes be difficult, but with the right drinks it suddenly becomes a lot easier and more personal! In this blog post we would like to share with you which drinks go perfectly with a drinks basket and how you can give an unforgettable gift with them. So sit back, relax and discover which delicious drinks will make your drinks basket a guaranteed success. Enjoy reading!

Wine as the perfect gift for a drinks basket

Wine is a timeless choice when it comes to putting together a drinks basket. Whether you are looking for a delicious red, white or rosé wine, there are countless options to surprise the recipient. Here are some tips and suggestions for choosing the right wine for your drinks basket:

Types of wines to consider

  • Red wine:
    • Examples:
    • Château Margaux 2015
    • La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904
  • White wine:
    • Examples:
    • Chardonnay – Domaine Leflaive
    • Riesling – Dr. Loosen
  • Red wine:
    • Examples:
    • Whispering Angel Rose
    • Miraval Rose

Tips for choosing the right wine

  • Consider the taste preferences of the recipient.
  • Choose a quality wine from a renowned winery.
  • Consider selecting a wine with a special flavor or story.

Why wine is a great gift

  • Wine is versatile and suits different dishes and occasions.
  • It is a gift that will last and can be shared.

Look for top-quality wines that suit the taste buds of the person for whom you are putting together the drinks basket. Make an informed choice and add a touch of elegance and enjoyment to the gift!


If you're considering expanding your offering and making it more appealing to beer lovers, adding craft beer is a proven strategy. Special beer is gaining popularity and offers a unique taste experience that far exceeds standard lagers. Here are some reasons why adding craft beer can be a smart move for your business:

Craft beers for a unique taste experience

One of the main reasons for the popularity of craft beer is the diversity of flavors and styles it offers. By adding craft beers to your range, you can offer your customers a unique taste experience that they will not easily find elsewhere.

Some popular craft beer styles that are popular with beer lovers include:

  • IPA (India Pale Ale): Characteristic for its hoppy taste and aroma.
  • Naughty: Think of full, dark beers with a roasted taste.
  • Triple: A Belgian classic with a powerful character and sweet notes.

Mix of local breweries for a regional touch

Adding a mix of beers from local breweries can make your offer even more attractive. Customers are often looking for beers with a local character, as this creates a sense of connection with the region.

Some examples of local breweries known for their high-quality and tasty beers are:

  • De Leckere Brewery: Famous for their organic and sustainable beers.
  • Brewery 't IJ: Located in Amsterdam and known for their diverse range.

With a mix of craft beers and breweries you can create a unique and attractive beer range that appeals to a wide audience. Spoil your customers with flavors they will love and remember.


A drinks basket is a great gift idea for all kinds of occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries and Christmas parties. To give a drinks basket that extra touch of luxury, adding a bottle of spirits such as whisky, rum, gin or another favorite of the recipient is an excellent idea.

Why choose Spirits in a Drinks Basket?

  • Luxurious appearance: A beautiful bottle of spirits immediately adds a feeling of luxury to the drinks basket and makes the gift extra special.
  • Personal touch: Choosing the recipient's favorite drink shows attention to detail and shows that you put effort into selecting a gift that suits them.
  • Versatility: Spirits can be enjoyed neat or used as a base for delicious cocktails, allowing the recipient to enjoy the gift in different ways.

Popular Brands and Products

In the range of spirits there are some brands and products that often emerge as favorites. Here are some examples:

  • Whiskey:
    • The Glenlivet 12 Years: A classic single malt Scotch whiskey with soft and fruity notes.
    • Jack Daniel's Old No. 7: An iconic American whiskey with a rich flavor and subtle smokiness.
  • Rum:
    • Havana Club Añejo Especial: A Cuban rum with a soft taste and sweet hints of vanilla and caramel.
    • Mount Gay Eclipse: A Barbados rum with a complex mix of spicy and fruity flavors.
  • Gin:
    • Tanqueray London Dry Gin: A classic gin with a refined balance of juniper berries, citrus and herbs.
    • Hendrick's Gin: A Scottish gin with floral notes and a distinctive cucumber flavour.

Which Spirits Suits the Recipient?

When choosing the perfect bottle of spirits for a drinks basket, it is important to consider the recipient's taste preferences. Here are some tips to help you choose:

  • Whiskey lovers: Go for a single malt Scotch whiskey like The Macallan 12 Years or Glenfiddich 15 Years for an elegant and rich taste experience.
  • Rum fans: Choose a premium rum such as Zacapa Centenario 23 or Appleton Estate 12 Years for a complex and warming drinking experience.
  • Gin lovers: Select a gin with a twist such as Monkey 47 or Bombay Sapphire East for a surprising and refreshing taste experience.

With the right choice of spirits in a drinks basket you can create a gift that is not only luxurious but also personal and tailor-made for the recipient. Cheers! 🥃

Soft drinks and juices

In a world where choices are plentiful, selecting the right soft drinks and juices for your event is crucial. Whether it's a party, gathering or just an everyday treat, the possibilities can be overwhelming. In this section we will look at a diverse selection of soft drinks and juices to meet the needs of non-alcoholic drinkers.

Craft Soft Drinks: A Tasty Option

Craft soft drinks offer a unique and refined taste experience that cannot be matched by standard soft drinks. Here are some examples of craft sodas that are sure to surprise your guests:

  • Fentimans Curiosity Cola: A craft cola with a rich and complex taste.
  • Luscombe Elderflower Bubbly: A refreshing soft drink based on organic elderflower.
  • Franklin & Sons Ginger Beer: A spicy and lively ginger lemonade that is perfect for lovers of a little spice.

Organic Juices: Pure Pleasure in a Glass

For those who prefer a healthy and natural option, organic juices are an excellent choice. Here are some organic juices that are sure to please:

  • Apple juice from Schulp: Made from fresh, organic apples for a pure and refreshing taste.
  • Rhubarb juice from Sapp: A unique taste experience with the fresh and sour taste of organic rhubarb.
  • Carrot-ginger juice from Naturfrisk: A delicious combination of organic carrots and ginger for an invigorating experience.

This varied range of artisanal soft drinks and organic juices will certainly delight your guests. Whether for a refined tasting or simply to quench your thirst, these drinks offer something for everyone. Let your event brighten and refresh with these delicious options for non-alcoholic drinkers.

Recommendations for drinks baskets

That's completely right! By adding a mix of different drinks, you make the drinks basket extra special and personal. Don't forget to keep the recipient's taste preferences in mind for a successful gift! Have fun putting together your perfect drinks basket.

Frequently asked questions about the Drinks Basket

Are there specific drinks that go well with certain dishes in a drinks basket?

Yes, there are certainly specific drinks that go well with certain dishes in a drinks basket. For example, if you serve cheese, red wine, white wine or beer go well with it. For meats such as salami or prosciutto, you can opt for red wine or beer. If you go for fish, white wine or a light beer is often better. Also remember that soft drinks and juices are good options for non-alcoholic drinkers. It's always fun to experiment and discover which combinations best suit your drinks basket! Do you have specific dishes in mind? I can help you with more advice if you want.

Are there alcohol-free alternatives that are suitable for a drinks basket gift?

Yes, there are certainly alcohol-free alternatives that are suitable for a drinks basket gift! Consider, for example, non-alcoholic sparkling wine, non-alcoholic beer, artisanal soft drinks, mocktail mixes or luxury fruit juices. This way you can still enjoy a festive drinks basket without alcohol. Good luck putting together the perfect basket!

How do you choose the right mix of drinks for a drinks basket, depending on the occasion?

When choosing the right mix of drinks for a drinks basket, it is useful to take the occasion into account. For example, at an informal drink with friends you can include different types of beer, wine and soft drinks. For a fancier event, consider a mix of champagne, white and red wine, and perhaps some spirits such as gin or rum. Always make sure you keep your guests' preferences in mind and provide enough variety so that there is something for everyone. Have fun putting together your drinks basket!

How can you make the presentation of the drinks in the drinks basket extra special?

A nice way to make the presentation of drinks in the drinks basket extra special is by adding fresh fruit or herbs. For example, you can add lemon or lime slices to bottles of water or soda, or fresh mint leaves to cocktails. This not only looks beautiful, but can also add a subtle flavor to the drinks. You can also choose beautiful glasses or drinking cups to suit the occasion. These small extra details can really take the presentation of the drinks in the drinks basket to a higher level and give it a festive touch. Have fun creating a special drink presentation!

Which brands or special types of drinks are often appreciated as gifts in a drinks basket?

Good choices for drinks that are often appreciated as gifts in a drinks basket include brands such as Hendrick's Gin, Chivas Regal whisky, Moët & Chandon champagne, and special types such as craft regional beers, liqueurs or exclusive wines. Make sure that the drinks suit the taste of the recipient and festive occasion. Enjoy putting together your perfect drinks basket!

What types of drinks are popular to give as gifts in a drinks basket?

In a drinks basket, people often give popular drinks such as wine, champagne, beer, and spirits such as whisky, rum or liqueur. These drinks are all loved by different types of people and create a festive atmosphere during drinks. It is therefore a good choice to give a mix of these different types of drinks in a drinks basket as a gift. Have fun putting together the perfect drinks basket!

Are there certain trends in the field of drinks baskets and associated drinks that we should keep an eye on?

Yes, there are certainly trends in drinks baskets and drinks that are very popular at the moment. For example, you see that drinks baskets with local and artisanal products are increasingly popular. Furthermore, there is a growing interest in sustainable and organic drinks, such as organic wines and beers. Plant-based alternatives to traditional snacks are also gaining popularity. In short, it is definitely worth keeping an eye on these trends if you are looking for inspiration for your drinks baskets and drinks range.



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