How do you ensure that a snack board is suitable for vegetarians?

To make a snack board suitable for vegetarians, start by selecting a variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese and dips. Make sure there are plenty of options and that all ingredients are meat-free. Present the board attractively and varied, so that both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can enjoy it. Remember to use separate knives and bowls for meats and vegetarian options to avoid cross-contamination. This is how you make a perfect vegetarian snack board to pamper and surprise your guests!


Choose vegetarian cheeses and spreads

Choose a variety of vegetarian cheeses and spreads for a tasty option during your meals or snacks. Go for goat cheese, brie, hummus and tapenades to discover and combine different flavors. Buy these cheeses and spreads at your local supermarket or specialty store and make sure they are clearly labeled as vegetarian. Try different brands and varieties to find your favorites and be creative in combining them with crackers, bread or vegetables, for example. Enjoy the delicious flavors and discover new favorites in your vegetarian cheese and spread range!


Add nuts and dried fruit

Mix a variety of nuts, such as almonds, walnuts and a ready-made nut mix, in a bowl. Then add dried fruit, such as chopped apricots and figs. Stir everything well so that the nuts and dried fruit are evenly distributed. To help the added ingredients mix even better, shake the bowl slightly back and forth. Make sure the nuts and dried fruit are well distributed so you get a delicious mix of flavors and textures in every bite. Let the mix blend and become delicious!


Fresh vegetables and dips

Cut a variety of fresh vegetables into thin strips and slices. Think carrots, cucumbers, peppers and cherry tomatoes for a colorful mix. Make sure the vegetables can be dipped easily. Divide them over a nice bowl.

Serve the fresh vegetables with various tasty dips. Make a bowl of tzatziki by mixing cucumber, yogurt, garlic and herbs. Also make a delicious guacamole with mashed avocado, tomato, onion, lime juice and coriander. Place the dips in separate containers next to the vegetables for a tasty and healthy treat. Enjoy!


Meat substitutes and vegetarian meatballs

Add meat substitutes like veggie balls, falafel or seitan to add protein and flavor to the board. Place a variety of meat substitutes of your choice in small groups on the shelf. Make sure you have meat substitutes that offer different flavors and textures so your guests can enjoy a varied experience. Take the preparation method of the meat substitutes into account and make sure they are at room temperature before adding them to the board. Add them strategically among other elements on the board to create an inviting presentation and deliver a flavorful addition to your cheese and charcuterie board.


Crackers, bread and toast

Provide a variety of crackers, baguettes and toast to spread the cheeses and dips on. Place the crackers in a nice bowl and cut the baguette into thin slices. Toast the bread in the oven or toaster for a crispy texture. Be careful not to let the toast get too hard – a slightly toasted color is perfect. Present the different types of bread next to the cheeses and dips, so that everyone can easily put together their favorite combination. This way your guests can enjoy a delicious experience with different flavors and textures.


Additional additions

Add extra flavor to your dishes by considering adding olives, sun-dried tomatoes, honey and jam. Add a handful of olives to your salad for a salty kick and an extra crunch. Slice and add sun-dried tomatoes to your pasta for an intense and savory flavor. Drizzle some honey over your cheese board for a sweet and contrasting taste experience. Or spread some jam on your toast for breakfast for a fruity twist. Experiment with these additions to discover new and surprising flavor combinations!


Presentation and styling

Arrange all the elements nicely on the shelf for an inviting presentation that makes the vegetarian snacks attractive. Place the different snacks in strategic places so that they are clearly visible. Vary shapes and colors to create a visually appealing whole. Use small containers, bowls and separate cutlery to present the snacks individually. Add some greenery, such as herbs or edible flowers, for a fresh and tasty look. Make sure that the entire board is nicely laid out and looks inviting for a successful presentation of your vegetarian snacks.

Tips for a vegetarian snack board

In your conclusion you can emphasize that with a few simple adjustments a snack board can easily be made suitable for vegetarians. This way, all guests can enjoy a tasty and varied platter together, without having to make any compromises. Have fun putting together your vegetarian snack board and enjoy the culinary creations!


  • Vegetarian cheeses and spreads
  • Nuts and dried fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Dips
  • Meat substitutes and vegetarian meatballs
  • Crackers
  • Bread
  • Toast
  • Additional additions
  • Materials for serving (board, bowls, knives)
  • Decoration items (napkins, small plates, picks)

Useful tips for vegetarian platters

  • Vary with a mix of cheeses, such as brie, goat cheese and blue cheese
  • Add different types of nuts, such as walnuts, almonds and cashews
  • Use various dips and spreads, such as hummus, tzatziki or tapenade
  • Add different fruits such as grapes, strawberries and figs
  • Combine vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes with a tasty dip
  • Provide a variety of crackers, baguettes and toast as a basis for the snack board
  • Don't forget to add dried fruit, olives and different types of pesto for extra flavor
  • Experiment with vegetarian charcuterie options such as vegetarian pate, seitan or tempeh for a playful element on the snack board

Tips for putting together the perfect drinks board

  • Start by choosing a variety of cheeses, meats, nuts, fruits and dips to put on your appetizer board
  • Arrange the different snacks on a beautiful plate or wooden plank to create an attractive presentation
  • Add some fresh bread, toast or crackers to pair the snacks with
  • Don't forget to put down some extra napkins and small forks or skewers for easy picking up of the snacks
  • Enjoy your snacks with a nice glass of wine or another drink of your choice together with friends or family! Have fun!

Frequently asked questions about snacks

What are good combinations of snacks for a snack board?

There are several good combinations of snacks that you can put together for a varied and tasty snack board. For example, you can think of a mix of cheese and meats, such as aged cheese, brie, salami and Parma ham. You can also serve olives, nuts, grapes and pieces of baguette with various dips. Don't forget some small warm snacks, such as mini quiches, meatballs or puff pastry snacks. By offering a combination of different flavors and textures, you ensure that there is something for everyone on your drinks board. Have fun putting it together and enjoy the drinks!



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