Why a drinks board is the ideal gift

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Are you still looking for the perfect gift? A drinks board could be the ideal solution! In this blog post we dive into the reasons and benefits of giving a snack board as a gift. So, sit back, grab a bite and discover why a snack board is a great gift for any occasion. Enjoy reading!

Versatile serving boards as a perfect gift for any occasion

Suitable for every occasion

A drinks board is the perfect gift for friends, family and colleagues. Its versatile character makes it suitable for almost any occasion, whether birthdays, holidays or just a nice get-together.

Assortment of delicious snacks and drinks

The attractive thing about a drinks board is the range of delicious snacks and drinks it offers. Think of various cheeses, meats, nuts, olives, dips and crackers, combined with a bottle of wine or special beer. A real treat for the taste buds.

Practical examples

  • Brandt & Levie charcuterie: With their traditional and tasty meats you add an extra touch to every snack board.
  • Manchego cheese aged 12 months: This Spanish cheese with its characteristic taste will delight every cheese lover.
  • Scoop of pretzels: A crispy addition that fits perfectly with a snack board with savory snack options.

For every budget

Drink boards are available in different price ranges. Whether you have a modest budget or want to go all out, there is always a drinks board that suits your needs.

Create your own drinks board

Do you want to add a personal touch to your gift? Then consider putting together a drinks board yourself. Choose your favorite cheeses, meats and other delicacies and create a unique board that perfectly matches the recipient's taste preferences.

Durability and presentation

Invest in a beautiful serving board or drinks board to not only present the delicacies beautifully, but also to encourage sustainability. Choose a recycled wooden plank or a marble variant for a luxurious look.

A snack board is not just a gift; it is an experience of flavors, textures and conviviality. It is a gift that is suitable for any occasion and is guaranteed to be appreciated by friends, family or colleagues.

Atmosphere-enhancing and cozy

When organizing a meeting, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere is essential. A perfect way to achieve this is by serving a snack board, a versatile and popular option that brings people together. In this article we delve deeper into the benefits and practical aspects of using a drinks board to improve the atmosphere.

Share conviviality with a drink

A snack board is not just an assortment of tasty snacks, it is a statement of conviviality and togetherness. Sharing various delicacies on a beautifully presented board appeals to our senses and creates an informal and relaxed atmosphere. This leads to more interaction and connection between those present.

Choose the right ingredients

To create an inviting drinks platter, it is important to select the right ingredients. Think of a mix of different cheeses, meats, nuts, olives, spreads and fresh fruit. Here is a sample list of brands and products to consider:

  • Cheeses: Old Amsterdam, Manchego, Brie de Meaux
  • Meats: Iberico ham, Chorizo from Palacios, Salami Napoli
  • Nuts and fruits: Argan nuts, Medjoul dates, Royal dried apricots

Presentation is key

An attractive presentation of the drinks board contributes to the overall atmosphere. Choose a beautiful wooden plank or a stylish tray and decorate with fresh herbs and flowers for an extra touch. The visual impact not only enhances the dining experience, but also acts as a conversation piece.

Including drinks

A well-composed drinks board goes hand in hand with suitable drinks. Consider a selection of wines, beers, specialty beers or even mocktails for an alcohol-free alternative. Match the drinks to the flavors of the snacks to create a harmonious whole.


Using a serving board is not only a practical way to serve delicacies, but also serves as a powerful instrument to increase the conviviality and atmosphere of a meeting. By choosing high-quality ingredients, careful presentation and appropriate drinks, you can create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Pay attention to every detail and see how a simple shelf can make a big difference in the ambiance of your event.

Original and personal

Giving a drink board as a gift is not only original, but also shows a personal touch that the recipient will certainly appreciate. In this article we discuss how personalizing a drinks board with the recipient's favorite products can lead to a unique and memorable gift.

Creativity and attention to detail

A snack board is more than just a selection of tasty snacks. It is a symbol of conviviality, togetherness and enjoyment of good food. By giving a snack board as a gift, you show that you have paid attention to the taste preferences and interests of the recipient. It is a sign of creativity and a demonstration of care.

Personalization of favorite products

The secret of a successful personalized drinks board lies in choosing the right products. For example, think of the recipient's favorite cheeses, meats, dips, and other delicacies. By selecting products that match his or her taste preferences, you make the gift extra special.


  • Favorite cheese from [brand name]
  • Traditional meats from [brand name]
  • Organic olives from [brand name]
  • Artisan breads from [brand name]
  • Luxury chocolate from [brand name]

Unique and personal gift

By personalizing a drinks board with the recipient's favorite products, you create a unique and personal gift that cannot easily be matched. It shows that you have put the effort into putting together something special and that you really care about the person you are giving the gift to.

In short, a personalized drinks board is not only a feast for the taste buds, but also for the heart. Carefully composed and given with love, it is a gift that will be appreciated on any occasion. Make your next gift an unforgettable experience with a personal touch!

Hopefully this information will provide you with the inspiration you need to put together a memorable snack board as a gift. Give free rein to your creativity and put a smile on the recipient's face!


Sustainability and environmental friendliness are now essential aspects that we must all consider. Making conscious choices, even when giving gifts, can make a significant difference to the environment. In this blog we discuss how choosing a snack board as a gift is a sustainable option and how this contributes to a more environmentally friendly world.

Reusable snack boards

Using reusable serving boards is an excellent way to reduce waste and have a positive impact on the environment. Instead of disposable items that are thrown away after use, reusable boards can be used again and again, reducing the need for disposable products.

Example: Boska Cheesy Friends L

  • Made from sustainable wood
  • Compact size and handy for various snacks
  • Dishwasher safe

Example: Pure Wooden Drink Board XL

  • Handmade with love from recycled wood
  • Robust appearance and perfect for larger groups
  • Provided with natural oils for long-lasting use

Eco-friendly gift choice

A serving board as a gift is not only practical and versatile, but also an environmentally friendly choice. By giving a reusable snack board you not only give a nice gift, but you also encourage sustainability and conscious consumption.

Advantages of giving a snack:

  • Reduces waste through reuse
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly use of materials
  • Practical and stylish gift that will last a long time

Conclusion If you are looking for a gift that is both stylish and durable, definitely consider giving a reusable snack board. By making conscious choices, we can all have a positive impact on the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future.

In summary: The perfect choice for any occasion

In summary, a snack board is the perfect gift because of its versatility, coziness, originality and sustainability. Consider the benefits of a snack board when giving a gift and surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful and tasty gift.

Frequently asked questions about drinks board gifts

What are nice additions to a gift platter, such as accessories or drinks?

Nice additions to a snack board gift can include: different types of cheeses, cold cuts, olives, nuts, grapes, crackers, dips and baguette. As accessories you can think of nice cheese knives, serving boards, jars for dips, and a good bottle of wine or craft beer. It is important to find a good balance between the different flavors and textures for a successful snack experience. Have fun putting together your gift board!

On what occasions is it a good idea to give a snack board as a gift?

Giving a snack board as a gift is a good idea for various occasions, such as birthdays, housewarmings, holidays, anniversaries and as a thank you. It is a versatile and popular gift that is suitable for many people. It is a tasty and welcoming way to enjoy together and can create a festive atmosphere. It is also a handy gift for people who like to have drinks or enjoy good food.

How can you personalize a snack board gift to make it extra special?

To make a snack board gift extra special, you can personalize it in different ways. You can add the favorite cheeses, meats and snacks of the person you are giving the gift to. You can also select matching sauces, chutneys or honey to complement the flavors. Adding a card with a personal message or even the recipient's name can also make the gift extra special. Furthermore, you can enhance the presentation by combining different colors and textures on the shelf. This way you create a personalized drinks board that will certainly be appreciated!

What makes a snack board such a popular gift?

A serving board is a popular gift because of its versatility and coziness. It allows people to share different types of cheeses, meats, crackers, fruits and nuts, making it perfect for social gatherings. Moreover, putting together a beautiful drinks board is a creative process that meets the need for personalized gifts. It is a gift that is both delightful and visually appealing, making it loved by many.

How can you package a snack board as a gift in a festive way?

There are various ways to gift wrap a snack board in a festive way. You can first wrap the shelf in beautiful gift paper or wrap the whole thing in transparent foil for a luxurious look. Then you can decorate the shelf with ribbons, bows, Christmas decorations or even fresh herbs such as rosemary. You can also add a personal card with a nice message for the recipient. This way you can turn a snack board into a truly festive gift! Have fun packing!

What types of drinks boards are there and which one is most suitable as a gift?

There are different types of snack boards, such as cheese boards, charcuterie boards, fish boards and mixed appetizer boards with a combination of different delicacies. As a gift, a mixed platter is often a good choice, because it offers a varied selection of snacks and is suitable for different tastes. This way the recipient can enjoy a diverse and tasteful experience. Have fun choosing the perfect drinks board!

Which ingredients should absolutely not be missing from a drinks platter?

A few ingredients should absolutely not be missing from a snack board to guarantee a good balance and variation. Consider a selection of cheeses (such as brie, camembert, and a hard cheese), charcuterie (such as salami and serrano ham), olives, grapes, nuts, crackers or baguette, and possibly chutney or honey for some sweetness. You can of course vary the other ingredients as desired, but these basic items are often indispensable for a successful snack board. Have fun putting together and enjoying your drinks board!



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