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Welcome to our blog post about the top drink packages to send! Are you looking for an original gift for friends, family or business connections? In this post you will be introduced to unique and tasteful options that will give you that little bit extra to any occasion. Sit back, relax and be inspired by the wonderful world of drink packages!

Show appreciation with delicious treats

Drink packages are not only a collection of tasty snacks and drinks, but also a token of appreciation for the recipient. By sending carefully composed drink packages, you show that you appreciate the other person and pay attention to choosing the perfect treats.

Example: Tony's Chocolonely drinks package

  • Contents: Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bars in various flavors
  • Price: €25 per package
  • Effect: Recipients feel appreciated and enjoy fair trade chocolate

Create a festive atmosphere with a drinks package

A drinks package is like a mini party in a box. By combining a variety of treats, you immediately create a festive atmosphere. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or a sign of gratitude, a drinks package makes every occasion extra special.

Example: Gin and tonic drink package

  • Contents: Gin, tonic, garnish and glass
  • Price: €35 per package
  • Effect: Recipients experience a luxurious and festive atmosphere when receiving and consuming this package

Surprise with unique and tasty treats

Recipients are pleasantly surprised by the diversity and quality of delicacies in a drinks package. By choosing unique and high-quality products you show that you have made an effort to select something special.

Example: Cheese board drink package

  • Contents: Different types of cheeses, crackers, grapes, and a cheese knife
  • Price: €30 per package
  • Effect: Recipients are surprised by the quality and diversity of the cheeses, which provides a luxurious and tasty experience

Do you want to appreciate someone, create a festive atmosphere or surprise someone in a unique way? Then sending a drinks package is the ideal choice. Give free rein to your creativity and put together a package that perfectly suits the recipient and the occasion.

Top drinks packages for every occasion

Do you have a drink planned soon and do you want to surprise your guests with an extensive selection of delicacies? Then drink packages are the ideal solution! These curated packages offer a variety of flavors and products that are perfectly tailored to every occasion.

Luxury champagne and cheese boards

A traditional favorite among the drinks packages are the luxurious champagne and cheese boards. These contain high-quality cheeses from renowned brands such as “Burgundian Lifestyle” and “Fromagerie”, combined with refined champagne or prosecco, for example “Moët & Chandon” and “Laurent Perrier”.

  • Advantages:
    • Perfect for elegant gatherings and special occasions
    • Combination of soft cheeses and sparkling drinks provide a luxurious experience
    • Suitable for gourmets looking for refinement and exclusivity

Craft beer and snack combinations

For those who enjoy a more informal drink, the craft beer and snack combinations are a hit. Think of packages with specialty beers from local breweries such as "Brewery 't IJ" and "The mill", combined with savory snacks such as “BitesWeLove” and “The Swinckels Snacks”.

  • Advantages:
    • Suitable for informal drinks with friends and family
    • Variation of flavors and textures provide a dynamic taste experience
    • Ideal for lovers of craft beers and savory snacks

For each his own

Whether you opt for a luxurious champagne and cheese board or a craft beer and snack combination, there is something for everyone when it comes to drinks packages. Look for specific brands and products that match your taste and the atmosphere of your drink. Enjoy the convenience and quality that these curated packages offer, and make every drink an unforgettable experience!

Sustainable and local options

It's time to discover how you can make a difference by choosing sustainable and local drink packages. Not only do you give a unique gift, but you also contribute to a better world. In this blog you can read all about how you can make conscious choices and enjoy products that are good for you, the environment and the local community.

Sustainable options for conscious connoisseurs

Sustainability is an important aspect when choosing drinks packages. Choose products that are produced in an environmentally friendly and ethical manner. Think of:

  • Organic wines from local vineyards
  • Artisan cheeses from sustainable farms
  • Fairtrade nuts and olives
  • Environmentally friendly packaging, such as recycled cardboard

Local pride in a package

Supporting local producers is a great way to support the community and reduce your carbon footprint. For example, choose:

  • Local breweries that produce delicious specialty beers
  • Cheese dairies in the region that make artisanal cheeses
  • Farms with fresh vegetables and fruits for healthy snacks

Mouth-watering examples

  • 'The Green Enjoyer' drinks package: with organic wines, artisan cheeses and fair trade nuts.
  • 'Local Delicacies' package: with local specialty beers, cheese from the farm and freshly picked vegetables.
  • 'Sustainable Enjoyment' box: with environmentally friendly packaging, organic treats and local pride.

Make a difference with your choices

By choosing sustainable and local drink packages, you contribute to a better world. Consciously enjoy quality products and give something back to society. Make the choice for sustainability today and taste the taste of impact.

Tips for sending drinks packages

Drinks packages are a great way to show your appreciation, whether for a festive occasion or as a thank you gift. However, sending these packages requires some planning and care to ensure they arrive optimally and make the recipients happy. Here are some useful tips to help you send drinks packages:

Packaging and shipping options

  • Choose sturdy and durable packaging materials to ensure the package contents arrive safely.
  • Use insulation material to keep refrigerated items fresh during transport.
  • Consider sealing the package with a pretty sticker or ribbon for an extra festive look.

Personal messages

  • Add a personal message to each drinks package to make the recipient feel special.
  • Choose handwritten cards for a personal touch.
  • Use cheerful and colorful designs to make the message stand out.

Choosing the right supplier

  • Look for suppliers who have experience shipping drinks packages and check out their customer reviews.
  • Check whether the supplier offers various options for personalization and customization of the packages.
  • Compare prices and shipping costs to ensure you get a good deal without sacrificing quality.

Make sure that your drinks packages are put together and sent with care and attention, so that they leave a lasting impression on the recipients. With these tips you can create an unforgettable experience for those who receive your drinks packages.

A tasty ending


Do you want to surprise and spoil someone? Then carefully choose the perfect drinks packages based on the occasion and the person. Don't forget to consider sustainable and local options for a special touch.

Frequently asked questions about sending drinks packages

What are the most popular drinks packages to give as gifts?

The most popular drinks packages to give as gifts are often those with an assortment of cheese, meats, crackers, nuts and matching wines or beers. There are also drink packages with a mix of sweet and savory snacks, such as chocolate, dried fruit and olives. Of course, it depends on the preferences of the recipient, but these two options usually score well as a gift for a drinks party.

What are the price ranges of the different drinks packages?

Naturally! The price ranges of the different drinks packages may vary depending on the specific content and quality of the products. In general, the prices of drinks packages are between €20 and €50, but some more luxurious packages can also be more expensive. It is important to look at what exactly is included in the package and what your budget is when choosing a drinks package.

How can I send a drinks package to someone else?

To send a drinks package to someone else, you can choose to put together a drinks package online and order it from a specialized website or store. During the ordering process you can enter the recipient's delivery address so that the package is sent directly to that person. You can often also add a personal message to the package to make it extra special. Please remember to select the correct shipping method and any packaging options to ensure that the drinks package reaches the recipient safely and on time. Have fun sending the package!

What types of drinks packages are available to send?

There are many different types of drinks packages that you can send. Some popular options include cheese boards, charcuterie boards, beer packages, wine tastings and mixed snacks. Each package can be personalized to suit the recipient's wishes, whether it be vegetarian options, local specialties or luxury snacks. There is something for everyone when it comes to putting together the perfect drinks package to send.

Which delicacies are often included in a drinks package?

In a drinks package you will often find a mix of tasty delicacies such as different types of cheese, fine meats such as sausages and ham, olives, nuts, crackers and luxurious dips. It may also contain sweet treats such as chocolate, cookies or dried fruit. It is a delicious mix of different flavors and textures to enjoy during a nice drink!

Are there drinks packages that are suitable for special occasions?

Yes, there are certainly drinks packages that are suitable for special occasions. Many catering companies and online stores offer luxurious drinks packages that have been specially put together for festive occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or company parties. These packages often contain an assortment of exclusive snacks, drinks and decorations to make the party extra special. It is advisable to carefully review the description and contents of the package in advance to ensure that it suits your specific occasion.

Can the drinks packages be custom-made?

Yes, the drinks packages can be tailor-made. You can often choose from a range of different products and put together your own package. For example, think of different types of cheese, meats, nuts, and drinks. This way you can put together the perfect drinks package that suits your wishes and preferences.



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