Which packaging is suitable for sending a drinks package?

This step-by-step guide explains which packaging is suitable for sending a drinks package. The goal is to help you choose the right packaging to ensure that the package arrives safely to the recipient.


Choose the right box

Select a sturdy box that is large enough to properly contain all the items in the drinks package. Make sure the box is not too roomy to prevent the items from sliding around during transport. Here are a few steps to choose the right box:

  • Measure the dimensions of the items in the drinks package, such as bottles of wine, bags of nuts and pieces of cheese.
  • Choose a box that can accommodate all the items without being too tight or too roomy.
  • Check that the box is made of sturdy cardboard to provide adequate protection for the contents.
  • Don't forget to add padding material such as bubble wrap or padding granules to limit movement of the items.
  • Seal the box tightly with tape to ensure everything stays in place during transport.

As an example, if the bottles of wine are 30 cm long and the cheese and nuts require a total space of 20 x 20 cm, choose a box that measures at least 35 x 25 x 25 cm for sufficient space.


Protective materials

Use padding material such as bubble wrap or paper to protect the items in the drinks package from bumps and shocks during shipping. Make sure the items are packed securely in the padding material so that they cannot move within the packaging. Fill any empty spaces with additional padding material to ensure items stay in place and are well protected during transit. Also check that all fragile items are extra well packed and padded so that they arrive safely at their destination. Don't forget to seal and label the package properly before shipping.


Suitable packaging materials

Choose food-safe packaging materials. Check whether the materials you use are suitable for contact with food and meet food safety standards. For example, choose plastic bags and films that are resealable and that prevent perishable items from being exposed to the air. Sealable plastic bags are perfect for packaging foods such as cheese, meats or dips. Make sure the packaging is tight and airtight to maintain the freshness of the products. Pay attention to the expiration dates and store the drink packages at the correct temperature to prevent spoilage.



Make sure the box is clearly labeled with the correct shipping information. Write the recipient's name and address clearly and legibly on the box. Also add your own sender details to avoid any problems with delivery. Please include the desired delivery date and any specific instructions the recipient needs to know, such as “Fragile” or “Open Immediately”. This way, your drinks package will arrive at the right destination safely and on time.



Choose a reliable shipping method and make sure the drinks package is properly packed before sending it. For example, choose a reliable courier service if you want to send the package. Check whether the shipping method is suitable for fragile items, such as a drinks package. Wrap the package tightly with bubble wrap or other protective material to ensure that the items are not damaged during transportation. Please take the delivery date into account to ensure that the package arrives on time. Plan the sending of the drinks package so that it reaches the recipient on the desired date. Check with the chosen shipping service about their delivery schedule and choose a shipping option that suits your desired delivery date. This way you can be sure that the drinks package will be delivered on time and in good condition.



Regularly check the status of the shipment by logging into the carrier's tracking website. As soon as the drinks package has been delivered, inform the recipient immediately. Then ask for feedback on the condition the package arrived in so you can quickly resolve any issues.

Example: Log in to the carrier to check the delivery status. If you see that the drinks package has been delivered, send a message to the recipient to confirm this. Then kindly ask if everything has arrived in good condition and if they are satisfied with the package. This shows that you are involved in the delivery and helps to increase customer satisfaction.

Shipping considerations

In conclusion, it is essential to choose and package carefully to ensure that the drinks package arrives to the recipient safely and undamaged. By following the steps in this guide, you can ensure a successful shipment.

Items needed

  • Cardboard boxes in different sizes
  • Bubble bags, bubble wrap, foam flakes
  • Filling material such as wood wool, crepe paper
  • Tape, labels, shipping labels
  • Scale, shipping service
  • Follow-up application, telephone list of recipients

Useful advice

  • Choose sturdy and durable packaging to prevent breakage or damage to contents during transport
  • Pack the bottles with extra protection, such as air cushions or foam rubber, to prevent damage from impact
  • Use cardboard boxes of sufficient size to provide enough space for all items without being too tight
  • Add padding material, such as wood wool or paper scraps, to prevent items from shifting during transport
  • Make sure the packaging closes properly and is sturdy, preferably with strong tape to prevent the contents from falling out
  • Clearly label the package 'Fragile' and 'deliver within 24 hours' to clarify the instructions for handling by the delivery service

Instructions for sending a drinks package

  • Choose a suitable drinks package that suits the recipient(s) and the occasion
  • Don't forget to add a personal message to the drinks package
  • Select the recipient(s) address carefully and double-check it before shipping
  • Choose a reliable shipping option and ensure that the drinks package is properly packaged for transport
  • Send the drinks package on time, so that it reaches the recipient(s) on time. Have fun sending the drinks package!

Frequently asked questions about sending drinks packages

Which companies or websites offer the service of sending drinks packages?

There are several companies and websites that offer the service of sending drinks packages. Some popular options include:

  1. Firmabier.nl
  2. Brievenbusborrel.nl
  3. The Borrelboxer
  4. Drinks Experience
  5. The Borrelbox

These companies offer a range of drinks packages that can be sent to different addresses. It can be useful to visit the websites of these companies to see which offer best suits your needs. Have fun with your drink packages!

How long does it take to send a drinks package?

Sending a drinks package may differ depending on the delivery service and the destination. On average, sending a drinks package within the Netherlands usually takes 1 to 2 working days. For international shipments this may take longer depending on the destination country and the shipping method chosen. It is advisable to check with the specific delivery service for a more accurate estimate.

Is the drinks package carefully packaged to prevent damage during shipping?

Yes, the drinks package is carefully packaged to prevent damage during shipping. Our packaging teams pay great attention to shipping the products safely, so that they arrive to you in perfect condition.

Are there different sizes or price ranges available for drinks packages?

Yes, there are certainly different sizes and price ranges available for drinks packages. The price and size of a drinks package may vary depending on the content and quality of the products. For example, some packages contain luxury items and are therefore more expensive, while others are more basic and therefore cheaper. It is important to look at what best suits your preferences and budget.

Are there options for customization when putting together a drinks package?

Yes, there are certainly options for customization when putting together a drinks package. You can often choose from different options such as various snacks, drinks and packaging. By passing on your wishes and budget to the supplier, they can put together a tailor-made drinks package for you. It is always good to inquire in advance about the options and any additional costs. Have fun putting together your personalized drinks package!

What are the costs for sending a drinks package?

The costs for sending a drinks package vary depending on the weight, dimensions and destination of the package. On average, sending a drinks package within the Netherlands can cost between €5 and €10, depending on the shipping options chosen. For international shipments, costs may be higher. It is best to contact your chosen shipping service directly for an accurate quote based on your specific requirements.

Can you have a drinks package delivered on a specific date?

Yes, many shops and companies that sell drink packages offer the option to choose a specific delivery date. It is important to check this in advance with the relevant seller. This way you can ensure that the drinks package is delivered on the date you want. Good luck arranging your drinks package!

What is a drinks package?

A drinks package is a composed package with various delicacies and drinks that are intended to be enjoyed during a drink moment. These packages often contain a combination of cheese, sausage, nuts, dips, olives, and sometimes even a bottle of wine or beer. It is a fun and easy way to taste different flavors and share them with friends and family during a nice drink.

Are there any discounts or special offers for sending drinks packages?

Yes, some postal companies or online stores offer discounts or special offers for sending drinks packages. It is advisable to check the websites of different providers to see what discounts or deals are currently available. This way you can take advantage of any discount options when sending your drinks packages. Good luck!

Are there vegetarian or vegan options for drink packages?

Yes, there are certainly vegetarian and vegan options for drink packages! Many catering and deli companies offer special packages filled with delicious meat-free and animal product-free treats. These packages contain, for example, cheese, nuts, hummus, vegetable sticks, fruit and other vegan snacks. If you are looking for a drinks package without meat or animal products, there are certainly plenty of options available to choose from. Have fun with your drinks!

Are there special drinks packages for certain occasions?

Yes, there are certainly special drinks packages available for different occasions. At many stores and online providers you can find drinks packages that have been specially put together for birthdays, holidays such as Christmas or Valentine's Day, or even for specific theme evenings such as an Italian evening with matching snacks and drinks. It's a fun way to make your drink extra festive and appropriate for the occasion!

Which products are often included in a drinks package?

In a drinks package you will often find a mix of tasty and luxurious products that are suitable for a nice drink. Typical items include different types of cheese, cold cuts such as dry sausage or ham, olives, nuts, crackers, dips and perhaps even some sweets such as chocolate or cookies. Of course, a good bottle of wine, beer or soft drink cannot be missed. In short, a tasty and varied selection to enjoy during a drink!



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