How do you choose the right pen for a unique notebook?

This manual will guide you in choosing the suitable pen for your unique notebook. The goal is to ensure that the pen fits both the notebook and your writing needs.


Determine the use of the pen

  • First, think about the specific purpose of using the pen. Will you mainly be writing, drawing, marking or something else?
  • Consider the type of surface you will be using the pen on. Is it paper, cardboard, whiteboard or another material?
  • Consider whether the pen needs to be waterproof for possible outdoor use or for marking documents.
  • Choose the right type of ink based on your needs: for example, ballpoint pen, gel pen, felt-tip pen or marker.
  • If necessary, test different pens to find the most comfortable grip and flexibility for an optimal writing or drawing experience.

Choose the ink color

Determine which color ink you will use most often by considering your preferences and the purpose of your notebook. If you often jot down creative ideas or sketches, consider choosing a vibrant color such as red or blue for a playful effect. However, if you take a lot of business notes, a formal color such as black or dark blue may be more suitable.

Choose an ink color that suits your style and the purpose of the notebook. For example, if you use a notebook to keep track of your daily tasks and appointments, a calming color such as green or purple can help create a sense of calm and organization. So think carefully about how you will use your notes and choose an ink color that matches that. Have fun choosing the perfect ink color for your notebook!


Choose the type of point

Choose the type of point that suits your needs by deciding whether you want to use a fine point, medium point or thick point. The choice depends on your personal preference and writing style. If you want to write finely and in detail, choose a fine point. If you have an average writing style and want a versatile pen, go for a medium nib. Choose a thick point if you like to write in a larger font size or if you want a stronger line.

Think about how you usually write and what type of nib best suits your daily needs. If necessary, test a few different pens with different point thicknesses to see which one suits you best. This way you can make the right choice and enjoy a comfortable writing experience that matches your personal preferences.


Test the pen on paper

Take a blank piece of paper and hold the pen firmly. Start by making some short lines and circular motions to test how the ink reacts on the paper. Notice whether the ink flows evenly and smoothly across the paper without stuttering or clumping. Use different pressure levels as you write to test the consistency of the ink. This way you can determine whether the pen meets your writing needs and is suitable for use in your notebook.


Check the comfort

Pay attention to the comfort of the pen while writing. Check the grip and weight to see if it is comfortable to use for long periods of time. Grip the pen firmly and write a few sentences – feel if the grip is comfortable in your hand. Notice if the pen feels too heavy or too light. A good example of a comfortable pen is an ergonomic design with a soft grip, such as the Stabilo Easy Original. This pen is specially designed to provide long-lasting writing comfort thanks to its ergonomic shape and non-slip grip. Another point to pay attention to is the weight of the pen. Try a pen that is well balanced and does not feel too heavy when writing. An example of a pen with an ideal weight is the Pilot G2. The pen is light but sturdy, allowing you to effortlessly write long stretches of text without getting tired. Pay attention to these details to choose a pen that is comfortable for your writing needs.


Buy the pen and enjoy writing!

  • Choose the type of ink you prefer: Choose between ballpoint pen, fountain pen, rollerball pen or gel pen depending on your ink style preference and writing experience.
  • Determine the point size: Choose between fine, medium or thick depending on your handwriting and comfort level.
  • Test the pen: Try the pen on different types of paper to see how the ink reacts and how comfortable the grip is.
  • Consider the design: Choose a pen that matches the style and feel of your notebook to create a beautiful whole.
  • Compare prices and quality: Find a balance between cost-effectiveness and durability to find a pen that will last and write comfortably.

Make a smart choice

This conclusion sums up how to choose the perfect pen for your unique notebook. Follow the steps and enjoy writing with your new favorite pen. Have fun writing!

Required tools

  • Different types of pens
  • Notebook
  • Writing paper
  • Place to write comfortably
  • Possibly a loupe or magnifying glass (optional)
  • Money to purchase the pen

Useful tips

  • Choose a pen with the correct point size for your notebook. A fine point works well for detailed writing in a small book, while a coarser point works better for larger notes
  • Pay attention to the ink type of the pen. Some ink can bleed through thin paper, so choose a pen that is suitable for your notebook
  • Consider the type of pen you enjoy writing, such as a ballpoint pen, gel pen, fountain pen, or fineliner. Try different types to discover what suits you and your notebook best
  • Think about the design of the pen. Choose a pen that matches the unique design of your notebook in style and color for a harmonious whole
  • Test the balance and weight of the pen. A comfortable pen is essential for long-lasting writing pleasure, especially if you use your notebook regularly
  • Invest in a quality pen that lasts a long time and writes comfortably. It is worth investing in a good quality pen for an optimal writing experience in your unique notebook

How to use the unique notebook with pen

  • Start by opening the unique notebook and turning the first blank page
  • Take the pen that comes with the notebook and test whether it writes well
  • Write the date and subject of your notes at the top of the page
  • Then write down your thoughts, ideas or notes in the notebook
  • Close the notebook carefully after use to protect the pages and pen

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our exclusive notebooks with pen

Are the notebook pages of high quality?

Yes, the pages of the notebook are of high quality. They are made of thick, sturdy paper that resists ink and pencil well. This means that your notes will not fade quickly and will remain easy to read. This makes the notebook ideal for daily use and to store important information.

Is the notebook suitable for daily use?

Yes, the notebook is certainly suitable for daily use. It has sturdy covers and good quality pages, meaning it can withstand frequent use and will last a long time. Moreover, the format is convenient to take with you everywhere and take notes. In short, this notebook is an excellent choice for everyday use.

How many pages does the notebook have?

This notebook has 100 pages.

Are there different colors available for the notebook and pen?

Yes, different colors are available for both the notebook and the pen. Color options may vary depending on the brand and store you purchase them from. So it is possible to find a notebook and a pen in a color that suits your preferences. Have fun finding the perfect colors!

How big is the notebook?

The notebook is 15.2 cm by 20.3 cm.

What makes this notebook unique?

This notebook is unique because of the use of recycled paper for the pages and the sustainable cover that is made of eco-friendly material. It also has a handy storage pocket in the back and an elastic closure strap to keep everything in place. This combination of environmental friendliness and useful functions makes this notebook truly special!

Does the notebook have a closure to protect the pages?

Yes, the notebook has an elastic band, a magnetic closure or a Velcro closure to protect the pages and prevent them from being damaged. It provides extra security and ensures that the pages do not accidentally fall open or wrinkle when you transport or store the notebook.

Is the pen specially designed for this notebook?

No, the pen is not specifically designed for this notebook. It is important to choose a pen that writes well on the notebook paper, but there is usually no specific pen that is only suitable for one particular notebook. You can simply use a pen that writes smoothly and does not stain the paper of your notebook.

Is the pen that comes with the notebook refillable?

Yes, the pens that come with notebooks are usually refillable. However, this may vary by brand and model. So it's best to check the pen's specifications or contact the manufacturer to make sure the pen is refillable.

Is the pen comfortable to write with?

Yes, the pen is comfortable to write with thanks to the ergonomic grip and smooth writing mechanism.

Can the notebook be personalized with a name, for example?

Yes, the notebook can be personalized with a name, for example. This can often be done by means of, for example, foil stamping, printing or embroidery. It is always good to ask the seller exactly what options are available for personalizing the notebook to your wishes.

Is the notebook easy to carry in a bag or backpack?

Yes, the notebook is easy to carry in a bag or backpack. It has a convenient size and is lightweight, making it very portable. So you can take it with you anywhere without any problems, whether you are on the road or traveling.

What materials were used for the cover?

The cover of this book is made from recycled cardboard and printed with environmentally friendly soy oil-based ink.

Do the notebook and pen radiate a luxurious appearance?

Yes, the notebook and pen radiate a luxurious appearance. This is due to the use of high-quality materials, such as leather, metal or other luxurious finishes. The quality and stylish designs contribute to a luxurious appearance.

Are the notebook pages lined, squared, or blank?

The pages of the notebook are lined.



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