How do you put together a perfect drinks box?

Welcome to this blog post in which we show you how to put together a perfect Borrelbox. Whether you are planning an intimate get-together or celebrating a festive occasion, a Borrelbox is the way to spoil your guests with delicious snacks and drinks. Discover our tips and tricks here to create an unforgettable Drinks Box that will make everyone's mouth water!

What should go in it?

When putting together a successful Borrelbox, it is essential to find a good balance between different flavors, textures and drinks. Below are some elements that should not be missing in a high-quality drinks box.


  • Old Amsterdam – A classic that does not disappoint, with its spicy and full taste.
  • Manchego – A Spanish cheese with a characteristic sweet taste and creamy texture.
  • Brie de Meaux – Soft, creamy French cheese that goes perfectly with fruit and nuts.


  • Prosciutto di Parma – Top quality Italian meats, wonderfully soft and full of flavour.
  • Chorizo Iberico – Spicy Spanish sausage with a unique taste due to the use of paprika powder and garlic.
  • Coppa di Parma – Made from pork shoulder and lightly seasoned, a nice addition to any Borrelbox.


  • Hummus – With flavors such as classic, grilled pepper or lemon and coriander, always a surprising choice.
  • tzatziki – Fresh and creamy, perfect for dipping vegetables or bread.
  • Guacamole – Avocados, tomato, onion and lime juice; a soft and fresh dip that should not be missed.


  • Mixed nut mix – Variety of walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts for the right crunch.
  • Pistachios – Deliciously salty and with a unique taste, ideal for nibbling during drinks.
  • Roasted chickpeas – A healthy and crunchy option for the drinks box.


  • Prosecco – A sparkling Italian white wine that is always popular.
  • Special beers – Choose a mix of IPA, Blonde or Tripel to offer something for everyone.
  • Mocktails – Consider fruity options such as a virgin mojito or non-alcoholic gin and tonic for a refreshing alternative.

By carefully selecting and combining these elements, you create a drinks box that is guaranteed to be a success on any occasion. Don't forget to also play with presentation and decoration to complete the picture!

Presentation and layout

When putting together an attractive Drinks Box, it is not only about the content, but also about the presentation and layout. By playing with colors, shapes and textures you can take the presentation of the box to a higher level and leave an unforgettable impression on your guests.

To colour

  • Choose colors that match the theme of your Borrelbox. For example, if you put together a summer box, you can use fresh and cheerful colors such as yellow, green and blue.
  • Contrasting colors can create a vibrant and attractive appearance. Think of combinations such as red and white, blue and yellow, or green and purple.
  • Use colors that match the products in the box. For example, if you're offering cheese and grapes, a color palette with shades of yellow and purple would work well.


  • Play with different shapes to make the presentation more interesting. For example, use round containers for nuts, rectangular containers for dips, and triangular cutting boards for cheese.
  • Vary the height of the items in the Drinks Box by using elevations, such as small boxes, to create a layered effect and make the presentation more dynamic.


  • Combine different textures to stimulate the senses. Think crunchy nuts, soft cheese, and crusty baguette for a varied taste and texture experience.
  • Use tableware with different textures, such as earthenware, wood or glass, to give the presentation of the Borrelbox more depth and character.


  • Put together a drinks box with brands such as Landana Goat Cheese, Old Amsterdam Old Cheese and Milka Chocolate for a luxurious look.
  • Use tableware from Royal Doulton, Villeroy & Boch and IKEA for a stylish and varied presentation.

With these tips and examples you can transform your Borrelbox into a visual feast that not only tastes delicious, but is also a feast for the eyes. Give free rein to your creativity and surprise your guests with an unforgettable experience.

Why variety is important

A Borrelbox with a good mix of flavors and textures provides an ultimate taste experience. By adding variety, you offer your guests a surprising and inviting selection to enjoy. But why is variety in the Borrelbox so important?

  • Taste experience: By offering a variety of flavors, guests can tantalize their taste buds and really enjoy the snacks.
  • Interaction: A diverse selection encourages guests to experiment and discover new flavors, creating a lively atmosphere.
  • Dietary requirements: By offering different options, you can accommodate different dietary preferences and restrictions of your guests.

The importance of balance

In addition to variety, balance in the Borrelbox is essential. By making a balanced selection, you ensure that every flavor and texture has its place and complements each other. But how do you create that balance?

  • Sweet versus savory: Combine sweet snacks, such as chocolate or fruit, with savory options, such as nuts or olives, to achieve a harmonious mix.
  • Soft versus crunchy: Vary between soft cheeses, spreads and dips and crispy crackers, toast or vegetable sticks for an interesting textural experience.
  • Hot versus cold: Consider hot options, such as mini quiches or meatballs, alongside cold dishes, such as charcuterie or salads, for a varied experience.

Practical tips for a balanced drinks box

To put together a balanced Borrelbox, you can combine different products and brands that match the desired taste profiles. Here are some practical examples:

  • For a sweet touch: Add Tony's Chocolonely bars to your selection and combine them with artisan honey from De Traay.
  • For savory variety: Choose cheese from Old Amsterdam and combine it with olives from D'Aucy for a tasty mix of flavors. With a balanced and varied Borrelbox you ensure that your guests have an unforgettable culinary experience. Experiment with different flavors, textures and combinations to find the perfect mix to suit your occasion.

Practical tips and tricks

When putting together a drinks box, it is important to take various factors into account to ensure that your guests can optimally enjoy the delicious snacks and drinks. With the right preparation, storage tips and serving techniques you can create an unforgettable experience for everyone who enjoys your Borrelbox. Here are some practical tips and tricks to get you started:

Preparation of the Drinks Box

  • Create a diverse range: Make sure that the Borrelbox contains a variety of flavors and textures to surprise and satisfy the guests.
  • Choose quality products: Select fresh, high-quality ingredients and products from trusted brands such as Beemster cheeses, Oma's Worst meats and Bolletje crackers for an authentic and tasty experience.
  • Consider dietary requirements: Don't forget to take into account any dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options to cater for everyone.

Storing the Borrelbox

  • Optimal cooling conditions: Store the Borrelbox in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage and maintain the freshness of the products.
  • Use of airtight containers: Place the snacks and drinks in airtight containers or bags to keep them fresh longer and prevent flavor transfer.
  • Cooling batteries or cooling elements: For outdoor events or picnics you can add ice packs or cooling elements to keep the temperature of the Borrelbox stable.

Serving the Borrelbox

  • Atmospheric presentation: Create an attractive presentation by using serving dishes, wooden planks and small bowls to beautifully present the snacks and drinks.
  • Temperature of the products: Make sure that cold dishes remain cool and hot dishes are kept warm using chafing dishes or warming plates.
  • Use of matching tableware: Choose matching tableware and cutlery such as elegant wine glasses, cocktail sticks and napkin rings to complete the total experience.

By following these practical advice you can ensure that your Borrelbox is a great success and your guests can fully enjoy all the goodies you have to offer. Have fun putting together and serving your perfect Borrelbox!

Tips for an unforgettable drinks experience

Certainly! Here's a quick conclusion for your blog post:

Conclusion: By having the right combination of ingredients, attention to presentation and variation, you can put together a perfect Borrelbox. Don't forget to find out your guests' taste preferences and enjoy sharing this culinary experience!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Borrelbox

Which types of cheeses should not be missing from a drinks box?

Different types of cheeses should not be missing from a drinks box. Some popular choices are young cheese, aged cheese, brie, goat cheese and blue cheese. These cheeses offer a diverse taste experience and provide a varied selection for your drinks. Don't forget to add some fresh baguette, grapes and nuts to complete the drinks experience. Enjoy your meal!

Which drinks best complement a Borrelbox and what should you pay attention to when choosing them?

A Borrelbox can be perfectly combined with a range of drinks to complete the taste experience. When choosing drinks for a Borrelbox, it is important to pay attention to the diversity and balance of flavors.

First of all, a fresh white wine, such as a Sauvignon Blanc or a dry Riesling, can go well with the various cheese and meat products in a Borrelbox. In addition, a light red wine, such as a Pinot Noir, can accentuate the savory flavors of nuts and olives, for example.

To complete the vibrant atmosphere, a sparkling wine, such as a Prosecco or Cava, can also give a festive touch to a Borrelbox. Finally, a fresh and sparkling drink such as sparkling mineral water with lemon should not be missed to refresh the taste buds between snacks.

By choosing a combination of different types of drinks you create a harmony between flavors and enrich the experience of enjoying a delicious Borrelbox. Enjoy it!

How can you present a Borrelbox in an extra festive way?

You can present a drinks box in an extra festive way by using colorful napkins and beautiful serving dishes. You can also arrange the snacks in a creative way, for example in the shape of a flower or another fun shape. You can also add some edible decorations, such as fresh herbs or edible flowers. It's nice to place some candles here and there to create a cozy atmosphere. Have fun presenting your festive drinks box!

What types of spreads and dips go well with a Borrelbox?

Various types of spreads and dips go well with a Borrelbox, such as hummus, tzatziki, aioli, tapenade, guacamole and herb butter. These dips are delicious to combine with pieces of bread, vegetables, crackers and cheese. This way you get a varied and tasty drinks experience!

How much variety in types of meat is ideal for a well-filled Borrelbox?

For a well-filled Borrelbox it is generally recommended to use at least four different types of meat products. This way you create a nice variation and guests can enjoy different flavors and textures. For example, consider a combination of dry sausage, ham, salami and pate. It's always fun to play with different flavors and types of meats to put together a varied Borrelbox that everyone can enjoy. Have fun putting together!

How do you choose the right combination of sweet and savory snacks for a Borrelbox?

When choosing the right combination of sweet and savory snacks for a Borrelbox, it is important to find a good balance between different flavors and textures. A good guideline is to provide a mix of salty, savory snacks such as cheese, olives, nuts, and chips, and sweet snacks such as chocolate, dried fruit, and cookies. This way you create a varied and attractive selection that meets different tastes and preferences. Don't forget to also take into account any dietary requirements and allergies of your guests. Have fun putting together your Borrelbox!

What are the most important ingredients for a successful Borrelbox?

The most important ingredients for a successful Borrelbox are a good variety of cheeses and meats, such as different types of cheese, salami, ham and pate. Don't forget to add various types of bread and toast, as well as tasty dips such as hummus, olive tapenade or pesto. To finish it off, you can add some nuts, fresh vegetables and fruit. Also consider some sweet treats, such as chocolate or dried fruit. This way you provide a tasty and varied Borrelbox that everyone can enjoy. Good luck putting it together!



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