How can I put together a wine package with snacks?

In this step-by-step guide you will learn how to put together a wine package with snacks for a pleasant evening of enjoyment. You will discover how to make the perfect combination of wine and snacks.


Determine the theme of the wine package

Choose a theme for the wine package:

  • Consider whether you want to highlight a specific region, such as Bordeaux or Tuscany.
  • Consider selecting a specific type of wine, such as red wines, white wines or sparkling wines.
  • Think of special occasions such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding and tailor the wine package accordingly.
    Have fun putting together your unique wine package!

Select the wines

Choose a range of wines that match the chosen theme. Think of red, white and rosé wines. Start with a rich red wine, such as a powerful Cabernet Sauvignon for lovers of robust flavors. Then add a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc for those who enjoy white wine. Complete the range with a light and fruity rosé, for example a summery Provence rosé. This way you create a balanced selection of wines that offers something for everyone.


Choose matching snacks

Select appetizers that pair well with the chosen wines, such as cheese, meats, fruit and nuts. Provide a varied selection to complement different tastes. Present the snacks on a beautiful tray or bowl for an inviting presentation. Remember to adjust the serving of the food to the drinking order of the wines.


Provide variety

  • Combine different types of wines, such as a fresh white wine, a full red wine and a sparkling rosé.
  • Choose a range of snacks with various flavors, such as sweet, savory, salty and sour.
  • Also vary in textures, for example crispy vegetables, creamy cheeses and crusty baguette.
  • Provide a festive color palette with, for example, red berries, green olives and smoked salmon.

Presentation is important

Provide a beautiful presentation of the wine package with snacks. Use serving boards and glasses to present everything stylishly. Place the wine glasses and snacks on the serving boards in an attractive arrangement. Don't forget to pay attention to the details, such as adding decorative elements for a professional look.


Add extras if necessary

Consider adding extras like chocolate, olives or crackers to complete the package. These additions can improve the overall experience and add a variety of flavors to the package. Make sure you keep the recipient's preferences in mind when selecting the extras. Add a personal touch by choosing unique and tasty items that will surprise the recipient.


Try and test

  • Try different combinations of wine and snacks.
  • Adjust the combination if necessary to find the best match.


  1. Try a dry white wine with soft cheese.
  2. Find out whether a fruity red wine goes well with chocolate.
  3. Test whether a sparkling wine goes well with salty snacks.

Make a list of ingredients

Make a list of all the ingredients you need and make sure everything is ready before you start putting the package together. Check that you have all products and correct quantities. Sort the ingredients so that you can easily reach them during preparation. Make sure you have everything within reach for a smooth and organized package composition.


Enjoy your wine package with snacks

Place the wine package and snacks ready on a beautiful presentation board or table. Pour the wine into glasses and lay out the snacks on the table. Invite your friends or family to enjoy the evening together. Taste and combine the different wines with the snacks and discover delicious flavor combinations. Enjoy a pleasant evening with good company, delicious wine and tasty snacks that match perfectly.

A perfectly composed wine package

With this manual you can easily put together a wine package with snacks for any occasion. Follow the steps and enjoy a tasteful experience!

Required attributes and materials

  • Different types of wine
  • Various snacks and snacks
  • Serving bowls or boards
  • Glasses for wine
  • Napkins
  • Music or mood lighting
  • Tasting notebook
  • Any accessories such as a corkscrew
  • List of desired ingredients

Helpful suggestions

  • Choose a theme for the wine package, for example a specific wine region, grape variety or special occasion
  • Match the snacks to the wines – light wines go well with soft cheeses and fish, while strong wines go better with hard cheeses and meats
  • Vary the flavors and textures of the snacks to create an interesting combination – think sweet, salty, sour, crunchy and creamy
  • Consider adding some basic information about the wines and appetizers, such as their origins, flavor profiles, and serving tips
  • Provide the right serving accessories, such as wine glasses and serving dishes, to complete the presentation and bring out the flavors. Have fun putting together your perfect wine package with snacks!

How do you optimally enjoy our wine package with snacks?

  • Start by selecting a bottle of wine from the package that you would like to taste. Look at the description and recommendations on the label
  • Open the bottle of wine and pour a glass. Take the time to smell and taste the wine, noticing the flavors and aromas that emerge
  • Then choose a matching snack from the package, such as cheese, charcuterie or olives. Try the snacks first separately and then in combination with the wine to see which flavor combinations you like best
  • Experiment with different combinations and enjoy the journey of discovery of wine and snacks. Don't forget to relax and experience the moment! Have fun discovering delicious flavors

Frequently asked questions about our wine packages with snacks

Are the wines from a specific region or country?

Yes, wines often come from specific regions or countries. The origin of a wine is determined by the rules of designations of origin, such as AOC in France or DOCG in Italy. These rules indicate that the grapes for the wine must come from a specific geographical area and must be produced according to certain regulations. This ensures a certain quality and typicality of the wine from that region or country.

Are there special types of cheese and charcuterie in the package?

Yes, there are certainly specialty cheeses and charcuterie in the package. For example, you can think of artisanal cheeses made from goat's or sheep's milk, matured cheeses with different flavor nuances, and various types of fine meats such as dry ham, salami or chorizo. These special products add a unique and delicious taste experience to the package.

What type of wine is in the wine package?

The wine package contains different types of wine, such as red, white and rosé wines. The package may also contain specific grape varieties, such as Merlot, Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon. The exact contents may vary depending on the package you have chosen.

Are the wines red, white or rosé?

The wines can be red, white or rosé depending on the type of grapes used in making the wine and the way it was fermented. Red wine is made from red grapes with skins, while white wine is made from white grapes without skins. Rosé is made from red grapes, but the skins are kept in contact with the juice for less time, making the color lighter than that of red wine.

Are the snacks suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes, the snacks are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. They are specially prepared without meat, fish, dairy products or other animal ingredients. Enjoy it!

Does the wine match the specific snacks on offer?

Yes, it is important to consider the flavor profiles of the wine and the snacks. In general, light wines go well with light dishes, and heavier wines with more robust dishes. For example, consider a fresh white wine with fish dishes and a strong red wine with red meat. It's always good to keep the flavors in balance. Have fun choosing the right wine with your snacks!

Is there advice on the best serving temperatures for the wines?

Yes, advice is often given about the best serving temperatures for wine, because the temperature has a major impact on the taste experience. In general, white wine should be served chilled, usually between 8-12 degrees Celsius, and red wine at room temperature, about 16-18 degrees Celsius for light red wine and 18-20 degrees Celsius for full-bodied red wine. It is important to serve the wine at the right temperature to fully enjoy the taste.

Does the package include a description of the tasting experience?

Yes, a detailed description of the tasting experience is included in the package. This describes the different wines or products included in the package, as well as suggestions for tasting them and creating a complete tasting experience. This way you can fully enjoy all the flavors and aromas that the package has to offer.

Does the package come with tasting notes or recommendations for your own combinations?

The package comes with tasting notes and recommendations for your own combinations. These will help you to optimally experience the taste of the products and to experiment with different combinations. It's a fun way to discover new flavors and explore your own culinary creativity. Have fun trying out the suggestions!

Are the snacks individually packaged or are they in one bowl/container?

The snacks are individually wrapped. This ensures more hygiene and makes it easier to hand them out or serve them at an event.

How many bottles of wine are in the package?

The package contains eight bottles of wine.

Are the snacks freshly prepared or are they ready-made?

At most events and catering services, the snacks are freshly prepared. This allows them to be of the best quality and taste. The snacks are often only prepared shortly before serving to guarantee freshness. It is always good to inquire on the specific occasion whether the snacks are freshly prepared or ready-made. This way you know for sure what to expect.

Which snacks are included?

The package includes various snacks, such as mini sandwiches, cheese boards, vegetable snacks and bitterballen. These snacks are served to ensure that you and your guests can enjoy a varied range during the occasion.

Is there a suggestion about which snack goes best with which wine?

Naturally! In general, light white wines are said to pair well with seafood or salads, while full-bodied red wines go better with red meat or firm cheeses. For example, try a Pinot Grigio with shrimp or a Merlot with a juicy steak. The most important thing is that the flavors are balanced and complement each other for the best combination. Have fun experimenting and tasting!

Is information provided about the origin of the wines?

Yes, most wine bottles contain information about the origin of the wine. On the label you can often find which region or country the wine comes from, and sometimes even specific information about the winery or vineyard where the wine comes from. It's a useful way to learn about the origins of the wine you're drinking.



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