How do you put together a tasty vegan snack board?

In this guide you will discover how to make a delicious vegan snack board with care and creativity. Be inspired and enjoy a wonderful evening with your loved ones. With this step-by-step guide, putting together a tasty vegan snack board becomes a festive and culinary experience. Have fun discovering and tasting various plant-based delicacies!


Choose a variety of plant-based cheeses

Choose different vegan cheeses, such as cashew cheese, almond cheese and coconut cheese for variation in taste and texture. Try different flavors and textures to experience the diversity. Mix and match the plant-based cheeses in your meals for an interesting culinary experience. Vary between soft and firm cheeses for a balanced taste experience.


Add various types of hummus

  • Choose different flavors of hummus, such as classic chickpea hummus, beet hummus and spicy pepper hummus for extra flavor.
  • Vary textures and flavors by adding different types of hummus to your dishes.
  • Experiment with hummus made from lentils, avocado or even roasted carrots for a unique twist.

Select a mix of fresh fruit

Combine seasonal fruits like grapes, berries, and apple or pear slices for a refreshing addition to the platter. Make sure the fruit is well washed and cut into bite-sized pieces if necessary. Place the different types of fruit strategically on the shelf for a colorful and tasty whole. Don't forget to sprinkle any lemon juice over the fruit to prevent discoloration and maintain freshness.


Including different types of nuts and seeds

Add a handful of walnuts, almonds and pecans to your nut and seed mixture. Additionally, add a few tablespoons of pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds for extra crunch and nutritional value. Mix everything together well before adding it to your dish. Enjoy the delicious mix of nuts and seeds in your meal!


Serve crackers and bread

Choose a range of vegan crackers and freshly baked bread, such as baguette or sourdough bread. You can dip and combine these with the cheeses and hummus. Make sure the crackers and bread are cut into bite-sized pieces for easy serving. If necessary, add some olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a separate bowl for extra flavor.


Add olives and sun-dried tomatoes

  • Choose olives in different flavors such as green olives with garlic, black olives with herbs or stuffed olives with feta.
  • Vary with sun-dried tomatoes such as the traditional tomatoes marinated in olive oil and herbs, cherry tomatoes dried with basil and garlic or tomatoes stuffed with mozzarella.
  • Combine the olives and sun-dried tomatoes on the plank for a savory contrast and a range of flavors. Don't forget to arrange them nicely for an attractive presentation!

Decorate with fresh herbs

Add a few basil leaves to the bruschetta. Sprinkle some chopped mint over the fruit salad for a fresh touch. Garnish the cheese board with some parsley for a colorful presentation. Experiment with different herbs to brighten up your drinks platter!


Serve dips and chutneys

Offer a selection of dips, such as balsamic glaze, sweet chili sauce or artichoke dip. This will complement the flavors on the board and provide a varied taste experience. Place the dips in small bowls next to the dishes so that guests can choose and combine according to taste.


Make it visually appealing

Arrange the ingredients in an attractive manner on the shelf. Think about color contrasts: for example, place red tomatoes next to green herbs for a lively effect. Vary shapes and textures, for example by combining round grapes with angular cubes of cheese and slices of sausage. Create a visually attractive whole by alternating and playing with these elements. This is how you create an inviting and tasty presentation for your guests!


Enjoy your vegan snack board

  • Invite your guests to take a seat and enjoy the delicious vegan treats that you have carefully put together.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere by setting the table beautifully with napkins, candles and some greenery for an extra touch.
  • Let your guests freely discover the different flavors and share the passion for vegan food with them.
  • Enjoy the drinks board together and share pleasant conversations, memories and laughs while enjoying all the goodies!

Taste the vegan diversity

With this guide you now know how to put together a tasty vegan snack board and you are ready for a wonderful evening full of plant-based pleasure!

Necessary materials

  • Vegetable cheeses of your choice
  • Various types of hummus
  • Fresh fruit (mix)
  • Different types of nuts and seeds
  • Crackers and bread
  • Olives and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Fresh herbs
  • Dips and chutneys
  • Serving board or bowl
  • Knife and cutting board
  • Possibly bowls or dishes
  • Napkins

Useful ideas for vegan snacks

  • Vary with different types of vegetables, such as carrots, cucumber, peppers and cherry tomatoes
  • Add different types of dips such as hummus, guacamole and muhammara for extra flavor
  • Choose an assortment of nuts and seeds for a nice crunch, such as walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds
  • Add some fresh fruit such as grapes, strawberries or pineapple chunks for a fresh addition
  • Use different types of crackers and sandwiches for dipping and topping, such as whole wheat crackers and baguettes
  • Add some olives, pickles and dried fruit for some salty and sweet elements
  • Don't forget to add some plant-based meats and cheeses for a savory touch, such as vegan salami and cashew cheese
  • Finish it off with some fresh herbs and edible flowers for a beautiful presentation and extra taste experience

How to put together a vegan snack board

  • Choose a variety of flavors and textures: make sure you select different types of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, spreads and dips to make your appetizer interesting and tasty
  • Presentation is key: place the items on an attractive shelf and use small bowls and containers to serve dips and spreads. Add some colorful garnishes for an extra festive touch
  • Experiment with different combinations: try out new flavor combinations by, for example, combining savory and sweet flavors or adding a crunchy element to your snack board
  • Don't forget to serve enough: make sure you put enough items on your serving board so that all your guests can snack and enjoy
  • Enjoy putting together and sharing your drink: putting together a vegan drink is a fun and creative way to share a meal with friends and family. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

Frequently asked questions about vegan snacks

Which plant-based cheeses are ideal for a vegan snack board?

There are various plant-based cheeses that you can use for a vegan snack board. Popular options include cashew cheese, almond cheese, soy cheese and coconut cheese. These cheeses do not contain animal ingredients and often have a creamy texture and intense flavor that go well with other snacks such as nuts, fruit and crackers. Experiment with different types to create a tasty and varied snack board!

Which herbs and spices can be used to add flavor to a vegan snack board?

You can use different herbs and spices to add flavor to a vegan snack board. Some commonly used options are:

  1. Cumin: Adds a warm, earthy flavor.
  2. Paprika powder: provides a subtle spiciness and a beautiful color.
  3. Turmeric: gives a light, peppery taste and a golden color.
  4. Smoked paprika powder: for an intense smoky flavor.
  5. Oregano: adds a spicy and slightly bitter taste.
  6. Fennel seed: gives an anise-like taste.
  7. Coriander: provides a fresh and citrusy taste.

By using these herbs and spices, you can add delicious flavors to your vegan snack board. Have fun putting it together!

How can you make a vegan snack board festive and colorful?

To make a vegan snack board festive and colorful, you can make a combination of various colorful and tasty vegan options. Think of a mix of fresh fruit such as strawberries, grapes and pieces of mango, different vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and peppers. Also add nuts, olives, hummus, crackers and different types of plant-based cheese for variety. Make sure you arrange the ingredients in an attractive way on the shelf and possibly use some fresh herbs or edible flowers as decoration. This way, your vegan snack board not only looks festive and colorful, but is also a tasty treat for you and your guests!

Which drinks are suitable to serve with a vegan snack board?

A vegan snack board includes various drinks that go well with the flavors of the plant-based snacks. Think of fresh fruit juices, plant-based milk such as almond milk or oat drink, organic wines and beers that are vegan certified, and of course different types of tea and coffee. Don't forget that there are more and more vegan alternatives to traditional spirits, such as plant-based milk liqueurs and 'vegan-friendly' spirits. Enjoy your vegan snack board and toast with a drink that perfectly matches the flavors! Do you have any other questions? I'm happy to help you.

Which fruits and vegetables should not be missing from a vegan snack board?

Vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, peppers and cherry tomatoes should not be missing from a vegan snack board. Fruits such as grapes, strawberries, apple pieces and blueberries are also delicious additions. This way you ensure a colorful and varied board that is attractive to both the eyes and the taste buds! Have fun putting together your drinks board!

How can you include any hot dishes in a vegan snack board?

One way to add hot dishes to a vegan snack board is to choose hot snacks that are vegan. For example, you could think of vegan puff pastry snacks filled with vegetables, falafel balls, roasted vegetables or vegan spring rolls. These hot dishes can be a delicious addition to a varied and tasty vegan snack board. Have fun putting it together!

What are good alternatives to meats on a vegan snack board?

Good alternatives to meats on a vegan snack board include hummus, roasted vegetables, olives, nuts, dried fruit, vegetable spreads and falafel. These options offer a delicious variety of flavors and textures that pair perfectly with a vegan platter. Enjoy it!

How can you take allergies and dietary requirements into account when putting together a vegan snack board?

If you are putting together a vegan snack board and want to take allergies and dietary requirements into account, there are several things you can pay attention to. Make sure you choose products that do not contain common allergens, such as nuts, gluten or soy. It is also important to check whether all the products you use are truly vegan, i.e. do not contain animal products such as milk, eggs or honey. It is also useful to vary with different vegetables, fruit, hummus, nuts, seeds and crackers to create a varied and tasty snack board that is suitable for everyone.

How can you combine a vegan snack board with sweet treats?

Naturally! You can combine a vegan snack board with sweet treats by adding a mix of fresh fruit, nuts, dried fruit and vegan chocolate. An option may be to serve slices of fresh fruit, such as strawberries, grapes or apple slices, alongside nuts such as walnuts, almonds or cashews, and dried fruit such as apricots or dates. You can also add some vegan chocolate pieces for a sweet touch. This way you create a varied and tasty vegan snack board with a mix of savory and sweet treats. Have fun putting together your plant-based snack board!

Which types of nuts and seeds are suitable for a vegan snack board?

Different types of nuts and seeds can be served on a vegan snack board. Some suitable options are walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios and hazelnuts. You can also add seeds such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and flax seeds for extra variety and nutrients. These nuts and seeds are not only tasty, but also a healthy addition to your snack board! Have fun putting together and enjoy!



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