Assemble a snack board

Ben jij op zoek naar Borrelplank samenstellen? Hier bij Food and Wood ben je aan het goede adres. Wij komen naar je event om catering te verzorgen met onze spraakmakende Grazing Tables, verzenden onze unieke en luxe geschenken landelijk en kunnen je helpen om jouw borrel helemaal perfect te maken!

Buffet revolution

Are you familiar with the buffet revolution worldwide: the grazing table? A grazing table is actually an extensive drinks board, but in the size of a complete table! It is a completely new experience, far removed from the traditional buffet as we know it in the Netherlands. It offers so much more and always has something for everyone (Yes, we dare to claim that!).

Luxury Gifts

Imagine: you open a gift and immediately feel the warm embrace of a perfect evening. We deliver these gifts throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Orders placed before 10am will be delivered the same evening!

Fresh drinks boards and platters

We deliver drinks boxes throughout the Netherlands, which are shipped chilled and which you can create beautifully on the table yourself with our layout instructions.

We also deliver beautifully made grazing platters in the Apeldoorn area or they can also be collected from our location.

Assemble a snack board

Beautiful gifts available in the Netherlands and Belgium. All contents have a shelf life of at least 3 weeks. Including luxurious gift packaging, robust drinks board and the tastiest Italian snacks under the drinks board. The XL variant has a lot more snacks, a larger shelf and free luxury wine or beer of your choice!

Gifts without a snack board

The following drinks boxes contain everything for a wonderful drinks evening, but the planks can be ordered optionally.

Fresh drinks boxes and platters

Drink boxes with fresh products or fully prepared shelves, we will take care of it!Β Delivered throughout the Netherlands with refrigerated transport.

Grazing platters

We offer the grazing table experience also in small form in the form of beautifully laid out grazing platters

Recently cared for grazing tables

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Ama la Vita means β€œlove life!” In italian.

These wines are specially made to create the perfect wine gift: high-quality Italian wines that will appeal to everyone, beautiful bottles in multiple luxury gift packaging and a beautiful message! 

Assemble a snack board

The snack boards that we deliver are filled with tasty, fresh ingredients and luxurious snacks such as cheeses, artisanal meats, fruits and vegetables, healthy snack vegetables, tasty olives, nut mix, savouries and crackers, bread, delicious dips and more! View our current range of boxes full of fresh products here. Perfect to have at home just before the weekend and to easily order via the website!

Want to put together the tastiest Borrelplank in the Netherlands?

What you do see with us and not with various suppliers are fresh, local products. From fresh fruit and vegetables to delicious meats, special cheeses and olives. You can serve the most delicious drinks with fresh ingredients. If you do not want to immediately use a catering company, our drinks packages sent at home with special cooling technology offer a solution. The entire range of drinks boards consist of the freshest products and ingredients, which is why we ship our boxes chilled to your home. Upon receipt, ensure that you unpack the products immediately and quickly place the fresh products for the snack board in the refrigerator. This way you can ideally serve all our drinks boards up to 4 days after shipment.

Enjoy putting together your drinks board

A good glass of wine or refreshing beer should be accompanied by drinks boards. Appetizer boards come in many shapes and sizes: they range from cheese to appetizers and dips, bread and snack vegetables to fresh fruit and tapas. In short, full of variety and that is exactly what you want on a drinks board. Would you like to enjoy a delicious drink soon? Enjoy varied drinks with the endless options in drinks boards on your shelf. We are happy to help you serve the tastiest, varied snacks!
At we want everyone in the Netherlands to be able to easily put a delicious snack board on the table. Our boxes therefore often contain a mix of hot and cold snacks, which require a little preparation to put on the table. This makes our drinks boards luxurious, tasteful and unique. You immediately have a large amount of snacks to serve to your family and friends, all from one serving board. Have you also gotten hungry and would you like to enjoy a complete and luxurious snack board at home? Order your favorite snack board immediately in our shop. Of course also very useful to give as a birthday gift or to use for parties

When are you going to have a drink?

Would you like to enjoy a delicious meal at home with drinks boards like a restaurant-worthy drinks board? Then you don't have to toil in the kitchen if you don't feel like it. Nowadays you can simply order the tastiest snacks online. With us you can choose from a nice range of drinks boxes. Versatile and delicious. Discover the range in the webshop.

From catering to a gift: choose to put together a snack board

serving boards are so incredibly versatile. That is why we occasionally add a lot of variation and change our offering in the webshop. You can also give those drinks boxes full of delicious drinks as a great gift. Write a nice, personal message in the notes and we will ensure that your gift is delivered! Unlike many other suppliers, our drinks boxes contain delicious fresh products. If you opt for a drinks box with fresh ingredients, it is useful that someone is home at the time of delivery to put the contents in the refrigerator.

Do you like to kick off the weekend on Friday evening with a surprising drinks board? Then have your drinks board delivered on Thursday evening and you are ready for the ultimate weekend without having to buy snacks from the store.

Are you going to have a drink later in the weekend? You can store all our boxes of fresh snacks in the refrigerator for up to 4 days after shipment. This way you can prepare your snack board at any time during the weekend and enjoy it whenever you feel like it! You don't have to wait for a delivery person, because you already have everything at home on time ;).

Order a snack board

Are you convinced and would you like to be surprised? Then order our drinks boards immediately! Then view all our drink boxes here and choose your favorite.

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