What is the best way to present a drinks box with delicacies?

Dear readers, do you also love organizing parties and fun gatherings? Then you probably know how important it is to present the Borrelbox with delicacies in a beautiful way. In this blog post we will discover together how you can best approach this. Because let's be honest, a tasteful presentation can give the atmosphere of your party that little bit extra. Enjoy reading!

Choose the right materials

If you offer a drinks box as part of your service, selecting the right materials is essential to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Using high-quality serving boards, bowls and cutlery can not only enhance the aesthetics of the Borrelbox, but also make the overall experience more luxurious. Here are some reasons why it's worth investing in quality materials:

1. Improve the Appearance

Attractive presentation materials have been proven to increase the perception of food and beverage quality. By choosing stylish serving boards from Wood & Style or elegant bowls PorcelainPlus, you give your Borrelbox a professional look that will appeal to customers.

2. Sustainability and Lasting Impression

Investing in high-quality materials also means that your products are more durable and last longer. Reusable serving bowls from EcoServe and stainless steel cutlery sets from Sustainable Living show not only your concern for quality, but also for the environment.

3. Make your Brand Stand Out

Use your Borrelbox as an opportunity to promote your business. Personalize your serving boards with your company name or logo using engraving or branding services from Brand4You. This way your Borrelbox not only becomes a treat for the taste buds, but also a subtle marketing instrument.

Sample bullet list of Materials for a Luxury Drinks Box:

  • Acacia wood serving board – Wood&Style
  • Porcelain Bowls Set – PorcelainPlus
  • Stainless Steel Cutlery Set – Sustainable Living
  • Reusable Bamboo Serving Bowls – EcoServe
  • Personalization for Serving boards – Brand4You

By investing in high-quality presentation materials for your Borrelbox, you not only give a valuable appearance to your offer, but you also demonstrate your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Choose wisely and turn every Borrelbox into a luxurious experience for your customers!

1. Vary the Colors

Experiment with a combination of colors to enhance the visual appeal of the Borrelbox:

  • Red and green combinations: Provide contrast and vibrancy by, for example, placing cherry tomatoes next to basil leaves.
  • Neutral shades: Add some balance by serving neutral-colored crackers alongside colorful dips.
  • Monochrome arrangements: Use one dominant color for a stylized, minimalist effect.

2. Play with Textures

By applying variation in textures, you make the Borrelbox both visually interesting and tasty:

  • Crisp versus soft: Combine crunchy nuts with creamy cheeses for an interesting textural experience.
  • Smooth and ribbed: For example, place olives next to slices of salami for a fascinating contrast.
  • Crispy and creamy: Add a mix of crusty bread and spreadable pates for extra sensation.

3. Vary Heights

By using different heights, you give the presentation of the Borrelbox more depth and dynamics:

  • Use of increments: Place a tapas bowl on a small platform to create variation in height.
  • Stackable elements: For example, place slices of cheese on top of each other and stuff crackers upright between the cheese cubes.
  • Use of tableware: Choose plates and bowls of different sizes to stack and combine for an interesting arrangement.

4. Practical Examples:

  • Brand A Beetroot hummus: Combine with Brand B Quinoa crackers for a colorful and nutritious element.
  • Brand C Goat cheese balls: Lay next Brand D Fig Bread for a playful textural variation.
  • Brand E Marinated olives: Place in a bowl on a stand for a simple yet elegant display.


In this article we discussed how experimenting with colors, textures and heights can take the presentation of the Borrelbox to the next level. By applying these simple tips, you can create a visually appealing and inviting setting that will enhance your guests' tasting experience. Experiment, combine and enjoy the creative process of preparing your delicacies!

Including menu

When putting together an irresistible drinks box, it's not just about the mix of delicacies, but also about the total experience for your guests. An essential element that can contribute to this is an inclusive menu that exceeds guests' expectations and takes their experience to a higher level. In this blog post we will show you how you can use this addition strategically and what benefits it brings.

The importance of a menu at the Borrelbox

A menu not only provides clarity, but also creates a feeling of exclusivity and care. By naming the delicacies in the drinks box and possibly mentioning the matching drinks, you give your guests a taste of what awaits them. This way they can look forward to the tasteful experience that awaits them and feel extra special because of the personalized touch.

Including menu: what to mention

A well-composed menu for the Borrelbox not only contains the names of the delicacies, but also provides insight into the origin, flavor profiles and possible combinations. By mentioning specific brand names and product details, you give guests a concrete idea of what they can expect. For example:

  • Cheese platter
    • Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda
    • L'Amuse Signature Roquefort
    • La Trappe Quadrupel Trappist beer
  • Charcuterie
    • Brandt & Levie Fuet
    • Palacios Chorizo
    • Villa Ragazzi Sangiovese
  • Vegetarian options
    • Olive tapenade
    • Artichoke hearts
    • Organic hummus from Maza

Advantages of a complete menu

By adding a detailed menu to your Borrelbox, your guests enjoy various benefits:

  • Transparency: Guests have a clear overview of what they are getting, which increases sensory anticipation.
  • Personalization By using specific product names you create a feeling of exclusivity and care.
  • Experience: An informative menu contributes to the total culinary experience for guests.

In short, with an inclusive menu you can turn every drinks box into an unforgettable experience for your guests. Try it yourself and discover how this small addition can make a big difference!

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is essential when putting together the perfect drinks box. This not only means that you take care of the freshness of the products, but also of the presentation and the correct quantities. Here are some important points that contribute to a successful presentation of the Borrelbox:

Freshness of the products

  • Choose fresh, high-quality ingredients from trusted brands, such as Real Butter from Friesland Campina for a rich taste.
  • Check expiration dates and select long-lasting products for longer freshness.


  • Provide an inviting and attractive presentation by, for example, using attractive napkins and plates Ritzenhoff.
  • Place the different items aesthetically in the box, paying attention to variation in color and texture for a visually appealing whole.


  • Adjust the quantities of the products to the number of people for whom the Borrelbox is intended. Make sure you have enough pieces of cheese Boer'n Proud and artisanal meats from Brandt & Levie.
  • Avoid over- or under-stocking by making a good assessment of consumption needs.

By taking all these details into account, you create a drinks box that is not only surprising and tasteful, but also looks neat and professional. Attention to detail makes the difference!

Presentation ideas for Borrelbox with Delicatessen

With the right approach and attention to details you can present a drinks box with delicacies in a fantastic way. Stay creative, ensure quality and make every drink a successful and memorable experience for your guests. Have fun putting together and presenting your Borrelbox!

Frequently asked questions about our Drinks box with delicacies

Which combinations of cheese, meats and sandwiches work well in a Borrelbox?

In a Borrelbox, combinations of different types of cheese, meats and sandwiches always work well together. For example, you can add a mix of hard and soft cheeses, such as brie, young cheese and goat cheese. In terms of meats, you can think of salami, serrano ham and roast beef. For the sandwiches you can vary with baguette, ciabatta or mini sandwiches. This diversity ensures a tasty and varied Borrelbox. Have fun putting it together!

How can you organize or present the Borrelbox in an attractive way?

To arrange or present the Borrelbox in an attractive way, you can follow some tips.

First of all, you can ensure that the different items are beautifully presented on a bowl or tray, with an eye for color and variation. Think of different types of cheese, meats, nuts, grapes, crackers and dips.

You can also play with height differences by using small bowls, dishes or wooden planks, for example. This way you create an interesting and dynamic presentation.

Finally, you can make the Borrelbox extra attractive by providing nice details, such as fresh herbs for decoration, a beautiful napkin or card with suggestions for flavor combinations. This way you not only make the presentation attractive, but you can also inspire the guests and let them enjoy a wonderful drinks experience. Have fun putting together and presenting your Borrelbox!

How can you personalize the Borrelbox for different occasions or target groups?

You can personalize the Borrelbox in different ways for different occasions or target groups. For example, consider adding personalized labels with the name of the event or the target group, choosing specific snacks and drinks that suit the occasion, or even adding logos or theme colors to the packaging. By paying attention to details in this way and tailoring the contents of the Borrelbox to the specific wishes and needs of your target group, you can create a unique and personal experience.

Are there special decorations or accessories that make the Borrelbox even more festive?

Of course! To make your Drinks Box even more festive, you can add decorative candles, beautiful napkins with festive prints, mini flags or even balloons. You can also add some fresh flowers or green plants for an extra festive touch. Adding small details can make the presentation of your Borrelbox even more special and increase the atmosphere. Have fun decorating!

How can you ensure that the quality of the delicacies is maintained until the Borrelbox is served?

To ensure that the quality of the delicacies is maintained until the Borrelbox is served, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First of all, it is crucial to keep the products refrigerated and sealed to prevent spoilage. Make sure that the Borrelbox is not left at room temperature for too long, especially in warm weather.

Furthermore, it is advisable to keep delicate items such as cheese and meats separated from wet or damp components, to prevent them from becoming soft or losing their flavor. Also keep the Borrelbox in the refrigerator as much as possible until it is served, to maintain freshness.

By following these measures, you can ensure that the quality of the delicacies in your Borrelbox is maintained until serving time. Enjoy your meal!

Which types of delicacies are most suitable for a Borrelbox?

Various types of delicacies are suitable for a Borrelbox. Popular choices include different types of cheeses such as brie, manchego and blue cheese, cold cuts such as salami, prosciutto and chorizo, olives, nuts, dried fruit and luxury crackers or baguette. You can also consider tapenades, hummus and other spreads to complete the Borrelbox. The most important thing is that you offer a mix of flavors and textures, so that there is something for everyone. Have fun putting it together and enjoy your Borrelbox!

What are useful tips to properly coordinate the flavors in the Borrelbox?

A useful tip to properly coordinate the flavors in the Borrelbox is to think about balance. Provide a mix of flavors, textures and temperatures. For example, combine salty snacks with something sweet, choose a variety of cheese and meats, and don't forget to add some fresh vegetables and fruit. By playing with contrasts and complementary flavors you ensure a varied and tasty drinking experience. Have fun putting together your Borrelbox!



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