How do I present a drinks package in a festive way?

This step-by-step guide teaches you how to present a drinks package in a festive way for various occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations. A beautifully presented drinks package can complete a party and be a real eye-catcher.


Choose the right snacks

Select a varied mix of snacks such as cheese, sausage, olives, nuts and dips to include in the package. Make sure you combine different flavors and textures for a balanced selection. Consider both savory and sweet options for a wide taste experience. Don't forget to take into account any dietary requirements or allergies of your guests when putting together the drinks.


Provide tasty drinks

Add matching drinks such as wine, beer or soft drinks depending on your guests' preferences. Make sure there is a varied selection available so everyone can find something to suit their taste. Place the drinks in strategic places during your event so that they are easy to reach for your guests. Don't forget to also offer non-alcoholic options, such as water or soda, so everyone can enjoy your party.


Select a nice presentation shelf

  • Choose an attractive and spacious shelf or tray to arrange your drinks package.
  • Make sure the shelf is large enough to beautifully display all items.
  • Choose a plank with a beautiful texture or color that matches the style of your drinks package.
  • Arrange the different items on the shelf in groups or layers for an inviting presentation.

Arrange the snacks and drinks

Arrange the snacks and drinks on a board in different heights and textures for a festive effect. For example, place cheese cubes and grapes on toothpicks and insert them into a piece of bark for a natural look. Place small bowls with nuts and olives at different heights using cups or glasses. Combine different textures by placing hard crackers next to soft spreads such as hummus and tapenade. Use your creativity and experiment with the setup for a festive presentation!


Add decorations

Add decorations to make the atmosphere more festive! Place cheerful flowers in small vases on the table. Light some scented candles for a warm and cozy effect. Fold festive napkins into beautiful shapes and place them next to the cutlery. This way you can easily add a festive touch to your table setting.


Label the different items

Place small signs or cards with the snacks and drinks. Write down clearly what is served. This way, guests immediately know what to expect and they can easily choose. Don't forget to clearly state any special dietary requirements or allergies. Have fun labeling the different items!


Add personal touch

Write handwritten cards with a personal message that suits the occasion. Add special items that enhance the atmosphere, such as flowers or decorations. Be creative and think of little extras that will surprise the recipient and make the moment memorable.


Make sure you have sufficient crockery and cutlery

Make sure there are enough glasses, plates and cutlery available. Check that there is enough for all your guests. Refill if necessary and make sure everything is neatly arranged on the table, so that your guests can effortlessly enjoy the snacks.


Create an attractive presentation

Carefully place the lighting in the room to properly illuminate your drinks package. Then place the package in a central location so guests can easily access it. Make sure there is enough space around it so that people can reach it comfortably. Make sure that the presentation is inviting and accessible to everyone present.


Enjoy the moment

  • Relax and take the time to enjoy the party you have organized. Watch your guests laugh and have fun while tasting the delicious treats from the festive drinks package. Don't forget to actively participate and enjoy the moment with your loved ones. Let go of the stress and embrace the joy of being together and sharing special moments.

Final Verdict: Creative Presentation Ideas

Sure! With these steps you can present a drinks package in a festive way and make an unforgettable impression on your guests. Have fun creating a festive atmosphere at your next event!


  • Various snacks
  • Tasty drinks
  • Presentation shelf
  • Decorations
  • Labels
  • Crockery
  • Specifications
  • Personal touch items
  • Attractive presentation items

Practical party packing tips

  • Choose a beautiful serving bowl or tray that suits the occasion
  • Vary with different types of cheeses, meats, nuts, fruit and dips to create a varied range
  • Use small dishes, bowls and plates to keep the different items separate and easy to reach
  • Add some greenery, such as fresh herbs or grapes, to brighten up the presentation
  • Use labels or chalkboards to label the different items and indicate any allergens
  • Match the presentation to the theme of the party for an extra festive touch
  • Make sure you have enough napkins, skewers and cocktail sticks for an easy and neat way to enjoy the drinks package. Have fun creating a festive presentation!

Instructions for putting together a delicious drinks package

  • Purchase a drinks package from a local supplier or make one yourself along with a selection of your favorite snacks and drinks
  • Place the snacks and drinks from the package on a beautiful presentation board or bowl for a cozy drinks setting
  • Invite friends or family to enjoy the drinks package together and make it a fun and relaxing evening
  • Combine different flavors and textures to create a varied and interesting drinks experience
  • Don't forget to bring enough napkins, glasses and possibly some music for the perfect drinks atmosphere. Have fun using your drinks package!

Frequently asked questions about drinks packages

What is the average price of a drinks package?

The average price of a drinks package varies depending on the contents and quality of the products. In general you can expect the price to vary between €20 and €50, but luxury drinks packages can also be more expensive. It is wise to compare prices from different providers to get an idea of what is common for the content you want.

What are typical Dutch snacks that come in a drinks package?

In a typical Dutch drinks package you will often find cheese cubes, bitterballen, pieces of sausage, nuts, herring or smoked salmon, Amsterdam onions and of course stroopwafels. These are popular snacks that are often served during drinks and parties in the Netherlands. Enjoy it!

Which drinks go well with a drinks package?

Different drinks go well with a drinks package, depending on the preferences of your guests. Popular choices include wine (such as a dry white wine or a fruity rosé), beer (such as craft beer or lager), sparkling wine (such as Prosecco), and non-alcoholic options such as fruit juices, soft drinks and sparkling water. Don't forget to think of the classic drinks combination of cheese and port. With a well-curated range of drinks you ensure that there is something for everyone during drinks!

What is normally included in a drinks package?

A drinks package often contains an assortment of tasty and luxurious snacks and drinks to enjoy during a drink or as a gift. In such a package you will often find a selection of cheese and sausage, various types of nuts, olives, pâté, crackers or breadsticks, tapenades, matching sauces or chutneys and possibly sweet treats such as chocolate or nougat. In addition, the package often includes bottles of wine, beer, cider or soft drinks. It is a delicious combination of savory and sweet snacks and drinks to enjoy!

What is the difference between a drinks package and a drinks box?

A drinks package and a drinks box are both collections of snacks and drinks that are suitable for a nice drink. The main difference is in the packaging and presentation. A drinks package is often put together in a basket or box, while a drinks box is often delivered in a sturdy cardboard box. Furthermore, the content and price range of both options may vary depending on the supplier. So it is mainly a matter of personal preference which variant suits your drink best!

How can you put together a drinks package yourself?

To put together your own drinks package, you can start by choosing a theme or a specific type of drinks. You can then make a mix of different types of cheeses, meats, dips, nuts, olives, crackers and other delicacies that match the chosen theme. Make sure you also think about variety in flavors, textures and presentation. Don't forget to add matching drinks, such as wine, beer or soft drinks. By carefully selecting different products and packaging them beautifully, you can put together a personal and unique drinks package. Have fun creating your ideal drinks experience!

Are there also drink packages with international products?

Yes, there are certainly drink packages with international products available. These packages often contain a variety of cheeses, meats, chutneys, crackers and other delicacies from around the world. You can go to specialized stores or online retailers to purchase such an international drinks package. It's a fun way to discover new flavors and surprise your guests during a drink or party!

How many people can enjoy a drinks package?

A drinks package can be put together for different numbers of people, depending on the size of the package. This can vary from a small package suitable for 2 people to a larger package for, for example, 10 people. For larger groups, there are even drinks packages available that are suitable for 20 people or more. The number of people who can enjoy a drinks package therefore depends on the specific size and contents of the package you choose.

How can you personalize a drinks package for a special occasion?

To personalize a drinks package for a special occasion, start by selecting treats that suit the taste preferences of the person or the occasion. For example, add favorite cheeses, meats, nuts or chocolates. You can also decorate the package with personal items, such as a handwritten card, flowers or ribbons in the recipient's favorite colors. Don't forget to add a special message to make the occasion even more personal.

Where can you buy a ready-made drinks package?

You can buy a ready-made drink package at various supermarkets, online stores and specialty stores. Some well-known supermarkets that offer drinks packages are Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Lidl. You can also search online for specialty stores that sell drink packages, or even on platforms such as Good luck with your search for the perfect drinks package!

Can you also give a drinks package as a gift?

Yes, you can certainly give a drinks package as a gift! Many stores and online web shops offer drink packages that have been specially put together as a gift. You can often even add a personal message to make the gift extra special. It's a great idea for a birthday, holiday or just as a thank you gift for someone. Have fun giving such a delicious gift!



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