What are popular exclusive snack dishes?

In this step-by-step guide “What are popular exclusive snack dishes?” you will discover which exclusive dishes are often found on snack boards. From luxury cheeses to artisanal meats and surprising dips and spreads. Learn how to prepare these dishes and present them in a stylish way for a special drinks experience. With this guide you are guaranteed to create an impressive drinks board that will surprise and delight your guests.


Choose the right cheeses

Choose a variety of exclusive cheeses for your drinks platter. Go for classics such as creamy brie, spicy blue cheese and delicious goat cheese. Make sure you have a mix of textures and flavors to surprise and delight your guests. Present the cheeses at room temperature for the best tasting experience. Add some crackers, fresh fruit and nuts to create the perfect balance. Enjoy a wonderful evening with this selection of exclusive cheeses on your drink board!


Add fancy meats

Choose premium meats such as prosciutto, salami and chorizo to enrich your snack board. Start by selecting high-quality meats from the butcher or a specialty store. Cut the meats into thin slices for an elegant presentation on your snack board. Vary your flavors and textures by choosing different types of premium meats. Place the slices of meat playfully next to each other on the shelf for an inviting look. Combine the luxury meats with matching cheeses, nuts and fresh fruit for a tasty and varied drinks experience. Let the meats come to room temperature before serving for the best taste experience.


Including artisan breads

Add different types of artisan bread, such as baguette, focaccia and rye bread. Cut it into thin slices or pieces. Place the breads on a plate or cutting board, next to the cheeses and meats. You can also fill a basket with the different types of bread and place them on the table for a rustic presentation. Combine the bread with different types of cheeses and meats to create a varied and tasty combination. This way everyone can enjoy a delicious selection of bread, cheese and meats during your ambiance.


Select exclusive dips and spreads

Choose exclusive dips such as truffle mayonnaise, hummus and fig jam to give your snack board a luxurious look. Choose these high-quality spreads to pamper your guests with delicious and refined flavors.

  • Go to a specialty deli or online store to buy exclusive dips.
  • Choose truffle mayonnaise as a chic addition with an intense aroma.
  • Add hummus for a creamy and savory spread that pairs perfectly with bread and vegetables.
  • Try fig jam for a sweet and fruity twist that goes well with cheese and crackers.
  • Present the dips in small bowls on your drinks board for an elegant accent and an unforgettable taste experience.

Add luxurious fruits and nuts

Add a touch of luxury to your dish by adding exotic fruits such as figs and pomegranate seeds. Cut the figs into slices and remove the seeds from the pomegranate. Sprinkle them subtly over the dish for a colorful and tasty addition.

Then add premium nuts such as pistachios and macadamias. Coarsely chop the pistachios and add them to the dish for a crunchy texture. The rich and creamy macadamias can be added whole for an elegant and refined finish to your creation. Enjoy the unique flavor combinations and add a luxurious touch to your dish with these delicious ingredients.


Present with an eye for detail

Arrange all dishes on the serving board in layers. Start with larger items in the center and work outward with smaller bites. Provide variety in colors and textures to make the shelf visually appealing. Consider placing different colored vegetables, cheeses, meats and dips in strategic places. Add fresh herbs as a finishing touch for a refreshing look. For example, sprinkle finely chopped parsley over the dishes or place sprigs of fresh thyme between the various snacks. This way you create a beautiful and inviting snack board that is not only tasty, but also looks great!


Serve with matching drinks

Complete the experience by serving the snack board with matching drinks such as wine, champagne or craft beers.

Combine the salty and spicy flavors on your snack board with a dry white wine, such as a fresh Sauvignon Blanc or an aromatic Albariño. For red lovers, choose a fruity Pinot Noir or a powerful Malbec to harmonize with the cheese and cold cuts. Do you really want to unpack? Serve the platter with sparkling champagne or prosecco for a festive touch. If you prefer a bolder drink, pair your snacks with a selection of craft beers. Think of a hoppy IPA, a refreshing Witbier or a characterful Stout to compliment the different flavors. Make your choice and enjoy a perfectly composed drinks experience!

Summary of exclusive favorites

In this blog post you have gained inspiration for exclusive appetizer dishes that will certainly appeal to your guests. Be surprised by a delicious and luxurious drinks experience!

Required tools and materials

  • Various cheeses
  • Luxury meats
  • Artisan breads
  • Exclusive dips and spreads
  • Luxury fruits and nuts
  • Creative serving boards
  • Serving platters and bowls
  • Decorative bowls and spoons
  • Matching wines and other drinks

Helpful suggestions and tricks

  • Use luxurious cheeses such as a good brie or camembert
  • Add various types of dried meats, such as prosciutto or salami
  • Choose exclusive nuts and dried fruit, such as walnuts and cranberries
  • Add artisanal olives and sun-dried tomatoes for extra flavor
  • Combine the snack board dishes with fresh baguette, grissini or luxury crackers
  • Finish with some exclusive dipping sauces such as truffle mayonnaise, hummus or pesto
  • Don't forget to add some sweet treats like chocolate or nougat
  • Finish the presentation with some fresh herbs and edible flowers for an extra exclusive touch

How to make the perfect snack board with exclusive dishes

  • Start by selecting high-quality cheeses and meats for the board
  • Vary with different flavors and textures, for example soft cheeses, crispy crackers and savory meats
  • Present the dishes beautifully on the shelf by combining different colors and shapes
  • Add some fresh fruit, nuts and sweet treats to complete the board
  • Serve the snack board with a good wine or craft beer for the ultimate experience. Have fun creating and enjoying your exclusive appetizer dishes!

Frequently asked questions about our delicious snack boards

What are some popular dishes that can be served on an exclusive drinks board?

You can serve a variety of delicious dishes on an exclusive snack board. Some popular options are exclusive cheeses such as Parmesan cheese or blue cheese, fine meats such as prosciutto or coppa, luxurious olives and nut mixes, refined pates or terrines, and artisan breads with, for example, olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping. Don't forget to add some fresh grapes or figs for a sweet touch!

How can you include vegetarian options in an exclusive snack board?

To include vegetarian options in an exclusive appetizer board, there are several tasty and elegant choices to consider. Here are some suggestions:

  • Choose a selection of delicious cheeses, such as brie, goat cheese and blue cheese.
  • Add a variety of nuts and dried fruits for texture and sweet flavor.
  • Make a spread of hummus or artichoke dip for dipping.
  • Serve olives, sun-dried tomatoes and grilled vegetables for extra flavor.
  • Combine this with crusty bread, crackers and grissini to complete the plank.

By adding these vegetarian options, you can create an exclusive snack board that is both tasty and varied for all your guests. Have fun and enjoy making and sharing this delicious board!



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