How can you personalize a gift board?

In this manual you will learn step by step how to personalize a gift board. This way you can make a unique and thoughtful gift for friends or family.


Choose the right shelf

Select a wooden or marble shelf that suits the recipient's style and preferences. Make sure the shelf is large enough to serve different snacks and drinks.

  • Choose a shelf that matches the style of the recipient, for example a rustic wooden shelf for a country atmosphere or an elegant marble shelf for a chic look.
  • Check whether the shelf is large enough to accommodate enough snacks and drinks, for example a 40 x 30 cm shelf for a party with friends.
  • Combine different materials for a unique touch, such as a wooden plank with marble details for a modern and stylish effect.
  • Consider the functionality of the shelf, for example choose a shelf with handles for easier serving or a shelf with slots to collect juice.
  • Add a personal touch, for example by having the shelf engraved with the recipient's initials or a special message.

With these tips you are sure to find the perfect shelf for every occasion and recipient. Have fun choosing the ideal serving board!


Select treats

Choose an assortment of cheeses, meats, fruits, nuts and other treats that the recipient likes. Provide a varied selection to make the shelf attractive.

  • Start with the recipient's favorite types of cheeses. Think of brie, goat cheese, aged cheese, blue cheese, etc.
  • Add different types of meats, such as salami, prosciutto, chorizo or pâté.
  • Select fresh seasonal fruits such as grapes, strawberries, figs or apple.
  • Choose a variety of nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews or pistachios.
  • Finish with other treats such as olives, dried fruits, crackers or delicious dips to complete the board.

This is sure to surprise the recipient and provide a plate full of delicious treats to enjoy!


Add personal touch

Order a custom-made shelf and provide the recipient's initials for the engraving. Please ensure initials are spelled correctly to avoid disappointment. Choose a stylish font and a suitable location on the shelf to have the initials engraved.

To add a personal message, write a special message on a card and add it to the gift. Make the message as personal as possible and make sure it will touch the recipient. Think about the words you use and the emotion you want to convey when writing the message.


Stylish presentation

Arrange the treats on the shelf in an aesthetic way. Lay a solid foundation by placing larger items and build from there. Here are some steps to create an inviting presentation:

  • Place larger items such as cheese cubes, grapes or bread in the center of the shelf.
  • Add other treats such as nuts, olives or slices of sausage and distribute them evenly on the board.
  • Combine different textures by, for example, placing crusty bread next to soft cheese and serving crispy crackers with creamy hummus.
  • Play with colors by placing brightly colored vegetables next to neutral cheeses or adding red accessories for a playful effect.
  • Don't forget to put out some small bowls or dishes for dips, sauces or nuts for a varied presentation.

With these tips you ensure that your shelf not only looks stylish, but is also a feast for the eyes for your guests. Have fun arranging the treats on your presentation board!


Additional accessories

Look at the dishes you have chosen and think about what additional accessories can complement them. Add some small bowls for dips such as guacamole, hummus or tzatziki. A cheese knife is useful to beautifully present different cheeses, and don't forget a bottle of wine that goes well with the chosen delicacies. For example, consider a fruity white wine with fish dishes or a robust red wine with meat dishes. This way you take your culinary experience to a higher level and complete the presentation of your dishes.


Packaging and delivery

Pack the snack board in a beautiful and sturdy way and add ribbons, bows or foil if necessary for a festive look. Consider the following steps:

  • Place the serving board on a sturdy tray or in a box to prevent damage.
  • Wrap the shelf with care using clear film for a professional look.
  • Add ribbons and bows for an extra festive accent.
  • Deliver the drinks board personally for a personal touch or use a delivery service for convenience and time savings.

By following these steps, you ensure that the drinks board is packaged in a beautiful and sturdy way and makes a festive impression upon delivery.

Add a personal touch

By following the steps in the blog post, you can personalize a snack board gift in a unique and personal way. It will certainly be appreciated by the lucky recipient!


  • Shelf made of wood or slate
  • Various delicacies such as cheese, meats, nuts, fruit, dips
  • Knife and cutting board
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • Decorative items such as flowers, herbs
  • Napkins or napkins
  • Scissors and ribbon for packaging
  • Box or basket for packaging

Inspiring ideas for personalization

  • Choose the recipient's favorite cheeses and meats to customize the board to their tastes
  • Add a personal touch by attaching a handwritten message or card to the shelf
  • Select decorative elements such as fresh herbs, nuts or dried fruit to brighten up the presentation
  • Consider adding special additions such as homemade jam, chutney or honey for a unique taste experience
  • Use attractive crockery and cutlery to present the drinks board festively

How do you make optimal use of a gift board?

  • Choose a beautiful drinks board that suits the occasion or the person you are giving it to as a gift
  • Fill the snack board with an assortment of delicious cheeses, meats, toast, dips, nuts and possibly some fruit for a balanced mix
  • Create a nice presentation by combining different colors and textures on the shelf
  • If necessary, add some extras, such as olives, cornichons, grapes or honey, to complete the snack board.
  • Enjoy the delicious snacks and fun that the snack board gift brings with your friends or family!

Frequently asked questions about drinks board gifts

Which drinks go well with a snack board gift?

Various drinks go well with a snack board gift to complement the flavors. Beer is a popular choice, especially specialty beer such as an IPA or a blond beer. White wine such as a fresh Sauvignon Blanc or a dry rosé can also be a good match. In addition, a red wine, such as a light Pinot Noir or a fruity Merlot, is a good option. Don't forget to consider non-alcoholic drinks, such as sparkling water with a slice of lemon or lemonade. Happy drinking!

What materials are snack boards made of?

Drink boards are usually made of materials such as wood, marble, bamboo, slate and acacia wood. These materials are widely used because of their durability and aesthetic appearance. It is important to properly maintain the drinks board after use, so that it lasts a long time and remains beautiful.

Are there special variants of drinks board gifts that you can order?

Yes, there are several special variants of snack board gifts that you can order. For example, consider thematic snack boards with various cheeses, meats, nuts and dips. There are also drinks boards with special wines, beers or other drinks. In short, there are plenty of options to order a unique snack board gift for every occasion!

Is a snack board gift suitable for any occasion?

A snack board gift is suitable for many occasions, but not necessarily for every occasion. It is a versatile and popular gift that is usually well received. For informal occasions such as birthdays, housewarmings or as a thank you, a drinks board is a suitable gift. However, on formal occasions such as business events or weddings, a drinks board may be less appropriate. So it depends on the specific event and the relationship with the recipient.

What is a snack board gift?

A gift board is a beautifully composed board with various delicacies that are perfect for drinks. Think of different types of cheese, meats, olives, nuts, dips and baguettes. It is an ideal way to have a nice drink and enjoy various flavors and textures. It is a versatile and popular gift for foodies and bon vivants!

What makes a snack board gift an original gift?

A snack board gift is an original gift because it offers a combination of delicious and varied flavors that are perfect for sharing. With an assortment of cheeses, meats, fruit, nuts and dips, a snack board provides a cozy and tasty experience. Furthermore, you can personalize and customize the shelf to the recipient's taste, making it a thoughtful and tailor-made gift. The fact that presenting the shelf is also an art in itself makes the gift extra special and suitable for different occasions. It will certainly be loved by the lucky recipient!

Can you personalize a drinks board as a gift?

Yes, you can certainly personalize a snack board as a gift. For example, you can choose an engraved text or name on the shelf, or adjust the contents of the shelf to the preferences of the recipient. This way you can give a personal touch to the gift and make it extra special for the recipient. Many stores and online providers offer this service, so you can certainly give a unique and personalized drinks board as a gift.

Where can you buy a snack board as a gift?

You can buy a snack board as a gift from various stores and online stores. Well-known places where you can find snack boards are delicatessen stores, department stores, kitchen stores and specialized online shops. It's a good idea to compare prices and ranges before making a choice. Good luck finding the perfect gift!

How is a snack board gift usually presented?

A snack board gift is usually presented on a wooden board or tray. This contains a variety of cheeses, meats, nuts, olives, dips, and crackers or baguette. Decorative elements are often also added, such as fresh herbs, fruit or flowers, to make the presentation more attractive. The whole is often beautifully decorated and festively packaged as a gift.

Can you also put together a gift board yourself?

Yes of course! You can put together a gift platter yourself by selecting different cheeses, meats, nuts, fruit, dips and other delicacies that you think the recipient will like. It's a nice way to add a personal touch to the gift and ensure that it perfectly suits the tastes of the lucky recipient. Have fun putting together your drinks board!

How long can you keep a gift platter before serving it?

It is best to assemble a snack board as shortly as possible before serving. Fresh ingredients such as meats, cheese and fruit retain their taste and texture best if you prepare the plank at the last minute. In general, it is recommended to serve a snack board within 1 to 2 hours after preparation. This way, the flavors are optimally preserved and your guests can enjoy them as intended.



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