How do you add a personal touch to a luxurious promotional gift?

The step-by-step guide “How do you add a personal touch to a luxury business gift?” introduces how to personalize a luxury corporate gift to make it special for the recipient. The purpose of this guide is to provide tips and ideas on how to add a personalized touch to a luxury gift in a creative and thoughtful way, strengthening the relationship with the recipient.


Choose a suitable gift

Choose a luxurious promotional gift that suits the recipient and the occasion. Consider the personal preferences and interests of the person for whom the gift is intended. Look for exclusive options that match his or her taste and style. Choose carefully to leave a lasting impression.


Add a personal touch

For example, write a special message or the recipient's name on the gift. Personalize the promotional gift by adding initials or relevant text. This makes the gift unique and perfectly tailored to the recipient.


Choose the packaging carefully

  • Choose luxurious packaging that emphasizes the value of the gift.
  • Use beautiful gift boxes, ribbons and other decorative elements to enhance the presentation.
  • Make sure that the packaging suits the occasion and the person for whom the gift is intended.
  • Pay attention to details such as colors and materials to make an unforgettable impression.

Add a handwritten card

Write a personal message on a card to convey your appreciation and gratitude. A handwritten message adds a warm and personal element to the gift. Think about what you want to say and write your message clearly and sincerely on the card. Add some warm words that will make the recipient smile.


Consider luxury extras

Add luxurious extras to make the promotional gift more special. For example, add a box of delicious Belgian chocolate. Go for a bouquet of fresh flowers from the local florist. Or consider other small gifts such as a handwritten card with a personal message. Make your promotional gift unforgettable with these luxurious extras!


Check the quality

  • Make sure that the promotional gift is of high quality and is well packaged.
  • Check the materials and workmanship to ensure the gift is durable and attractive.
  • Use sturdy packaging materials and possibly add a personal card for an extra touch.
  • Please ship the gift carefully to avoid damage during transportation.

Schedule delivery on time

Make sure you order the gift well in advance to guarantee it arrives on the desired date. Add a personal message when ordering to show the recipient that you thought of them. Please check the delivery time and choose an express delivery option if possible to ensure the gift is delivered on time. Follow the track & trace information of the delivery service to track the shipment and ensure a special reception moment for the gift.


Follow up on the response

Follow the recipient's reaction after giving the luxurious promotional gift. Save their feedback and evaluate which aspect of the gift appealed to them most. Keep this information in mind for future gifts. This allows you to give more personal and thoughtful gifts.


Thank the recipient

Send a follow-up message to the recipient thanking them for their time. Show that you value the relationship by expressing your appreciation. This way you strengthen the bond between the two of you in a positive way.


Evaluate and learn

Take the time to evaluate the process. Look at what worked well and what can be improved for future gifts. Learn from the experience and note any adjustments needed for next time. Reflect and adjust your approach if necessary for better results in the future.

Make an unforgettable impression

In the guide “How do you create a personal touch to a luxury business gift?” you were able to learn how to make a luxurious promotional gift truly special through personalization and creativity. By paying attention to details, adding a personal touch and choosing quality items, you can leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Remember, the ultimate goal is to strengthen a relationship and show appreciation. With this guide you have the right tools to create an unforgettable luxury corporate gift!

Helpful suggestions

  • Choose a promotional gift that suits the interests or needs of the recipient
  • Add a personal touch by having the promotional gift personalized with, for example, a name, initials or company logo
  • Consider adding a handwritten card with a personal message
  • Opt for luxurious packaging materials such as a beautiful gift box or silk ribbon to make the gift extra special
  • Consider adding an additional service or experience, such as an exclusive tour or a personalized workshop

Guide to the use of luxury promotional gifts

  • Choose a high-quality gift that suits the recipient and the occasion
  • Personalize the gift with, for example, a logo or a personal message
  • Provide beautiful packaging to give the gift extra appeal
  • Give the gift personally to strengthen the bond with the recipient
  • If necessary, follow up afterwards to see how the gift was received and appreciated
  • Have fun giving luxurious business gifts!

Frequently asked questions about luxury promotional gifts

Are there certain do's and don'ts when giving luxury business gifts?

Certainly! An important 'do' is to give a business gift that suits the recipient, such as a personalized gift that shows that you know the person well. On the other hand, a 'don't' is giving overpriced gifts that may seem inappropriate and make the recipient feel uncomfortable. It is therefore important to find the right balance between luxury and appropriateness.

How can a luxury promotional gift help strengthen business relationships?

A luxury business gift can help strengthen business relationships because it shows that you pay attention to the relationship and the appreciation you have for your business partners. It gives a feeling of recognition and can leave a positive impression. Furthermore, it strengthens the bond between both parties and can help build trust and loyalty. Carefully choosing a luxury business gift that suits the recipient and the business relationship can certainly contribute to strengthening this bond.

What are the best occasions to give a luxury business gift?

The best occasions to give a luxury business gift are usually at business deals, anniversaries, the conclusion of major projects or contracts, during holidays such as Christmas and New Year, and at special milestones such as achieving an important goal or a promotion. When choosing the perfect luxury promotional gift, it is important to take into account the relationship you have with the recipient and the message you want to convey.

What are the trends in luxury promotional gifts?

There are various trends going on in the field of luxury promotional gifts. Some popular choices right now are personalized items, sustainable products and technology gadgets. Companies are increasingly focusing on giving promotional gifts that have a personal touch, such as engraved products or customized gift sets. In addition, there is a growing demand for sustainable promotional gifts, such as reusable drinking bottles, eco-friendly notebooks and biodegradable items. Finally, technology-related promotional gifts are also becoming increasingly popular, such as wireless chargers, smart watches and Bluetooth speakers. These trends are all aimed at providing high-quality and memorable corporate gifts that match the wishes and values of the recipients.

What are popular luxury promotional gifts?

Popular luxury promotional gifts include high-end pens, custom-made watches, exclusive wines, luxury gift sets with care products, and personalized leather goods. These gifts exude class and appreciation and can leave a lasting impression on the recipient. It is important to choose promotional gifts that suit the recipient and that strengthen the relationship with them.

What are the benefits of giving luxury business gifts?

Giving luxury business gifts can have several advantages. Firstly, it can strengthen the bond with your relations by giving them a special and high-quality gift, which can increase their appreciation for you. Luxury gifts can also leave a positive impression and help differentiate your business from the competition. Furthermore, they can increase the loyalty of existing customers and attract potential new customers. It is important to invest in quality gifts that match the recipient and your company image.

What is the difference between a luxury promotional gift and a standard promotional gift in terms of impact?

A luxury promotional gift is distinguished from a standard promotional gift by its high quality, exclusivity and well-thought-out presentation. These gifts are often more expensive and convey more appreciation and prestige to the recipient. As a result, luxury promotional gifts generally have a greater impact and can contribute to strengthening the relationship with the recipient. On the other hand, standard corporate gifts, although practical and functional, can be less impressive and are sometimes considered 'ordinary'. Choosing the right promotional gift depends on the goal you want to achieve and the relationship you want to build or maintain.

Which types of companies use luxury promotional gifts the most?

Companies from sectors such as real estate, finance, automotive and luxury retail usually make the most use of luxury promotional gifts. These often involve companies that value building strong relationships with their customers and partners and want to distinguish themselves by giving high-quality gifts.

What influence does a luxury promotional gift have on the relationship with the recipient?

A luxury promotional gift can have a positive influence on the relationship with the recipient. Research has shown that giving a luxurious gift can make the recipient feel valued and special. This can strengthen the bond between the giver and receiver and leave a positive impression. However, the effectiveness may vary depending on the relationship between both parties and the context in which the gift is given. It is therefore important to take this into account when selecting a promotional gift.

What are the costs of luxury promotional gifts and how much should you spend on average?

For luxury promotional gifts, the costs can vary greatly depending on the type of gift and its quality. On average, you could expect luxury promotional gifts to cost between €50 and €200 each. The final amount you should spend depends on your budget, the value you place on the relationship, and the purpose of the gift. It is always wise to choose a gift that suits the occasion and the relationship you want to strengthen.

Are there certain etiquette rules that you should take into account when giving luxury business gifts?

Yes, when giving luxury business gifts there are certainly etiquette rules to take into account. Firstly, it is important to consider whether the promotional gift is appropriate for the recipient and the relationship you have with them. In addition, it is advisable to make the promotional gift personal and take into account the culture and values of the recipient. It is also customary to present the gift at an appropriate location and time, such as during a business meeting or event. Finally, it is always good to show the right form of gratitude and appreciation when giving a luxurious business gift.



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