How do you choose the perfect drinks board as a gift for a woman?

Dear readers, we all know how nice it is to give a special gift to an important woman in your life. A snack board is not only a culinary gift, but also a token of attention and appreciation. In this blog post we take a closer look at how you can choose the perfect drinks board that suits the taste and preferences of the lucky recipient. Discover with us how to put together a tasteful and stylish gift that she will really enjoy.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a drinks board as a gift?

When selecting a drinks board as a gift, there are various aspects to take into account. A drinks board can be a delightful gift for any occasion, but it is essential to make the right choice that suits the recipient's preferences. Here are some important considerations:

Taste preferences

  • Ask yourself if the gift recipient has a preference for certain flavors. Think sweet, savory, spicy or a combination of these.
  • Consider whether the recipient likes a specific type of cheese, meats or other snacks and tailor the contents of the snack board accordingly.

Dietary restrictions

  • If the recipient has dietary restrictions, such as a vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free diet, make sure the snack board is tailored to this. There are many options available for diet-friendly appetizers these days.


  • The presentation of the drinks board is also important. Choose a shelf that is beautifully designed and matches the style of the recipient. Consider, for example, a robust wooden board, a marble platter or a trendy slate serving board.


  • Consider supplementing the drinks board with a matching bottle of wine, specialty beer, artisanal olive oil or other delicacies. This can make the gift extra special and pleasantly surprise the recipient.

Practical examples:

  • My Personal Favorite: The 'Deluxe Borrelplank' from [Name of Company X] with an assortment of fine cheeses, charcuterie and luxurious nuts.
  • For the Gourmet: The 'Italian Antipasti Board' from [Company Name] with a selection of authentic Italian delicacies.
  • Easy and Delicious: The 'Tapas Board for Two' from [Company Name Z] with a mix of Spanish tapas and a bottle of red wine.

When choosing an appetizer board as a gift, it is important to carefully consider taste preferences, dietary restrictions, presentation and any additives in order to give a gift that perfectly suits the recipient. Good luck selecting the ideal drinks board as a gift!

How do you put together a personalized drinks board?

Putting together a personalized drinks board can be a great way to surprise your guests or give a unique gift. Here are some tips to create a perfectly put together appetizer board that will impress.

Step 1: Choose the right cheeses and meats

  • Cheeses: Go for a mix of soft and hard cheeses such as Brie, Gouda, and Manchego. Also try adding a high-quality local cheese for a unique tasting experience.
  • Meats: Think prosciutto, salami and chorizo for a variety of flavors. Choose thinly sliced meats from artisanal producers for an authentic touch.

Step 2: Add fruit, nuts and dips

  • Fruit: Combine fresh grapes, strawberries or figs for a sweet surprise.
  • Notes: Roasted almonds, walnuts or cashews add a crunchy texture to the board.
  • Dips: Think of honey, fig jam or hummus as tasty dips to complement the cheeses and meats.

Step 3: Presentation is key

  • Shelf: Choose a good quality wooden board to serve the drinks board on. A rustic look can enhance the presentation.
  • Serving spoons: Use small spoons for dips and a sharp knife to cut cheeses and meats.
  • Tagging: Make cards with the names of the cheeses and meats for an informative touch.

Step 4: Combine flavors and textures

  • Contrast: Combine soft cheeses with crusty baguette and spicy meats with sweet fruits for a balanced taste experience.
  • Variety: Provide a mix of salty, sweet and savory elements on the platter to tantalize the taste buds.

With these tips you are well on your way to putting together a personalized drinks board that not only tastes delicious, but is also a feast for the eyes. Experiment with different combinations and discover your favorite composition for a successful appetizer experience!

Where can you buy the best snack boards?

If you're looking for the perfect snack board as a gift for a woman, there are several options to consider. Below we will discuss some locations and providers where you can find high-quality drinks boards that will certainly appeal.

Local delis

Local delis can be a great place to find unique and artisanal platters. Here you can often find handmade boards from local woodworkers or special types of cheese that fit perfectly with a drinks board. Some examples of stores you can look at are:

  • The Cheese Specialist: Known for their extensive range of cheeses and matching accessories.
  • Traditional Woodworker Jan: Here you will find handmade drinks boards of high quality.

Online providers

For convenience and a wider range of choices, online providers are an excellent option. Here you can find different types of drinks boards, ranging from traditional to modern designs. Some popular online providers are:

  • Specialized in drinks boards of various materials and styles.
  • Offers a wide choice of appetizer boards with matching cheese selections.

Custom made options

If you are looking for a unique gift, consider having a custom drinks board made. This can add a personalized touch to the gift and make it a truly special gift. Some woodworkers who offer custom-made serving boards are:

  • Unique Planks: Here you can choose your own design and have it made.
  • Wood workshop Anna: Specialized in personalized drinks boards made of various types of wood.

By choosing a snack board from a local deli, an online supplier or a tailor-made option, you can find a beautiful and personal gift that perfectly suits the taste and preferences of the woman you want to surprise.

Tips for presenting the drinks board as a gift

Choose the right shelf

It all starts with the right plank. Choose a sturdy, attractive shelf that matches the recipient's style. A plank of bamboo, acacia wood or slate can give a luxurious look. Some brands known for their quality are:

  • Brabantia – for stylish bamboo planks
  • Villa d'Este – known for their beautiful acacia wood planks

Select high-quality ingredients

A snack board stands or falls with the quality of the ingredients. Choose a mix of cheeses, meats, fruit, nuts and dips to create a varied and tasty platter. Some recommended brands are:

  • Old Amsterdam – for characteristic and tasty cheeses
  • Brandt & Levie – known for their artisanal charcuterie

Create a balanced composition

Ensure an attractive presentation by arranging the ingredients in a varied and colorful manner on the shelf. For example, arrange different types of cheeses in a fan shape, add some color with grapes and berries, and strategically place small containers of dips to create visual balance.

Make it personal with additions

Add a personal touch to the drinks board by adding some special extras, such as homemade chutneys, artisanal crackers or delicious honey from the local beekeeper. These additions show that you put effort into giving a unique and thoughtful gift.

Present with care and attention

Finally, add the finishing touch to the presentation by wrapping the drinks board beautifully with transparent foil and a festive bow. Add a handwritten card to convey a personal message and complete it with some greenery or flowers for a festive look.

With these tips and guidelines you can transform a snack board into a tasteful and spectacular gift that will delight both the eye and the taste buds.

Finally: Choose the ideal drinks board for her

In your search for the perfect gift for a woman, it is important to pay attention to her taste. By putting together a personal drinks board and presenting it with care, you will certainly win her heart. Take advantage of our suggestions and give her a wonderful gift that she will enjoy!

Frequently asked questions about drinks boards as gifts for women

What are the favorite flavors or ingredients of the woman you want to give the snack board to as a gift?

To find out exactly what the favorite flavors or ingredients are of the woman you want to give the snack board to as a gift, it is smart to talk to her. Ask about her preferences and favorite snacks. Maybe she likes cheese, olives, nuts or sweets like chocolate. By taking this into account, you can put together a personal and tasteful drinks board that she will certainly appreciate. Have fun creating the perfect drinks board!

Would you like to personalize the drinks board with, for example, a card or another extra?

Yes of course! You can personalize the drink board by, for example, adding a card with a personal message, or you can choose another extra, such as a special cheese or nuts that suit the taste preferences of the person for whom the drink board is intended. This way you give a personal touch to the gift and make it extra special. Have fun putting together your personalized drinks board!

Do you want to put together the drinks board yourself or do you opt for a ready-made option?

If you would like the freedom and creativity to put together your own snack board with your favorite cheeses, meats and other delicacies, then putting it together yourself is a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you prefer convenience and don't feel like buying everything separately, a ready-made option may be more convenient. It all depends on your preference and how much time you want to spend putting the shelf together.

Does the woman have specific dietary requirements or allergies that you should take into account when putting together the snack board?

No, the woman does not have any specific dietary requirements or allergies that you need to take into account when putting together the snack board. So you can vary freely with different treats and flavors! If you have any questions about specific ingredients, please let us know. Have fun putting together the drinks board!

Does the woman prefer classic snack board ingredients or is she open to new and surprising combinations?

It depends on the personal preference of the woman in question. Some people like classic snack board ingredients such as different types of cheese and meats, nuts and olives. Others are open to new and surprising combinations with, for example, exotic cheeses, artisanal charcuterie, fruit and various dips. It is important to know her personal taste to put together a drinks board that she will really appreciate.

Which drinks would the woman like to combine with the drinks board?

Naturally! The woman could combine the drink with a fresh white wine, a sparkling wine such as prosecco or cava, a light beer such as a pilsner or a refreshing cocktail. These drinks will beautifully complement the different flavors on the snack board and provide a successful taste experience. Cheers!

Does the woman like cheese and cold cuts, or does she prefer vegetarian options?

It's hard to say without specific information about the woman in question. If she likes to eat cheese and cold cuts, she would generally not be vegetarian, as cheese and cold cuts are animal products. If she prefers vegetarian options, she probably wouldn't eat meat. Still, it's always best to ask her yourself to be sure what her preferences are.



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