How do you serve the perfect cheese board at a festive occasion?

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to create the perfect cheese board for a festive event. Learn how to impress your guests with a selection of delicious cheeses and matching side dishes.


Choose a variety of cheeses

Choose a variety of cheeses by selecting a mix of soft and hard cheeses. For example, choose a creamy brie, a spicy blue cheese and a firm cheddar. Also provide different types of milk, such as cow's, goat's and sheep's milk cheeses. This gives you a diverse taste experience on your cheese board.

Create an interesting cheese board by playing with different flavors. Add sweet elements, such as grape or fig jam, to complement the salty flavor of the cheeses. Also combine nuts and crackers for textural variation. Make sure the cheeses are at room temperature before serving to allow the flavors to develop.


Let the cheeses come to room temperature

Remove the cheeses from the refrigerator at least an hour before serving. This way the cheeses can reach room temperature and develop their flavors better. For an optimal taste experience, it is important that the cheese is not too cold when you serve it.

An example of how you can do this is by taking the cheeses out of the refrigerator an hour before you want to serve the cheese and placing them on a nice cheese board. This way they can warm up slowly and the taste becomes more intense. For example, think of a smooth brie that is soft and creamy at room temperature, instead of cold and hard. By removing the cheeses from the refrigerator in time, you ensure a delicious cheese experience for yourself and your guests.


Add garnishes

Add garnishes.

Add garnishes such as nuts, dried fruit, honey, chutney or fresh grapes to complement the cheese board and complement the flavors. Make sure to add a variety of textures and flavors for an interesting combination. Place a few walnuts and almonds next to the cheese, so that your guests can enjoy crunchy nuts in combination with the creamy cheese.

Cut some dried fruit, such as apricots or figs, into slices and place them on the cheese board as well. The sweet and soft fruit will add a delicious sweet note to the cheese experience. Drizzle some honey over a piece of soft goat cheese for a sweet and creamy treat. Also add a spoonful of chutney for a savory taste that goes perfectly with the cheese. Finally, place some fresh grapes on the side of the cheese board for a refreshing and natural sweetness that complements the cheeses. Enjoy creating different combinations and discovering your favorite flavor combinations!


Present the cheeses beautifully

Arrange the cheeses on a nice serving plate or wooden board. Place the different types of cheeses strategically on the tray or shelf so that they are clearly visible and accessible to your guests. Make sure the cheeses have enough space between each other so that they are easy to grab.
Use labels to identify the cheeses. Write the names of the cheeses clearly on small cards and place them next to the correct cheeses. This way your guests know exactly which cheese they are tasting.
Make sure you have enough knives and forks. Place an assortment of small knives and forks next to the cheeses, so that your guests can choose and cut their favorite cheese themselves. Also make sure there are enough napkins so that guests can clean their hands between tasting different cheeses.


Serve with bread and wine

Serve the cheese board with fresh baguette, crackers or toast. Make sure the bread is crispy for a delicious textural contrast with the cheeses. Place the sliced bread pieces next to the cheeses on the board for an easy and tasty combination.

Combine the cheeses with matching wines to enhance the taste experience. Choose a light white wine for soft cheeses and a strong red wine for spicy cheeses. Experiment with different combinations and discover which flavor combinations suit your taste buds the most.


Enjoy the moment

Take the time to enjoy the cheese board with your guests. Provide a variety of cheeses, such as mild and spicy, soft and hard cheeses. Place the cheeses on a nice plate and add some nuts, grapes and honey for extra flavor combinations. Tell your guests about the different cheeses and let them taste them. Encourage them to experiment with flavor combinations and discover new favorites together. Enjoy the conversations and sharing this pleasant moment together.

Tips for a perfect closing

With this guide you are ready to serve the perfect cheese board at any festive occasion. Follow the steps and create an unforgettable taste experience for you and your guests! Enjoy delicious cheeses and surprise your guests with your expertise. Cheers to a successful cheese board! Have fun putting together and serving your next cheese board. Enjoy your meal!


  • Different types of cheeses
  • Plate or cheese board
  • Knife for soft cheeses
  • Cheese slicer for hard cheeses
  • Garnishes such as nuts, dried fruit, honey
  • Bread or crackers
  • Glasses for wine
  • Bottles of wine
  • Enough space to present everything beautifully

Helpful suggestions for

  • Mix different types of cheeses such as soft cheese, hard cheese, blue cheese and goat cheese for a varied taste experience
  • Provide a combination of salty, sweet and savory elements such as dried fruit, nuts, honey and jam to complement the different flavors
  • Allow the cheeses to sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before serving to allow the cheeses to fully develop their flavors
  • Present the cheeses on a beautiful wooden board or marble tray, possibly with cards showing the names of the cheeses
  • Serve the cheese board with fresh baguette, crackers or toasted bread to spread the cheeses on
  • Serve matching drinks such as red wine, white wine, port or beer to accentuate the flavors
  • Experiment with different combinations and presentations to create a unique cheese board that will impress your guests. Have fun and enjoy putting together your perfect cheese board!

How to put together a luxurious cheese board

  • Start by choosing a variety of cheeses, such as soft cheeses like brie and camembert, semi-hard cheeses like Gouda and Emmentaler, and hard cheeses like Parmesan
  • Make sure you have a mix of sweet and savory side dishes, such as grapes, nuts, honey and jam, to complement the flavors of the cheeses
  • Present the cheeses on a surface such as a wooden board or marble tray and arrange them in an attractive arrangement, with space between each cheese for easy cutting
  • Serve the cheese board at room temperature to maximize the flavors
  • Don't forget to add a few different types of bread or crackers so you can enjoy the cheeses in different ways! Have fun making and enjoying your luxury cheese board!

Frequently asked questions about luxury cheese board

Which types of bread go well with a luxury cheese board?

Different types of bread go well with a luxurious cheese board. For example, you can choose a crispy baguette, a slightly sour sourdough bread, or a nut bread with raisins. These types of bread form a tasty addition to the various cheeses and provide a varied textural experience while eating. It is also good to vary and offer different types of bread so that guests can choose what they like best with the cheese board.



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