How can I organize my aperitif moment at home?

In the how-to guide “How can I organize my aperitif moment at home?” it explains step by step how you can organize a pleasant aperitif moment at home. From choosing the right snacks and drinks to creating an atmospheric setting, this guide provides practical tips to create a perfect experience. Whether you want to invite friends or just enjoy a quiet evening at home, this guide will help you organize a successful aperitif moment. The purpose of this how-to guide is to help readers create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere at home, in which they can enjoy tasty snacks and drinks in good company.


Step 1: Choose the right snacks and drinks

  • Choose a varied selection of snacks such as cheese, charcuterie, nuts and olives. This mix of flavors and textures will appeal to guests.
  • Make sure you provide enough snacks for the number of guests, approximately 5 to 6 snacks per person.
  • Also consider any dietary preferences or allergies of your guests. For example, provide some vegetarian or gluten-free options.
  • Make it extra festive by adding some hot snacks such as mini quiches or meatballs to the range.
  • For drinks, it's good to offer a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Make sure you have a good balance between wine, beer and soft drinks.
  • Don't forget to bring enough glasses, napkins and possibly ice cubes. This way you are fully prepared for a successful drink!

Step 2: Create a cozy setting

Place candles on the table: choose different heights and place them strategically for a warm and inviting light. Think of tea lights in glass holders for a subtle addition, or go for elegant dinner candles in candlesticks for a chic touch. Provide a scented candle for an extra cozy ambiance.

Play calm background music: choose soft tunes that enhance the atmosphere without drowning out conversations. Think of instrumental music, jazz or acoustic songs. Create a playlist on your favorite music platform or turn on a quiet radio station.

Use matching tableware and glasses: choose tableware and glassware in the same color or style for a uniform look. For example, combine white porcelain with glass drinking glasses for a timeless look. Also try vintage tableware for a unique and nostalgic touch. This way you create a harmonious whole that contributes to the cozy setting.


Step 3: Make a plan

First decide when you want to organize the aperitif moment. Look at your calendar and determine a date and time when you have enough time to prepare everything. Then make a detailed list of everything you need. Think of groceries for snacks and drinks, crockery and cutlery, and any decorations such as candles or flowers.


  • Date of aperitif moment: Saturday, May 15 at 6:00 PM
  • Shopping list: olives, cheese, toast, wine, soft drinks
  • Crockery and cutlery: glasses, plates, forks, napkins
  • Decorations: candles, tablecloth, flower vase

This way you know exactly what you need and you can get everything in time for a successful aperitif moment. Have fun with the preparations!


Step 4: Prepare the snacks

Cut cheese and meats into bite-sized pieces:

  • Take a sharp knife and cut the cheese (e.g. young cheese, aged cheese, brie) and meats (e.g. salami, ham, roast beef) into bite-sized pieces.
  • Place the sliced cheese and meats on separate serving platters for a beautiful presentation.

Make sure everything is ready before guests arrive:

  • Plan ahead and prepare the snacks at least an hour in advance.
  • Place the serving dishes with the cheese and meats on the table, together with small forks or skewers.
  • If necessary, cover the bowls with foil to keep them fresh until guests arrive.

Step 5: Pour the drinks

Make sure the drinks are at the right temperature before pouring them. Cool drinks such as soft drinks and white wine should be well chilled, while hot drinks such as coffee and tea should be kept warm at the correct temperature. This contributes to the taste experience of the guests.

Use nice glasses or cups to pour the drinks. Choose the right glassware, such as a wine glass for wine or a cocktail glass for mixed drinks, to complete the experience. Good presentation of the drinks will appeal to guests and make their experience even more enjoyable.


Step 6: Enjoy the aperitif moment

Invite your guests to enjoy the aperitif moment that you have carefully prepared. Create a relaxed atmosphere by placing a table full of delicious snacks, such as olives, cheese cubes and bruschetta. Pour a nice glass of wine or make a refreshing cocktail for your guests. Make sure everyone feels comfortable and encourage chatting and laughing with each other.

Raise a toast to the fun and enjoy the delicacies you have prepared together. Let your guests know how they can toast in your style, for example by saying “To a beautiful evening with great people!” or “Cheers to new memories!” Add some background music to complete the atmosphere and enjoy the moment with your guests. Let go of the stress of the day and focus on sharing fun and good food.


Step 7: Clean up and thank your guests

Clear the table after the aperitif. Collect all glasses, plates and cutlery and place them in the dishwasher or rinse them. Throw away any empty packaging, napkins and other waste. Fold the tablecloths neatly and put them away for next time.

Thank your guests very much for their company. Let them know you enjoyed having them there. If you would like them to come again, make arrangements for next time. When saying goodbye, you can also emphasize again that you appreciate that they were with you.

Summary advice

In this blog post you learned how to organize a perfect aperitif moment at home. Provide a good mix of snacks and drinks, create a cozy atmosphere and don't forget to enjoy being together with friends or family. With these simple tips you are ready to host a successful aperitif moment! Have fun!

Required Tools

  • Snacks (cheese, sausage, olives, toast, etc.)
  • Drinks (wine, beer, soft drinks, water, etc.)
  • Plates, bowls, glasses, cutlery
  • Tablecloth, napkins, candles
  • Planning/agenda
  • Cutting board, knife, bowls
  • Fridge, ice cubes
  • Opener, corkscrew
  • Chairs, seat cushions
  • Cleaning wipes, garbage bags

Useful advice

  • Provide a variety of snacks such as cheese, sausage, olives, nuts and dips
  • Match the drinks to the taste of the snacks, for example wine with cheese and beer with sausage
  • Create an attractive setting with candles, flowers and beautiful napkins
  • Play soothing music in the background to create a relaxing atmosphere
  • Ask guests to bring their favorite appetizer or drink for a varied selection
  • Experiment with special cocktails or mocktails to make the aperitif moment extra festive
  • Consider the dietary requirements of your guests and provide sufficient vegetarian or gluten-free options
  • Enjoy the moment and make fun memories with friends and family!



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