How to order an Easter package

In this step-by-step guide we will guide you in ordering an Easter package, so that you are ready for the upcoming holidays without any worries. We understand that putting together such a package is very special and are happy to help you with every step of the process. Have fun ordering and enjoy the prospect of a wonderful Easter celebration!


Choose the desired Easter package

View the available options and choose the Easter package that best suits your wishes and needs. Compare the content, prices and themes of the different packages to make an informed choice. Select the package that appeals to you most and add it to your shopping cart. Follow the steps to complete the order and enjoy a wonderful Easter celebration with your chosen package.


Place the package in your shopping cart

Select the desired quantity of the Easter package by clicking on the plus or minus button. Then add the Easter package to your shopping cart by pressing the 'Add to shopping cart' button. Don't forget to check the contents of your shopping cart before proceeding to payment. Enjoy your purchase!


Check your order

Please check carefully that the selected Easter package and quantity are correct before proceeding. Make sure everything matches what you want to order. If you are unsure, please check the product description and quantities in your shopping cart. This will help avoid any errors and ensure that you are satisfied with your final order.


Go to the checkout process

  • Navigate to your shopping cart by clicking on the icon at the top of the page.
  • Please check that all desired products are in your shopping cart before continuing.
  • Click on the 'Checkout' button to start the payment process.
  • Follow the payment instructions that appear on the screen to complete your order.

fill in your personal details

Enter the necessary information, such as your name, address and payment details, to complete the order. Please ensure all fields are completed correctly and completely before continuing. Please check the details carefully to avoid any errors and to ensure smooth processing of your order. Finally, click on the “Confirm” button to save your personal information and complete the order.


Choose a delivery date and time

Choose the desired delivery date and time for your Easter package by viewing the available options. Select the date that suits you best and choose a time window in which you expect delivery. Don't forget to confirm this choice before continuing to complete your order. This way you are well prepared and you know exactly when you can expect the Easter package.


Confirm your order

Double-check all information, such as the delivery address and payment method. Then confirm your order by clicking on the 'Complete order' button.

Make sure that the quantities and products are correct before finalizing the order. A final check prevents any errors and ensures a smooth transaction.


Receive confirmation

  • Place your order for the Easter package on the website.
  • Please check your inbox after placing your order.
  • View the received email with all details and confirmation of your order.
  • Please ensure all information is correct and contact us with any questions.

Track the delivery of your package

Keep an eye on the status of your order by regularly checking the track & trace code. Monitor the delivery of your Easter package closely by viewing delivery updates. Please check the estimated delivery date and make sure you are available to receive the package.


Enjoy your Easter package!

  • Discover the delicacies: Open your Easter package and discover the delicious contents. For example, try those tasty chocolate eggs or the artisanal Easter stollen.
  • Celebrate the holidays: Create a cozy atmosphere and celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. For example, invite friends or family for an Easter brunch or organize a garden party with fun games.
  • Enjoy the surprises: Be surprised by all the fun items in your Easter package, such as festive decorations, colorful eggs and maybe even a small gift. Don't forget to toast the good life and have a happy Easter celebration!

Order your delicious package now!

That's completely right! With this guide you have learned all the important steps to effortlessly order an Easter package and enjoy the coming Easter without any worries. Have fun putting together your perfect Easter package and have a happy Easter!


  • Money/payment method
  • Address
  • Delivery date and time
  • Any discount codes/promotional codes

Useful advice for Easter

  • Start planning your Easter package order in time, so that you have enough time to arrange everything
  • Check which products you would like to include in the Easter package and take the recipients' preferences into account
  • Remember to select the appropriate quantities and sizes of the products to meet the needs of the recipients
  • Choose a reliable supplier or store when ordering your Easter package to ensure that the quality of the products is guaranteed
  • If possible, personalize the Easter package with a personal message or extra gifts to surprise and appreciate the recipients
  • Make sure you provide sufficient information during the ordering process, such as delivery date, address details and any special requests
  • Please check the order and delivery carefully to ensure everything is delivered correctly and on time
  • Don't forget to keep any proof of payment for your records and to resolve any issues if necessary. Have fun putting together your perfect Easter package!

How to use an Easter package: step-by-step guide

  • Start by opening your Easter package and admire the delicious contents
  • Enjoy the Easter delicacies, such as chocolate eggs, Easter bread and Easter stollen
  • Share the Easter package with your family and friends for a nice Easter brunch
  • Use the decorative items from the Easter package to give your home an Easter atmosphere
  • Don't forget to share a photo of your Easter package on social media and inspire others
  • Have fun using your Easter package!

Frequently asked questions about Easter packages

Are there special themes for Easter packages?

Yes, there are definitely special themes for Easter packages! Popular themes include spring, flowers, animals such as chicks or bunnies, and of course Easter eggs. By choosing a theme for your Easter packages you can make them extra festive and special! Many companies and stores offer a wide variety of themes to choose from, so you're sure to find something that's perfect for you and your recipients. Have fun putting together your Easter packages!

How is an Easter package put together?

An Easter package is often put together with a selection of seasonal delicacies and nice gifts that match the Easter theme. These could be chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter bread, colored eggs, tea, napkins, flowers or other decorations. The content varies depending on the taste and wishes of the recipient, but the idea is to put together a festive and cheerful mix of products that enhance the Easter feeling. It's a fun way to surprise others and make Easter extra special!

Which companies often give an Easter package to their employees?

Many companies in the Netherlands give their employees an Easter package as a token of appreciation and to celebrate the holidays. Large companies and organizations in particular are known for traditionally providing Easter packages to their employees. Companies in various sectors, such as retail, healthcare, finance and technology, are familiar with giving Easter packages. It is a fun way to strengthen team spirit and thank employees for their efforts.

Is it customary to add a message to an Easter package?

Yes, it is customary to add a message to an Easter package. Adding a personal message can make the recipient feel extra special and enhance the meaning of the gift. It's a small effort, but it can add a lot of extra joy to receiving an Easter package.

Can you put together an Easter package yourself?

Yes, you can certainly put together an Easter package yourself! An Easter package can consist of various treats and gifts that suit Easter. Think of chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter bread, colored eggs, flowers and other festive decorations. You can choose which items you include in the package and thus put together a personal and unique Easter package for yourself or to give as a gift. Have fun putting together your own Easter package!

What is an Easter package?

An Easter package is a gift package that is given at Easter. It often contains treats such as Easter eggs, chocolate, cookies, and other tasty snacks that are all about Easter. It may also contain decorations, flowers or other items that match the atmosphere of Easter. It is a nice way to surprise someone during Easter or to enjoy it yourself.

Are Easter packages only popular in the Netherlands?

No, Easter packages are not only popular in the Netherlands. In several countries around the world, Easter parcels are given and received as gifts during Easter. This usage is mainly seen in Western countries, including Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. Giving Easter hampers is a tradition that occurs across cultures as a way to share celebration and joy during the Easter season.

Are there also healthy variants of Easter packages?

Yes, there are certainly healthy variants of Easter packages available! You can think of packages with fresh fruit, unsalted nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and maybe even some healthy snack bars or organic juices. By choosing these options, you can enjoy an Easter package that is both delicious and nutritious. It's a great way to enjoy the holidays without overloading yourself with sugar and unhealthy snacks. Have fun putting together a healthy Easter package!

Which products are often included in an Easter package?

An Easter package often contains products that match the Easter season. Think of chocolate eggs, chocolate Easter bunnies, Easter bread, colored eggs, Easter stollen, fruit juice, Easter-themed cookies and other treats. Non-food products such as napkins, decorations and small gifts are also sometimes added to an Easter package. It is a nice tradition to surprise and spoil people during Easter!

What is the average price of an Easter package?

The average price of an Easter package may differ depending on the contents and the provider. In general, the price of a standard Easter package is between 15 and 25 euros. For more luxurious variants with more extensive products, the price can rise to 50 euros or more. It is therefore advisable to compare and see what best suits your wishes and budget.

How many Easter packages are sold annually?

Approximately 30 to 35 million Easter packages are sold in the Netherlands every year. This number does vary each year, depending on economic conditions and consumer trends.

Are there also Easter packages with gift vouchers or experiences instead of products?

Yes, there are Easter packages available that contain gift vouchers or experiences instead of products. For example, these packages can include a dinner voucher, a wellness experience or an activity instead of traditional Easter products. It is a fun and original way to spend time with family or friends during Easter. You can search online for providers of these special Easter packages and compare the different options to find the perfect gift. Have fun choosing the right Easter gift!



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