How can I order a drinks board catering book?

This step-by-step guide explains how to order a snack board catering book. This allows you to effortlessly enjoy delicious snacks and drinks. Follow the steps and order your drinks catering book today to make your next party a success!


Determine your wishes and budget

Think carefully about how large your catering drinks board should be. Consider:

  • The number of people who should be able to eat from the snack board. For example, for 10-15 people you need a board of about 60-70 cm.
  • Different types of snacks, such as cheese, meats, nuts, and fruit. For example, a mix of brie, salami, mixed nuts, grapes and crackers.

Then also set a budget to stay within. Think of:

  • The price per person. For example, €10-€15 per person for an extensive drinks board.
  • Any additional costs, such as delivery or crockery. For example, €20 extra for delivery within a 10 km radius.

Search for catering companies

Look for catering companies that offer snack books and that meet your wishes and budget. Start with an online search. Use search engines such as Google to find catering companies that specialize in offering drinks. Type search terms such as “snacks catering” or “snacks catering” and view the websites of different catering companies to see what options they offer. Pay attention to the price lists and available menus to ensure they are within your budget and meet your needs.

Also ask acquaintances for recommendations for catering companies that offer drinks books. Inquire with friends, family or colleagues who have previously used catering services for events or gatherings. Ask about their experiences and whether they recommend a specific company for drinks boards. This way you get reliable recommendations from people you know and trust. They may even have photos of the appetizer boards they ordered so you can get an idea of the quality and presentation of the food.


Compare options and choose a company

First compare the different options and prices of the catering companies. Review their menus, service packages and prices carefully. Pay attention to things like the diversity of the menu, any dietary options and whether they can accommodate special requests. Make a list of the companies that meet your requirements.

Then choose the catering company that suits you best and make a reservation. Please contact your chosen company to confirm availability and discuss catering details. Make sure you provide all necessary information, such as the date, time, location and number of guests. Confirm the reservation and arrange any payments according to the agreements with the catering company. This way you are assured of a successful event with delicious catering!


Place your order

Contact the chosen catering company directly. Ask about the options for ordering the drinks board catering book. Discuss all details with the caterer, such as the number of people, the desired delivery date and any dietary requirements.

Please clearly communicate any special requests you have. Make sure that the caterer has all the necessary information to fulfill your order perfectly. Also ask about the payment terms and any delivery costs, so that you are not faced with any surprises.


Confirmation and delivery

  • Check whether you have received confirmation of your order.
  • Please check your email inbox and spam folder to ensure the confirmation email has not been missed.
  • If you have not received confirmation, please contact the supplier to clarify any misunderstandings.
  • Make arrangements about the delivery or pick-up options for your drinks catering book.
  • Discuss the delivery date and time to ensure that the drinks board is available on time.
  • Confirm details such as location and supplies needed for smooth delivery.

Order your drinks board now!

With the clear steps we've discussed, ordering an appetizer catering book should now be an easy and tasty experience for you. Have fun with your party and enjoy the delicious snacks! Enjoy your meal!


  • Notepad
  • Telephone
  • Wallet
  • Kitchen scale
  • Kitchen knives
  • Cutting board
  • Kitchen paper
  • Refrigerator
  • Possibly a camera / camera
  • Email address for confirmation

Helpful suggestions

  • First, search online for local catering companies that offer drinks
  • Review the menu options and prices of different caterers to determine which one best suits your needs
  • Contact the catering company of your choice to check availability and request a quote
  • Discuss any dietary requirements or allergies to ensure the platter meets your needs
  • Confirm your order and ensure that all details, such as delivery date, time and location, have been clearly agreed
  • Pay the deposit or total amount as agreed with the catering company
  • Enjoy your delicious drinks board at your event and share your satisfaction with the catering company!

Instructions for assembling the perfect drinks board

  • Start by selecting a suitable location for serving the drinks platter
  • Choose a variety of flavors and textures, such as different cheeses, meats, dips, nuts and fruits
  • Place the different items on a beautifully laid out shelf or bowl, taking color and presentation into account
  • Provide sufficient crockery and cutlery so that guests can easily enjoy the drinks board
  • Don't forget to also serve something to drink, such as wine, beer, water or soft drinks, with the snack board for a complete experience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the book also discuss regional specialties or regional products?

Yes, the book discusses regional specialties and regional products in detail. It describes the unique flavors and dishes that occur per region and emphasizes the culinary diversity that the Netherlands has to offer.

Does the book also pay attention to sustainability and environmentally friendly choices?

Yes, the book certainly pays attention to sustainability and environmentally friendly choices. It explains how to make environmentally conscious decisions and what impact this can have on our planet. Tips are also given on how you can live more sustainably and, for example, how you can contribute to reducing your ecological footprint. It is an interesting and informative part of the book from which you can gain many useful insights!

Are there special drinks or cocktails that can be combined with the snacks?

Yes, there are certainly specialty drinks that go well with drinks! For example, if you have a cheese board, a glass of red wine such as a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon can taste delicious. For a fish board you can think of a fresh white wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc or a dry rosé. A strong red wine such as Shiraz or Malbec often goes well with meats and pâtés. Of course you can also opt for a specialty beer such as an IPA or a dark beer to complement your drinks board. The most important thing is that the flavors of the drinks and snacks complement each other for a tasty experience!

Are the recipes in the book easy to follow?

Yes, the recipes in the book are generally easy to follow. They are clearly written and explained step by step, making it easy for you as a reader to follow them and prepare the dishes successfully.



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