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Imagine: you open a gift and immediately feel the warm embrace of a perfect evening; surrounded by great company, enjoying delicious snacks and luxurious drinks, and overwhelmed by conviviality.

This feeling, this ultimate moment of joie de vivre, is summarized in the words “Ama la Vita” – Italian for “love life!”.

This gift is a fusion of everything that promises a perfect drinks evening, wrapped in an extraordinary experience.

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Order a drink box in Roosendaal

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Wines and gifts

Ama la Vita means “love life!” In italian.

These wines are specially made to create the perfect wine gift: high-quality Italian wines that will appeal to everyone, beautiful bottles in multiple luxury gift packaging and a beautiful message! 

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Order a drink box in Roosendaal

Our drink boxes are filled with delicious, fresh food and delicacies such as artisanal cheeses, artisanal meats, fresh fruit, healthy snacks, tasty olives, nuts, savouries and crackers, bread, fresh dips and of course much more! View our current collection of boxes full of fresh products here. Ideal to serve just before the weekend and easy to order online! Your drinks box will be delivered in Roosendaal at the time you choose

The freshest products

What you do see with us and not with various suppliers are fresh, local products. From fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables to premium charcuterie, special cheeses and delicacies. You can serve the tastiest drinks with fresh ingredients when you are not immediately waiting for meal delivery or catering in Roosendaal, our chilled drinks packages for your home offer solace. The entire range of drinks boxes consist of fresh products and that is why we ship our boxes chilled to your home. When you receive the package, make sure you unpack the products immediately and quickly put the fresh ingredients for the snack board in the refrigerator. This way you can still serve your drink board in all our drink boxes up to 4 days after receiving it.

Enjoy at home

At foodandwood.nl we want everyone in the Netherlands to be able to easily put a delicious snack board on the table. That's why our boxes contain both cold snacks and hot snacks that you have to put in the oven yourself. This ensures that our drinks boxes are versatile, filling and unique. You immediately have something to serve on the board and all from one drinks box. Would you also like to experience the foodandwood.nl experience and buy a drinks box in Roosendaal? Then order your favorite box directly in our webshop. Of course also very useful to give as a gift or to use for parties

When is it time for drinks in Roosendaal?

Do you start your weekend with a surprising drinks board? We are happy to deliver your drinks box to Roosendaal on Thursday evening, so that you are ready on Friday to start the weekend with a delicious drink! Is that a relaxing way to start your weekend?

Are you going for drinks later in the week? All drinks boxes can be kept refrigerated for up to 4 days after shipment. Whether it's Friday evening, Saturday afternoon or Sunday evening, you can always grab the drinks box when it suits you. You don't have to wait for a delivery person, because you already have everything at home on time ;).

Drink box delivered to your home in Roosendaal

Would you like to order such a delicious drinks box full of cold and hot snacks? Then place your order in the webshop. Go to our range of drinks boxes and choose the box that appeals to you most. Order your favorite directly online and enjoy a complete drinks box full of snacks this weekend. Also nice: give a drinks box as a gift per mail deliverer! We deliver throughout the Netherlands (with the exception of the Wadden Islands) and shipping is free for orders over €50.00.

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