NEW: DAVO Beer tasting box

Are you a big fan of specialty beers and beer tastings? Then you will be happy with our new collaboration with DAVO! This beer brewery from Deventer is known for its very tasty diversity of specialty beers and even has an award-winning beer in its range: the Weizenbock! You won't taste that anywhere else. Of course this is also available from us and in a beautiful one beer tasting box.

Beer tasting from your own couch

It's no secret that beer lovers know how to enjoy a good brew – and now, thanks to DAVO's complete beer tasting boxes, it's easier than ever to discover new flavors and styles from the comfort of your own home. You can order various beer tasting boxes from DAVO with your drinks box with snacks for a complete drinks experience at home! Who do you invite to your home tasting?

Davo Beukers beer tasting box
Beer tasting box “Beukers” from DAVO

Which beers can I taste?

We offer the following two beer packages from DAVO beers:

  • Thirst Aid Kit; consisting of 4 wonderful runners from DAVO. The contents differ per 4-pack for a nice surprise that always meets your necessary need for good beer.
  • Beukers home tasting box; consisting of 8 beers in 4 flavors. The ideal tasting for 2 people including tasting card. In the Beukers beer package you can taste the following beers: Weizenbock, Indie IPA, Roadtrip and The Don.
Thirst Aid kit DAVO beers
Thirst Aid Kit from DAVO

The complete experience

With the Beukers beer tasting box you will receive a tasting card with QR codes of all beers for more information about the taste palette. With background information about what you taste, your beer tasting is of course only truly complete. Because that's the only way you can tell all your friends about that fantastic specialty beer you tasted.

Moreover, you will be taken into the world of DAVO beers under video guidance by master brewer Arnoud. It doesn't get any better, does it?

Beer for everyone!

Whether you're an experienced beer connoisseur or just starting your beer tapping journey, these beer tasting boxes are the perfect way to explore the world of craft beer and discover new favorites. With options like Roadtrip, Indie IPA, Weizenbock, and The Don beer flavors, there's something for everyone in this at-home beer tasting box! So why wait? Try one today and start your beer tasting journey now.



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