How do you decorate the Mother's Day surprise box with ribbon and stickers?

In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to decorate the Mother's Day surprise box with ribbon and stickers to make it extra special.


Choose ribbon and stickers

Start by selecting ribbon and stickers that suit your mother's preferences. Think of her favorite colors and designs. Look for ribbon in colors she likes and patterns that match her style. Also choose stickers with images or shapes she likes. Make sure you choose a variety of materials, such as shiny ribbon or glitter stickers, to make her gift even more special.

Combine different ribbons and stickers to create a unique and personal look. Mix and match colors and designs to create a beautiful interplay. Think about how you can combine the ribbon and stickers on the gift wrapping for an eye-catching presentation. By paying attention to these details, you make the gift extra special for your mother.


Apply ribbon

Cut the ribbon to the desired length. Make sure it is long enough to tie around the box, but not too short. It is important that the ribbon fits nicely around the box. Then tie the ribbon tightly around the box so it doesn't come loose. Make sure the ribbon is tied straight and neatly.

Tie a pretty bow at the top of the box for a festive look. Take the loose end of the ribbon and fold it into a loop. Pull the other end of the ribbon through the loop and tighten securely. Form the bow by pulling and arranging the loops until you have formed a nice and even bow. Adjust the bow as desired and tie it securely. This way you have a beautifully decorated box with a festive look!


Place stickers

Choose strategic places on the box to apply the stickers. Think about the message you want to convey and choose stickers that match it. For example, place flower stickers around the edge of the box for a cheerful look. For a romantic touch, you can arrange hearts towards the center of the box. Think in advance in which order you want to apply the stickers for the best result.

Add special messages using stickers. For example, write “Thank you!” with nice letter stickers or “Lots of love” with heart-shaped stickers. Choose stickers that match the occasion or theme of the gift. Place the messages in a prominent place on the box so that they immediately stand out. Be creative and playful when applying the stickers for a personal touch.


Combine ribbon and stickers

Experiment with combining ribbon and stickers to create a unique design. Choose different colors and textures that go well together. Start by choosing a ribbon that appeals to you and attach it to your card or project. You can then add stickers that match or contrast the color of the ribbon for an interesting visual effect.

Add extra layers by combining multiple ribbons and stickers. Vary the widths and lengths of the ribbon and experiment with placing the stickers at different heights. By adding layers you create more depth and texture in your design. Keep playing with the combinations until you are satisfied with the end result.


Finishing touches

Check that all decorations are securely attached and add additional accents if necessary. Make sure flowers and ribbons are securely attached and have no loose parts. If necessary, use glue or tape to secure them in place. Also check that any cards or labels are clearly legible and nicely positioned.

The Mother's Day surprise box is now ready to impress! Study the whole again carefully and add any extra decorations or details to make it even more festive. Be creative and add personal touches that will surprise and delight the recipient. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can hand over the surprise box and enjoy the reaction of the lucky recipient. Have fun giving this beautiful surprise!

Add a personal touch


By following these steps, your Mother's Day surprise box with ribbon and stickers will become a personal and loving gift for your mother. Give free rein to your creativity and make something special!


  • Different types of ribbon
  • Various stickers
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Mother's Day surprise box

Useful decoration tips

  • Choose ribbon and stickers with themes that reflect Mother's Day, such as flowers, hearts, or "best mom."
  • Use a combination of different ribbon colors and widths for a playful effect
  • Make a beautiful bow on the surprise box with the ribbon for a festive look
  • Decorate the sides of the box with stickers to complete the look
  • Play with contrasts by, for example, combining a brightly colored ribbon with subtle stickers
  • Make sure the ribbons and stickers are securely attached to prevent them from coming loose during shipping
  • Be creative and add a personal touch, for example with a homemade sticker with a sweet message

How do you use the Mother's Day surprise box?

  • Start by choosing a suitable gift for your mother that will fit in the box
  • Decorate the box with fun stickers, ribbons or drawings to make it extra special
  • Add a personal message to the gift to let your mother know how much she means to you
  • If necessary, hide a small surprise in the box to make it extra surprising
  • Hand over the box with a radiant smile and enjoy the moment when your mother opens the surprise and is pleasantly surprised. Have fun!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Mother's Day surprise box

What is normally included in a Mother's Day surprise box?

A Mother's Day surprise box often contains items such as flowers, chocolate, a personal card, care products, and perhaps even jewelry or other small items that have been specially selected to pamper and surprise mothers. The goal is to make mothers feel how special they are on Mother's Day and to let them enjoy a surprise package full of love and attention.

What extras could be included in a luxury Mother's Day surprise box?

A luxurious Mother's Day surprise box can contain extras such as a handwritten card, luxurious bath products, a bottle of champagne or wine, chocolate, flowers or an exclusive gift. Other options include a voucher for a spa day, a personalized piece of jewelry or a luxurious care product. The most important thing is that the extras match the personal taste and preferences of the recipient and that they provide an unforgettable surprise on Mother's Day!

How can you best match a Mother's Day surprise box to your mother's personal taste?

To make a Mother's Day surprise box perfectly match your mother's personal taste, it is best to start by making a list of her favorite things. For example, think of her favorite colors, smells, tastes and hobbies. You can then use this information to put together a surprise box that really suits her.

For example, you can add her favorite flowers, chocolate, scented candles or books. You can also consider personalized items, such as a photo album with beautiful memories, a handwritten card or a homemade gift. By paying attention to her personal preferences and interests, you make her Mother's Day surprise extra special and personal.

Are Mother's Day surprise boxes usually personalized?

Yes, Mother's Day surprise boxes are usually personalized. Many companies offer the option to customize the box with the mother's name, a special message or favorite colors. This adds to the personal touch of the gift and makes it extra special for the recipient.

Are there Mother's Day surprise boxes with beauty products?

Yes, there are certainly Mother's Day surprise boxes with beauty products on the market. Many cosmetic brands and stores offer special Mother's Day gifts, including surprise boxes with various beauty products such as creams, makeup, perfumes and more. You can shop online or search in physical stores for these special gift sets to surprise your mother on Mother's Day. Have fun choosing the perfect gift for her!

Can you order a Mother's Day surprise box online?

Yes, you can certainly order a Mother's Day surprise box online! Many stores and online stores offer special Mother's Day surprise boxes that you can easily order via their website. Make sure you order on time so that the surprise box is delivered in time for Mother's Day. Have fun choosing a nice gift for your mother!

Are Mother's Day surprise boxes often sent or delivered personally?

Mother's Day surprise boxes are often personally delivered in the Netherlands. Research shows that most people choose to give their Mother's Day gift personally, in order to properly convey their appreciation and love. But of course there are also people who choose to have a surprise box sent if they do not live near their mother. So it depends on personal preference and circumstances.

What are some popular items often found in Mother's Day surprise boxes?

Naturally! Some popular items often found in Mother's Day surprise boxes include flowers, chocolates, handmade cards, beauty products, scented candles and personal jewelry. These items are often chosen for their sentimental value and ability to make mothers feel extra special on this special day.

Can you also order a Mother's Day surprise box last-minute?

Yes, some companies offer last-minute ordering options for Mother's Day surprise boxes. It is wise to check the company's specific terms and delivery times to ensure your order arrives on time. Good luck finding the perfect surprise for Mother's Day!

Are there local stores that sell Mother's Day surprise boxes?

Yes, there are local stores that sell Mother's Day surprise boxes. It is best to contact florists, gift shops or boutiques in your area to find out if they offer such surprise boxes. Many stores offer special Mother's Day gifts, and a surprise box can certainly be one of them. It is useful to ask around at different stores to see what options are available. Good luck finding the perfect Mother's Day gift!

Are there Mother's Day surprise boxes that also contain activities or experiences?

Yes, there are Mother's Day surprise boxes that contain activities or experiences. These surprise boxes can contain workshops, outings, beauty treatments or culinary experiences. This way you give your mother an original gift that she can really enjoy and gain new experiences! It is useful to look carefully at the contents of the surprise box in advance to ensure that it matches your mother's interests. Have fun choosing a nice surprise for Mother's Day!

Can you also put together a Mother's Day surprise box yourself?

Yes, you can often put together a Mother's Day surprise box yourself at some stores or online services. This allows you to add personal and meaningful gifts that perfectly suit your mother's tastes and interests. It's a great way to create a unique and memorable surprise for Mother's Day! Good luck putting together the perfect surprise box for your mother!



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