Making Italian drinks: this is what our drinks box names mean!

Bella Italia! The Italian culture has so much delicious food that the possibilities for an Italian snack board are almost endless. It is not without reason that an Italian appetizer board is one of the best-known and most commonly served appetizer boards. In Italy, a snack as an appetizer is very common. There it is called antipasti, or: cold starters, intended to stimulate the appetite.Β 

Our Italian inspired shelves

Did you know that Food and Wood was inspired by the Italian drinks culture for almost all of its shelves? There are some French or Spanish influences interwoven here and there, but most snacks come from the Italian snack board. Think of mortadella, coppa di parma, prosciutto, burrata di bufala and pecorino. All come from Italy and can be found on various Food and Wood drinks boards.

Italian Trattoria inspiration drink box names

Tutti Nomi Italiani

The names of our drinks boards are also in Italian. Have you noticed that yet and do you know what they mean? We would like to explain a few of them:

Amorino: Love – but can also be freely translated to 'little darling'. The ideal board to enjoy with the two of you or to give as a gift to someone you love! 

antipasti: Appetizer – In other words, this plank is ideal as an aperitivo for your Italian evening with friends or family. But we also see that this board is the ideal drinks gift for families or loved ones who deserve a large drinks board. Meat lovers can also indulge themselves with this well-stocked box! 

Il Mio: Mine – To be interpreted as you wish. Say 'You are mine' with this box, or this box is (a gift) mine, for you. Or maybe you just go for the translation: this box is all mine πŸ˜‰ You can say it all with our Il Mio drinks box.Β 

Splendore: Splendor & splendor. Officially it is Splendore e Splendore and this box is so well filled! With the Splendore drinks box you can create an amazing drinks board or table full of delicacies that is also a feast for the eyes. Enjoy this all-encompassing snack board with family or friends!

Forza!: Literally means forza 'power', but anyone who knows Italian football also knows that 'Forza Italia!' (Come on Italy!) is a frequently used shout from the stands to encourage the team. What better way to serve this snack board than with an exciting pot or, for example, a good one game full of excitement? Everything for an evening full of fun!

Make an Italian drinks box Splendore
Splendor & Splendor drinks box 'Splendore'

Italian themed party

Do you have something to celebrate and would you like to do it in an Italian atmosphere? Then a beautiful Italian-inspired drinks board or grazing table Γ  la Italia should not be missed! We can ensure that your Italian theme party is represented in detail on the drinks board. Think of delicious antipasti meats, beautiful cheeses, burrata, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and more goodies for your guests. How nice it is if you no longer have to worry about this yourself, right?

Submit your request to us via And if even the food is Italian, no one can beat the party. Salute! 

Italian wedding catering
Italian wedding – Photo by RachelClaire through Pexels

Italian wedding catering

Is it time to celebrate your love with friends and/or family? Congratulations! We would be happy to cater for your intimate Italian wedding. Of course, as a married couple you already melt everyone's hearts, so let us fill our mouths with flavor combinations and snacks that melt on everyone's tongue. πŸ˜‰ If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and ask about the catering options for your (Italian) wedding. We would be happy to provide a beautiful grazing table for your party!

Drinks board catering anniversary celebrate love
Appetizer catering Italian wedding anniversary – Food & Wood (Amersfoort, 2021)

Drinks evening with friends

Good wine, Italian snacks on the platter and great company. That's all you need for a fun drinks evening with friends. Plan this evening on the weekend or during the week; In both cases we can provide you with a delicious Italian snack board. Drinks are all about enjoyment and certainly don't have to be difficult. Are you already eating delicious pasta, lasagna or homemade/stone oven pizzas together? Then an Italian snack board is delicious as an aperitivo or as a cheese board afterwards.

Find the ideal Italian board for your group in our webshop and order your favorite, or place a custom order and let us know the number of people and your wishes via Bon appetito!



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