How to make eco-friendly gifts yourself?

The step-by-step guide “How to make eco-friendly gifts yourself?” teaches you to make sustainable and eco-friendly gifts that are unique and good for the planet. Discover how you can create eco-friendly gifts yourself!


Step 1: Choose sustainable materials

Choose recycled paper to reduce your ecological footprint. By using recycled paper, you give old materials a second life and reduce the demand for new raw materials. In this way you contribute to a more sustainable production cycle and reduce the impact on the environment. Another sustainable alternative is organic cotton fabric. Organic cotton is grown in an environmentally friendly way without harmful chemicals, which protects the soil and groundwater. You can also opt for reusable packaging materials such as beeswax cloths instead of plastic foil. By using reusable materials, you reduce your waste production and help create a cleaner environment. When making these choices, pay attention to quality marks that guarantee the sustainability of materials, such as the FSC quality mark for recycled paper. This way you make conscious and environmentally friendly material choices that contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.


Step 2: Make homemade soap

Start by gathering the necessary ingredients: coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils, lye (sodium hydroxide), distilled water and any additives such as dyes or dried flowers. Measure the correct proportions and melt the coconut oil and shea butter in a pan over low heat. Mix the lye with the distilled water in a well-ventilated area while wearing protective clothing and gloves. Slowly add the lye solution to the melted oils while stirring continuously. Then add the essential oils and any additional ingredients and pour the mixture into the soap molds. Allow the soap to harden for 24 hours before removing it from the mold and packaging it in environmentally friendly packaging. Personalize the packaging for a unique and lasting gift!


Step 3: Upcycle old items

Look around you and look for old keys that you no longer use or empty food cans. Also gather other supplies such as paint, brushes and decorative materials. Start by cleaning the old items and make sure they are thoroughly dry before continuing. Paint the keys or cans in cheerful colors and let them dry. Then use decorative materials such as ribbons, beads or stickers to brighten them up. Make key rings by attaching a ring to the keys and add a nice charm if you like. For the flower pots, make small holes at the bottom of the cans for the drainage and fill them with potting soil before putting plants in them. This way you can give old things a creative makeover and make unique gifts that are made with love. Have fun crafting!


Step 4: Create homemade decorations

Embellish your gifts with homemade decorations from natural elements such as dried flowers, leaves or twigs. Start collecting your favorite materials from nature. Cut off some dried flowers from a bouquet or pick some beautiful leaves and twigs. Then place them on a clean work surface.

Wrap your gift and tie a piece of burlap or recycled ribbon around it. Now add your natural elements to the ribbon by wrapping or tying them around it. Or stick them directly on the wrapping paper for a playful effect. You can also make a beautiful label with recycled paper and stick a dried flower on it. This way you give a unique and environmentally friendly touch to your gifts!


Step 5: Pack creatively

Choose reusable packaging such as cloth bags, jute ribbons or beeswax cloths instead of disposable packaging. These reusable options are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more creative. For example, choose colorful fabric bags to wrap gifts in. You can also use jute ribbons to wrap packages nicely. For food, you can use beeswax wraps as an alternative to plastic wrap. This way you give your gifts or food a unique and sustainable look. Choose reusable packaging and actively contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.


Step 6: Add a personal touch

Write a personal message:

  • Choose beautiful words that suit the recipient and the occasion. For example: “Dear [recipient's name], I really appreciate your friendship and I hope this gift will remind you of our special bond every day.”
  • Be authentic and sincere; let your feelings speak. A sincere message often reaches deeper.
  • If you're lacking inspiration, think of shared memories, funny moments or personal compliments for an extra special touch.

Add a handwritten card:

  • Choose a beautiful card that suits the recipient or the occasion.
  • State the recipient's name clearly and write clearly and legibly.
  • Use a pen with ink that doesn't smudge and take the time to write neatly. A personal touch can make a difference.

Summary advice

You have now learned how to make eco-friendly gifts yourself and contribute to a greener planet in a sustainable way. By making conscious choices in materials and packaging, you give unique gifts with a positive impact. Have fun creating your own eco-friendly surprises!


  • Sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled paper
  • Soap base, essential oils, soap moulds
  • Old items to upcycle: e.g. pots, clothes, furniture
  • Craft materials such as paint, glue, string
  • Environmentally friendly packaging materials such as fabric, jute, paper
  • Decorations such as ribbons, stickers, dried flowers
  • Personal element such as self-written notes, drawings

Making sustainable presents

  • Choose sustainable materials, such as recycled or reusable products
  • Use natural packaging such as paper, jute or fabric instead of plastic
  • Make something unique yourself, for example a homemade candle, soap or scrub with natural ingredients
  • Buy locally produced products to reduce transportation costs and CO2 emissions
  • Give the gift of experiences, such as a homemade voucher for a fun activity together
  • Think about the needs and interests of the person the gift is for so that it is truly appreciated
  • Add a personal touch, such as a handwritten card or a homemade label
  • Be creative and experiment with different materials and ideas to make a unique and eco-friendly gift. Have fun crafting!

How to select and give eco-friendly gifts

  • Choose sustainable materials, such as recycled paper, bamboo or organic cotton for your gifts
  • Go for products that last long and are reusable, such as a thermos flask, cotton shopping bag or a durable phone case
  • Avoid disposable items and opt for items that can be reused or recycled
  • Add a personal touch to your gifts by making them yourself or personalizing them with, for example, a handwritten card or a homemade label with a message

Frequently asked questions about ecological gifts

Where can we find eco-friendly gifts to buy?

You can find eco-friendly gifts in stores that specialize in sustainable products, such as eco stores, fair trade stores or online sustainable platforms. In addition, there are also more and more regular stores that have a special eco-friendly product line. Also check out local artisans offering handmade sustainable gifts. Good luck finding the perfect eco-friendly gift!

How can we ensure that gifts are also ethically responsible?

To ensure that gifts are ethically responsible, you can pay attention to various aspects. Choose sustainable gifts, made from environmentally friendly materials or from fair trade. Also check the origin and production methods of the gift to ensure there is no child labor or poor working conditions. By choosing products with quality marks such as Fair Trade or organic, you can contribute to an ethically responsible gift.

What are some creative ways to package eco-friendly gifts?

Naturally! Some creative ways to package eco-friendly gifts are to use recycled materials, such as newspaper, old fabrics or even reusable packaging such as cloth bags. You can also use natural elements such as leaves, flowers or jute ribbons to wrap your gift in a sustainable and beautiful way. This way you not only give a wonderful gift, but you also contribute to a cleaner and greener planet! Good luck packing!

Is it important to give eco-friendly gifts and why?

Yes, it is important to give eco-friendly gifts for several reasons. Eco-friendly gifts help preserve our planet because they are produced more sustainably and have less impact on the environment. By choosing eco-friendly gifts, you help reduce waste, conserve natural resources and reduce pollution. Moreover, by giving eco-friendly gifts you often also support local and artisan producers who produce in a responsible manner. So it is not only good for the environment, but it can also contribute to a more sustainable and fairer economy.

What impact do non-eco-friendly gifts have on the environment?

Non-eco-friendly gifts have a negative impact on the environment due to the materials used and the production processes. These gifts often contribute to air pollution, deforestation, waste problems and depletion of natural resources. Think of plastic toys, electronics containing toxic substances and products made in polluting factories. By choosing sustainable and environmentally friendly gifts, these harmful effects can be reduced and contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet.

What types of gifts can be biodegradable?

Biodegradable gifts are made from materials that can be broken down naturally by microorganisms, making them less harmful to the environment. Some examples of biodegradable gifts include bioplastic products, paper products made from recycled paper, and natural fibers such as cotton or jute. It is important to check that the gifts are actually biodegradable and that they are disposed of properly to minimize their impact on the environment.

What are some examples of sustainable gift packaging?

Naturally! Some examples of sustainable gift packaging include recyclable cardboard boxes, reusable fabric bags, recycled paper gift packaging and biodegradable film. These options help reduce waste and are more environmentally friendly than traditional packaging. It is important to choose sustainable materials to contribute to a cleaner planet.

How can we ensure that our gifts are environmentally friendly?

To ensure that your gifts are environmentally friendly, there are some steps you can take. Choose products that are sustainably produced and made from environmentally friendly materials such as recycled paper, organic cotton or bamboo. Avoid disposable items and opt for reusable gifts that will last a long time. You can also consider choosing local products to reduce CO2 emissions from transport. Be creative and consciously consider the impact of your choices on the environment when putting together your gifts. This way you can show appreciation in a sustainable way to those to whom you give them.

What materials are commonly used for eco-friendly gifts?

Eco-friendly gifts often use materials such as recycled paper, organic cotton, bamboo, cork and biodegradable plastics. These materials contribute to a more sustainable choice and reduce the impact on the environment. It is important to choose materials that are reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly for making eco-friendly gifts.

What are some popular eco-friendly gift ideas for different occasions?

Naturally! Some popular eco-friendly gift ideas for different occasions include reusable water bottles, bamboo kitchenware, biodegradable phone cases, sustainable clothing or accessories made from recycled materials. These gifts are not only environmentally friendly, but also original and useful for the recipient!



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