How do you make bruschetta with tomato and basil yourself?

Great that you are interested in making bruschetta with tomato and basil yourself! In this blog post I will explain you step by step how to prepare this delicious Italian dish. Whether you're an experienced chef or just fancy trying something new in the kitchen, this recipe is sure to impress your guests. So grab your ingredients and let's get started together!


To make this delicious Italian classic you need a few essential ingredients. Below is a detailed list of supplies to get you started:

Basic ingredients:

  • Hearty bread: Choose a traditionally baked ciabatta or baguette for the best texture.
  • Ripe tomatoes: Opt for juicy and tasty vine tomatoes for an authentic taste.
  • Fresh basil: Use fresh basil leaves for an aromatic and refreshing touch.
  • Garlic: Fresh garlic cloves provide that delicious spicy taste.
  • Olive oil: Go for a high-quality extra virgin olive oil for the best taste experience.
  • Salt and pepper: Don't forget to season the bruschetta with a pinch of salt and some freshly ground pepper.

Product recommendations:

  • Bread: Rustic baguette from Bakery de Haan or Ciabatta from Ambacht Bakery
  • Tomatoes: Vine tomatoes from Van der Boer's Farm or Organic tomatoes from De Verse Pluktuin
  • Basil: Fresh basil from De Kruidenier or Organic basil from Home Grown
  • Garlic: Fresh garlic from De Groenteboer or Organic garlic from Local Farm
  • Olive oil: Extra virgin olive oil from De Olijfgaard or Organic olive oil from Terra Italiana

Comparison table:

Ingredient Recommended brand Feature
Hearty bread Bakery de Haan Rustic and crispy
Ripe tomatoes Van der Boer's Farm Juicy and full of flavour
Fresh basil The Grocer Aromatic and fresh
Garlic The Greengrocer Spicy and fresh
Olive oil The Olive Grove Extra virgin and tasty

With these high-quality ingredients and products you can turn your bruschetta with tomato and basil into a true culinary masterpiece. Have fun cooking! 🍅🌿🥖


  • 1 fresh baguette (for example Jumbo Baguette Classic)
  • 4 tomatoes (vine tomatoes)
  • Fresh basil
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Olive oil (such as Bertolli Extra Vergine)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preparing bread
  • Cut the baguette into slices of about 1 cm thick.
  • Place the slices on a baking tray and roast them in a preheated oven at 180°C until crispy.
  1. Make tomato topping
  • Cut the tomatoes into small cubes and place them in a bowl.
  • Add finely chopped basil leaves.
  • Squeeze the garlic cloves over the bowl.
  • Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
  • Mix everything together well so that the flavors blend well.
  1. To serve
  • Remove the toasted bread slices from the oven and spread the tomato topping generously over each slice.
  • Serve the bruschetta immediately, so that the bread remains crispy and the flavors are fresh.


  • Experiment with additions like capers, red onion, or even mozzarella to give your bruschetta a unique twist.
  • Always use fresh ingredients for the best taste.
  • Vary with different types of tomatoes for a colorful and tasty presentation.

Enjoy this delicious Italian classic with a drink, as a starter or simply as a snack. Buon appetito! 🇮🇹


Bruschetta is a delicious Italian dish consisting of toasted bread with various toppings. But did you know that you can vary bruschetta in countless ways to discover new flavors and textures? Here are some creative ideas to take your bruschetta to the next level:

Addition of Mozzarella

  • Choose brand-name fresh mozzarella Galbani for a creamy and soft texture.
  • Combine the mozzarella with fresh basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil for a classic and refined taste.

Pesto as a creamy topping

  • Use the Barilla Pesto Genovese for an intense basil flavor.
  • Spread your toasted bread with a generous layer of pesto and add cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese for an explosion of flavors.

Balsamic glaze for a sweet touch

  • Choose a high-quality balsamic glaze such as that of Aceto Balsamic vinegar of Modena for a sweet and sour touch.
  • Drizzle some balsamic glaze generously over your bruschetta with tomato and red onion for a surprising combination of flavors.

Tips for creating your own bruschetta:

  • Experiment with different types of bread, such as ciabatta or baguette, for different textures.
  • Vary with toppings such as goat cheese, smoked salmon, or grilled vegetables to create your own unique bruschetta.
  • Also try playing with herbs such as thyme, rosemary or oregano for additional flavor dimensions.

With these variations and tips you can experiment endlessly and create the perfect bruschetta that suits your taste preferences. Bon appétit!

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Healthy Sandwich

Choose the Right Bread

  • Make sure you choose a sturdy bread that can support the topping well, such as the Whole wheat spelled bread from Bakery De Gouden Korst.

Use Ripe Tomatoes for Optimal Flavor

  • Choose ripe tomatoes of good quality, for example Tasty Vine Tomatoes from Brand X, for a juicy and flavorful topping.

Taste and adjust seasoning

  • Before serving the topping on the bread, taste and season with fresh herbs and spices such as Basil from Herb Garden Y.

Comparative Table of Bread Types

Type of bread Firmness Taste Recommended Brand
Whole grain spelled bread Sturdy Full taste Bakery De Gouden Korst
Italian Ciabatta Crispy Subtle crust Artisanal Bakker Z
Rustic Multigrain Bread Robust Rich structure Organic Bakker J

With these simple yet effective tips, you can create the perfect healthy sandwich that is both delicious and nutritious. Experiment with different combinations and enjoy your self-composed creation!

Summary and recommendations

In this blog post we showed you how easy it is to make delicious tomato and basil bruschetta at home. By experimenting with the ingredients you can create your own favorite version. From now on you can serve this perfect dish at any drinks party or festive occasion. Enjoy your meal!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients for tomato and basil bruschetta?

For bruschetta with tomato and basil you need the following ingredients:

  • Ripe tomatoes
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Garlic
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • baguette

Cut the tomatoes into small cubes and mix them with finely chopped basil, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Toast slices of baguette and top them generously with the tomato mixture. Enjoy your meal!

Which herbs and spices can you add to the bruschetta for extra flavor?

For extra flavor to your bruschetta, you can add different herbs and spices, such as basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary and garlic. These herbs provide a delicious flavor explosion and make your bruschetta even tastier. Feel free to experiment with different combinations to discover what you like best. Enjoy your meal!

Do you have to bake the bruschetta in the oven or can you just serve it at room temperature?

You can simply serve bruschetta at room temperature. There is no need to bake it in the oven. The intention is for the toast to remain crispy and for the flavors of the toppings to come into their own. Enjoy it!

Do you have any tips for serving this bruschetta as a snack?

Naturally! A useful tip for serving bruschetta as a snack is to serve the slices of toasted bread separately from the tomato topping. This way the bread remains nice and crispy and everyone can decide how much topping they want to put on their bruschetta. In addition, you can put some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the table for those who like that. This way everyone can adjust their bruschetta to their own taste. Enjoy your meal!

How do you prepare the tomatoes for the bruschetta?

To prepare tomatoes for bruschetta, start by peeling and deseeding the tomatoes. Then cut the tomatoes into small cubes. Mix the tomato cubes with finely chopped garlic, fresh basil, olive oil, salt and pepper. Let the mixture marinate for a while so that the flavors can fully absorb. Apply the tomato mixture as a topping on toasted bread for delicious bruschetta!

How do you make basil oil for bruschetta?

To make basil oil for bruschetta, you need fresh basil leaves, olive oil, garlic and salt.

Step 1: Wash the basil leaves thoroughly and pat dry.Step 2: Place the basil leaves, a clove of garlic and a pinch of salt in a blender.Step 3: Slowly add olive oil while blending the ingredients, until a smooth oil forms.Step 4: Taste and add more salt to taste if necessary.

Now you have delicious basil oil ready to spread on your bruschetta. Enjoy your meal!

What type of bread is best to use for this bruschetta?

For bruschetta, it is best to use firm bread such as ciabatta or baguette. The bread should be firm enough to be grilled without becoming soft and able to support the toppings well. Enjoy your bruschetta!



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