Make the perfect snack board for dinner

A snack board full of snacks is the ideal basis for a delicious drink and of course a pleasant evening / afternoon! Delicious, diverse and can be enjoyed everywhere. But how do you ensure that you can impress with your drinks board? We will give you some tips to turn your board into the perfect event. 

Also take a look at our blog section drinks board ideas & appetizer recipes for possible other tips.

Would you like something different for dinner? Then make an extensive snack board for dinner!

It gives you a lot of creative possibilities and you can always put your own spin on it. In addition, if you arrange your drinks board properly, there will be something tasty for every type of eater. So why would you wait for a party to make a beautiful snack board and put it on the table?


A drinks board is the perfect way to impress your friends and family!
Drink boards at Food and Wood in Apeldoorn:
Learn how to make a snack board here
Drink boards at Food and Wood in Apeldoorn^

Why have dinner with a snack board?

It is easy to cook and you can make your snack board completely unique. A snack board is also a fun, new way to introduce picky eaters (in a different way) to fruit, vegetables or new foods. Having choices allows children to choose what they want on their plate and thus discover new flavors more easily.

“A snack board full of loose parts can help picky eaters and children discover new flavors more easily.”



How do you make a snack board for dinner or dinner?

If you want to serve a beautiful, well-filled snack board for dinner, proceed as follows.

Choose a meal and deconstruct it into its essential components with a focus on using a variety of flavors and textures. In this way you could transform any type of dish into a snack board where the ingredients end up on the plate (plank) in a more purely natural way.

Would you like to go for the classic appetizer platter and enjoy an extensive dinner with various types of cheese, meats, vegetables, fruit, olives and nuts? Make sure you put enough on the board so that everyone is full after enjoying the dinner board. Or add warm drink bites and you will definitely have enough.

Be sure to take a look at our current one drinks boards. There are a few that are ideal for dining, such as the splendid box which has something of everything, including a selection of hot snacks.

Buy the right ingredients for your snack board

Have you gained a little inspiration to make your drinks board? If necessary, make an inventory of whether there are people with a food allergy or dietary requirements. Then think about what you would like to see on the drinks platter and what will make your company happy. Need some extra inspiration? Think of: various soft, hard and (slightly) spicy cheeses, compote, olives, nuts, (breakable) bread, crackers, various dips and spreads, meats, dry sausage, hot oven snacks, such as chicken pieces, spare ribs, pulled pork bites, tempura shrimps, snack vegetables, fresh fruit, chips and snacks and something sweet, such as chocolate or nougat.

General shopping list: 

  • Charcuterie & (dry) sausage;
  • Various cheeses & compote;
  • Herbal dip/spreads; 
  • Olives;
  • Nuts;
  • Bread, crackers & chips;
  • Fish (e.g. shrimp, salmon or mackerel);
  • Crudité (fruit & snack vegetables);
  • Oven snacks; 
  • Something sweet;
  • A good wine of course ;).
Example plank from Food and Wood in Apeldoorn:

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Rules of thumb for making drinks boards

Do you want to create a beautiful, well-stocked drinks board that looks a bit like a... grazing table snack board, then you can follow the following two basic rules.

Basic rule of the drinks board 1:
Divide each product group into 2 or 3 places on your shelf. This way, your drinks board is anything but static and everyone can always access everything from their own side of the table.

Basic rule of the drinks board 2:
Avoid containers and bowls where possible. Your drinks board looks most full and pleasant when the board itself is as invisible as possible. Do you need a bowl? In any case, remove the product from the original packaging and use a nice ceramic bowl or something similar

Step-by-step plan to make a plank beautiful
Once you have done your shopping and your guests have arrived, it is time to make your drinks board. With this step-by-step plan you are guaranteed to put a drink board with a wow factor on the table.

To lay out your shelf, I would like to recommend the following order of finishing products. There are some examples and tips included. Good luck!

  1. Oven & preparation: Did you also get oven snacks or baked bread? Then preheat the oven according to the product guidelines and prepare one (or more) large clean serving board(s).
  2. Charcuterie: Remove the meats from the refrigerator and fold the meats per type into a shape of your choice. For example, fold slices twice, roll up or 'drape' loosely. Cut fuet diagonally into slices up to half the length of the fuet, so that guests can also enjoy cutting sausage themselves. Set all meats aside on a separate plate.
  3. Prepare shelf base: Place the dips and olives in separate bowls and place them on the board. Do you serve fresh fish or another eye-catching snack? Give it a prominent place on the shelf. You will soon continue to 'build' your drinks board around these basic components.
  4. Cheeses: Cut cheeses per type into different shapes and place directly on the shelf. This ensures versatility and recognizability of the different types of cheese. Did you get a matching compote or cheese dip? Place this on the shelf with the cheese. 

A few options:

– Cut manchego, rind and all, into slices (triangles) of about ⅕ centimeter thick
– Cut nettle cheese into cubes;
– Crumble old cheese by inserting your knife into the cheese and following breaking lines. Leave some of the cheese whole and add it with a cheese knife.
– Cut camembert into a wheel or cut one or two ends loose and place on top of the wheel;
– Leave blue cheese whole on the board and serve with a knife.

  1. Fish: Do you serve canned fish, spicy shrimps or something with salmon? Now divide this over the board where possible or in a bowl (if you have not already done so).
  2. Fruit & snack vegetables: Wash and cut (optional) fruit and vegetables and set aside.
  3. Finishing touches:Now place all other products spread out in 'groups' according to the basic rule on the shelf(s) in the following order:
    1. Folded meats and dry sausage/fuet (with a sharp knife);
    2. Any oven snacks and bread (broken into pieces);
    3. Fruits and vegetables;
    4. Still some blank spaces here and there? Fill everything with the crackers and nuts.
  4. Pronto, your packed snack board is ready to serve. Cin cin! 

Make a snack board or outsource it?

Hopefully I have been able to inspire you to make a party out of your drinks board. Would you love to put such a delicious snack board on the table, but not have to do all the prep work and sort out the groceries yourself? Then we would of course be happy to give you a helping hand. 

Then check out ours Online store where you can get the tastiest chilled (and unchilled) drinks boxes can order for your home. They will be delivered to your home on a day of your choice. You have everything at home right away, but you can steal the show yourself by decorating the beer board yourself. Nobody will know you bought it… 😉


Drinks board from Food and Wood in Apeldoorn:

Making drinks boards, rules of thumb


And remember, whatever you put on the table for drinks: don't forget to enjoy it together to enjoy

Would you like to order a snack board? Do you want to make exactly the same kind of drinks board as described in this blog? With ingredients from each product group mentioned? Then take a look at our Splendore drinks box. 'Splendore' is Italian for 'splendor and splendor', exactly what you want to radiate with such a beautifully decorated drinks board, right? I say, go for it! We are happy to relieve you of your worries.

You can complete the board entirely according to your own wishes. What do you fancy? Stick to a particular dish, like hot nachos or a antipasti board expanded with vegetables? Or do you just put what you fancy on the shelf? Anything is possible with a snack board for dinner!

“Everything is possible on a snack board for dinner.”

Making an Italian snack board

Planks all day long

We are fans of the snack board (at least the edible version) and you can actually do that all day long. In addition to dining with a snack board, it is also slowly becoming a trend to have lunch or even breakfast with it! Now you're probably thinking what, how? Well, simply by putting breakfast or lunch products on your snack board.

The key is to put a little bit of everything on the shelf. So where you might otherwise eat a bowl of cottage cheese for lunch with an apple on the side, you can now, for example, put frozen yogurt drops or small bowls of cottage cheese with honey and nuts, several types of freshly cut fruit, small crackers with a traditional cheese and snack vegetables on the lunch table. .

Do you have an idea, request or question? Be sure to let us know Contact We like to record it. Who knows, we can create and deliver something delicious for you and a custom drinks board!



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