How can you make original get-well gifts yourself?

In this guide, you'll learn how to make unique get-well gifts to cheer up friends or family members who are sick. Follow the steps to create personal and original gifts.


Choose the right gift idea

  • Analyze the interests: Find out what the person likes and what concerns them. Think about hobbies, favorite activities, or specific interests.
  • Ask for suggestions: When in doubt, don't hesitate to ask friends or family members of the person for suggestions. They often know the person well and can provide valuable insights.
  • Look for uplifting and comforting gift ideas: Choose something that will put a smile on the person's face and provide them with comfort during their illness, such as a personalized gift, a book from their favorite author, or a relaxing care package.

Gather supplies

Make a list of all the materials you will need to make the gift. Make sure you have everything you need before you start crafting. Consider items such as construction paper, glue, scissors, pencils, markers, glitter, ribbon, and any specific decorations you want to use. Also provide a sturdy surface to work on, such as a table or craft mat. Check that you have all the materials complete, so that you don't have to stop halfway while crafting. By preparing everything in advance, you can get started undisturbed and making the gift becomes an enjoyable experience.


Make a plan

Start by making an outline or plan of how you want to put together the gift. Think about what elements you want to include, such as the gift items, any cards or personal messages. Also consider how you want to arrange these elements, such as which gift comes first and how you present them.

Draw a rough sketch on paper or create a digital plan to represent everything visually. This will help you get a clear idea of what the gift will look like and how you want to organize it. Think about the order, size of the items and any additional decorations. Making a plan ensures that the gift is well thought out and organized, which the recipient will certainly appreciate.


Start making the gift

  • Gather all necessary materials, such as craft supplies, an empty jar or box, and possibly photos or personal notes.
  • Start designing the gift. Think about the recipient and what would make them happy. Add colors, shapes and decorations that suit their taste.
  • Add personal touches, such as a handwritten message, a photo of you together or a small homemade work of art.
  • Work on the gift step by step and take the time to make everything with care and attention. This way you add a personal touch and make the gift extra special.
  • Be creative and experiment with different materials and techniques. Let your imagination run wild and create something unique that really comes from your heart.

Add a personal touch

Write a handwritten card with a special message for the recipient. Think about beautiful memories you have experienced together and incorporate them into your message. Also indicate why this gift is perfect for that person. Wrap the gift in a creative way that suits the recipient, such as with photos, ribbons or other decorations that add a personal touch. Consider making the gift yourself or tailoring it to the person's interests to make it extra personal.


Wrap the gift nicely

Make sure you wrap the get-well gift nicely and pay attention to it. Choose a suitable gift packaging that is suitable for both the occasion and the person you are giving the gift to. For example, use colorful wrapping paper, ribbons, and matching accessories to brighten up the gift and make it more attractive. Make a nice bow or decoration on top of the gift and make sure everything is neat and tidy. The eye also wants something, so make sure the gift stands out and the recipient feels special. With a beautiful presentation you make the get-well gift even more valuable and show that you have made extra effort. Have fun packing!


Give the gift with love

  • Make a homemade get well gift with care and attention for the sick person.
  • Add personal touches to show you're thinking of them, such as a handwritten card or a homemade craft.
  • Hand over the gift at a quiet time, so that you can give the sick person your full attention.
  • Give the gift with warmth and affection and let the person know that you hope they get better soon.
  • Stay in touch and continue to show interest in their recovery.
  • Showing this warmth and affection will certainly be appreciated and will help the sick person feel loved and supported during their recovery.

Creative gift ideas

That's completely right! Making get-well gifts yourself shows not only care and creativity, but also genuine commitment to the sick person. By adding your own personal touch, you make the gift even more special and personal. Have fun and good luck crafting your get-well gifts!

Necessary materials

  • Various craft materials such as paper, paint, pencils, brushes
  • Glue and/or tape
  • Pair of scissors
  • Decorative materials such as ribbons, stickers, glitter
  • Boxes or bags for packaging
  • Personal message or card

Creative gift ideas

  • Choose a personalized gift, for example a homemade card with a personal message
  • Create a self-composed gift package with the favorite products of the person who wishes to get well
  • Think of homemade healthy snacks or meals, such as a jar of homemade soup
  • Get inspiration from the person's hobbies or interests and turn them into a creative gift, such as a homemade photo collage or a craft
  • Provide a self-made voucher book with vouchers for, for example, a walk in nature, a movie marathon or a pampering day

How to give a get well soon gift

  • Choose something personal: Think about the recipient and choose a gift that suits his or her interests or needs
  • Add a personal note: Write a sweet message or wish the recipient well in a card that you add to the gift
  • Have the gift delivered: If you live far away or can't visit in person, have the gift delivered to the recipient to show your support
  • Go for something uplifting: Choose a gift that will uplift and comfort the recipient during his or her illness, such as a book, flowers, or a soft blanket
  • I hope you find these tips helpful when using a “Get Well Gift”!

Frequently asked questions about get well soon gifts

Can you also send get-well gifts to someone who is not feeling well mentally?

Yes, you can certainly send get-well gifts to someone who is not feeling well mentally. While a gift in itself is not a substitute for professional help, showing support and care through a gift can have a positive effect on the recipient's well-being. Consider choices such as calming scents, comfortable items, inspiring books or just something nice to show that you are thinking of that person and to make them smile. It is always important to also encourage appropriate support and recommend professional help if necessary.

What meaning does a get well soon gift have for the recipient?

A get well soon gift means that the giver wants to show his or her support and compassion to the recipient who is ill or not feeling well. The gift can show that you are thinking of that person and want to support him or her. It proves that you care about the other person and want to help make the recovery process a little easier. It can cheer up the recipient and provide comfort in difficult times.

How can you make a get-well gift yourself?

You can make a get-well gift yourself by, for example, putting together a basket with healthy snacks, a homemade card with an uplifting message, a personalized mug or a jar of homemade soup mix. This way you show that you are thinking of the recipient and you put some extra effort and love into the gift. Good luck making the get well soon gift!

Is a get-well gift primarily intended as a statement of support or as encouragement?

A get well soon gift is primarily intended as an expression of support. It is a way to encourage someone who is sick and let them know that you are thinking of him or her. A get well gift can therefore be seen as a token of compassion and support in a difficult time. Of course, such a gift can also serve as encouragement, but the primary purpose is to show that you care about that person and are there for him or her.

What are suitable get well soon gifts for someone in hospital?

For someone in the hospital, get-well gifts such as flowers, a fruit basket, a good book, magazines or a comfortable blanket are always suitable options. Showing care and support is often most important, so choose something that suits the recipient's personal taste and interests. Get well wishes in the form of a personal card or a surprise can also bring a lot of positive energy. The most important thing is to help the person feel better and promote their recovery. Good luck to the person in the hospital!

Are there regional differences in which get-well gifts are popular?

Yes, there are certainly regional differences in which get-well gifts are popular. For example, in some regions flowers and fruit baskets are common gifts, while in other regions homemade food or handmade gifts may be more valued. It often depends on local traditions and cultural preferences.

Can a get-well gift also be ordered and delivered online?

Yes, a get-well gift can certainly be ordered and delivered online. There are several websites and web shops that specialize in sending gifts for sick people. For example, you can order flowers, fruit baskets, chocolate or personalized gifts and have them delivered directly to the recipient. It's a useful and thoughtful way to wish someone well, even if you can't be with them in person.

Are flowers a suitable get well gift or are there better options?

Yes, flowers are a suitable get-well gift! Several studies have shown that flowers can help improve a person's mood and well-being during illness or recovery. The colors and scents of flowers can uplift the mood and bring a feeling of joy and positivity. In addition, flowers create a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere in the room. So yes, flowers are certainly a good choice as a get-well gift, but of course there are also other options that can contribute to the person's recovery and well-being.

Are there special gifts that are especially suitable for children who are ill?

Yes, there are special gifts that are especially suitable for children who are ill. Consider, for example, craft sets, coloring books, puzzles or books that can help them find distractions and stimulate their creativity. In addition, soft cuddly toys or comfortable blankets can also provide comfort during difficult times. It is always good to take the sick child's interests and needs into account when choosing a gift.



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