Which accessories are useful to use when creating a unique drinks board?

Great that you are interested in making a unique snack board! In this blog post we will discover together which accessories can help you make your drinks boards really special. So, grab something nice to drink and let's see together how we can take your snack board creations to the next level!

Different types of cheese and meat knives


When putting together a delicious snack board, the use of good knives is essential. In this article we discuss the different types of cheese and charcuterie knives and share tips on how to best use them.

Cheese knives

  1. Cheese knife with holes: The knife with holes is perfect for soft cheeses such as brie or camembert. The holes prevent the cheese from sticking to the knife. This is an example of a good cheese knife with holes Boska Copenhagen Cheese Knife.
  2. Parmesan knife: A special Parmesan knife is ideal for hard cheeses such as Parmesan. The shorter and wider blade helps break the cheese without crumbling it. Try it Boska Monaco Parmesan Knife for a perfect cheese experience.

Meat knives

  1. Carving knife: A carving knife with a long blade is ideal for cutting thin slices of meat products. Choose it Wüsthof Classic Carving Knife for precision cutting.
  2. Zweihander: For larger pieces of meat, such as hams, a Zweihänder is the perfect tool. This long and wide knife makes cutting effortless. It is highly recommended Dick 1905 Zweihänder for professional results.

Usage tips

  • Keep the blades sharp: Make sure your knives are always razor sharp for precise and effortless cutting.
  • Cutting technique: Use a sliding cutting motion instead of pushing to create beautiful slices without damaging the structure of the cheese or meats.

Decorative serving bowls and boards

Serving bowls and serving boards are not only practical for serving snacks and drinks, but can also serve as real eye-catchers on the table. In this article you will discover which materials and shapes are most suitable to give your drinks board a unique look.

Materials: Choose quality and style

When choosing a serving bowl or serving board, it is important to pay attention to the material. Here are some popular options, each with its own charm:

  • Wood: Natural and warm, perfect for a rustic look. Brands such as Boska and Blonde Amsterdam offer beautiful wooden serving boards.
  • Marble: Luxurious and elegant, marble serving platters are ideal for presenting cheese and fruit. Take a look at the collections of Dill & Chamomile and Bloomingville.
  • Porcelain: Sleek and stylish, porcelain serving dishes are ideal for serving small snacks. Villeroy & Boch and Royal Doulton have a nice selection.
  • Metal: Modern and industrial, metal serving dishes give a contemporary touch to your presentation. Consider brands like Serax and Silver City for inspiration.

Shapes: Play with creativity

The shape of a serving bowl or serving board can greatly influence the presentation. Choose a shape that suits the style of your dishes and the atmosphere you want to create:

  • round: Classic and versatile, a round serving bowl is ideal for presenting tapas and antipasti.
  • Rectangular: Sleek and practical, rectangular serving boards are perfect for serving cheese boards and charcuterie.
  • Oval: Elegant and unique, an oval serving bowl adds a touch of finesse to any table setting.
  • Wavy: Playful and modern, serving boards with wavy edges give a creative twist to your presentation.

With the right combination of materials and shapes you can transform your drinks board into a real work of art. Dare to mix and match and discover the possibilities to present your dishes in a unique and stylish way.

Nutcrackers and dip bowls

Looking for ways to improve your drinks experience and surprise your guests? Then look at adding nutcrackers and dip bowls to your drinks board. These accessories can take your drinks to the next level and ensure a stylish presentation. Discover here how you can make optimal use of nutcrackers and dip bowls to pamper your guests.

Nutcrackers: a crunchy addition

  • Nutcrackers are not only useful for cracking nuts, but they also serve as a decorative element on your drinks board.
  • Sample product: Johnny's Classic Walnut Cracker – a sturdy and elegant nutcracker that is perfect for various types of nuts.
  • Place a mix of walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds in a bowl with the nutcracker next to it, so your guests can crack their favorite nuts themselves.

Dipping bowls: for a tasty dipping experience

  • Dip bowls are ideal for serving different dips and sauces with your drinks.
  • Choose dip dishes in different shapes and sizes to create a varied presentation.
  • Sample product: Marie's Ceramic Dip Set – a set of three stylish dip dishes in different colors.
  • Fill the dip bowls with hummus, tzatziki, guacamole and serve them together with vegetable sticks and crackers for a tasty dipping experience.

Combine nutcrackers and dip bowls

  • Place the nutcracker and dip bowls together on your drinks board for an inviting and tasty presentation.
  • Ensure a harmony in colors and styles between the nutcracker and the dip bowls for a cohesive whole.
  • Create a festive atmosphere by surrounding the nutcracker and dip bowls with candles and flowers as a finishing touch.

By adding nutcrackers and dip bowls to your drinks board you give your guests an unforgettable taste experience and a visual spectacle. Experiment with different combinations and presentations to take your drinks to the next level. Cheers and enjoy!

Wine and beer glasses

When putting together a drinks board, choosing the right glasses is at least as important as the selection of the drinks and dishes themselves. The shape and material of the glass can have a significant influence on the taste experience of the wine or beer. Discover below which glasses go best with different drinks and dishes.

Wine glasses

Red wine glasses

  • Merlot wine glass: A large, spherical glass that brings out the fruity aromas of Merlot wines.
  • Bordeaux glass: Specially designed for powerful and complex red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Pinot Noir glass: Slightly narrower and rounder than Bordeaux glasses, ideal for the subtle aromas of Pinot Noir.

White wine glasses

  • Chardonnay glass: A wider glass with a larger bowl for full-bodied white wines such as Chardonnay.
  • Sauvignon Blanc glass: Narrower and straighter, perfect to emphasize the fresh acidity and aromas of Sauvignon Blanc.

Beer glasses

Pilsner glass

  • Stella Artois Crystal Glass: Specially designed to accentuate the bright color and rich head of pilsners.
  • Heineken Ellipse glass: An elegant glass that brings out the hoppiness and freshness of pilsners.

Special beer glasses

  • Tulip glass: Suitable for various specialty beers with complex flavors and aromas.
  • Weizen glass: Tall and thin glass, perfect for wheat beers due to its spacious bowl and slim shape that retains the aroma.

By using the right glassware, you not only improve the taste of the drink, but also the overall experience of the drink moment. Experiment with different glasses and discover which ones suit your favorite wines and beers best!

Accessories for a perfect drinks board

After reading this blog post, you will be well equipped to create a unique drinks board. Make sure you use the right accessories to impress your guests with a delicious and beautifully presented platter!

Frequently asked questions about our drinks boards

Which accessories can make the presentation of a drinks board even more attractive, such as small flags or mini chalkboards with the names of the dishes?

In addition to small flags and mini chalkboards, you can make the presentation of a snack board even more attractive with, for example, different types of dishes, containers and bowls in which to serve the snacks. You can also use flowers, herbs or edible decorations to make the drinks board more colorful and tasteful. In addition, don't forget to place various types of cutlery and napkins near the drinks board for extra convenience for your guests. Have fun styling your drinks board!

What other instruments can come in handy when making a unique snack board, such as a cheese grater or corkscrew?

In addition to a cheese grater and corkscrew, other useful tools for making a unique snack board include:

  • A sharp knife for cutting cheese and meats
  • A cheese slicer for thin slices of cheese
  • A cocktail stick to keep snacks together
  • A bread knife for cutting fresh bread
  • Tongs to pick up olives, grapes or cherry tomatoes

With these different instruments you can put together a varied and attractive drinks board. Have fun creating your own unique drinks board!

Which decorative elements are suitable to make a drinks board even more festive, for example flowers or herbs for decoration?

To make a drinks board even more festive, you can add decorative elements such as edible flowers, fresh herbs, and small bowls of nuts or olives. These elements not only create a festive look, but also add extra flavors and textures to the board. Make sure that the decorations are edible and match the other ingredients on the snack board. Have fun decorating and enjoy your festive drinks board!

Which knives are useful for cutting the different cheeses and meats on the snack board?

There are some handy knives you can use to cut different cheeses and meats on a snack board. A cheese knife with a sharp point is ideal for soft cheeses, while a cheese slicer works well for hard cheeses. A sausage knife with a ribbed edge is useful for cutting dry sausage or salami. Finally, a sharp chef's knife can be used to cut larger pieces of cheese or meats. This way you can easily and beautifully put together your drinks board with the right knives!

Are there specific serving boards or serving bowls that are perfect for serving a variety of drinks?

Yes, for serving a variety of drinks, it is best to choose serving boards or serving bowls with multiple compartments. This way you can keep different types of snacks separate and still present them beautifully. Serving boards made of wood or marble give your drinks board a luxurious look and are often well suited for various snacks. It is also useful to choose serving boards that are easy to clean, as they must be ready for the next drinks evening after use. Have fun putting together and serving your various drinks board!

What type of cutting board is recommended for making a unique drinks board?

A wooden cutting board is recommended to make a unique drinks board. A wooden cutting board has a warm appearance and provides a beautiful presentation of cheese, meats and other delicacies. Moreover, wood is friendlier to your knives than glass or stone, for example. Choose a large wooden cutting board, so that you have enough space to be creative and decorate your drinks board beautifully. Have fun putting together your unique drinks board!

Which types of plates or bowls are ideal for presenting dips or nuts with a snack board?

Small dishes or bowls are ideal for presenting dips and nuts with a snack board. Preferably made of ceramic or glass, so that the colors of the dips stand out beautifully. Make sure that the bowls are not too large, so that they fit easily on the serving board and the whole thing looks nice and inviting. Small wooden bowls can also work well for a rustic look.



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