How to make a surprise box

In the manual “How to make a surprise box” you will learn step by step how to put together a personal surprise box for any occasion. It's a fun way to create a unique gift.


Gather supplies

  • First, gather a sturdy box in the desired size for your gift basket.
  • Choose various decorations, such as ribbons, bows, flowers or stickers, to decorate the basket.
  • Make sure you have enough presents to fill the basket and scissors and possibly paper to wrap them.
  • Have everything organized before you start putting together your gift basket.

Choose a theme

First choose which theme you want to give to the surprise box. For example, think of a birthday, thank you or just a surprise. Consider the recipient's preferences and choose an appropriate theme. Add personal details, such as favorite colors, scents or hobbies, to make your surprise box extra special. Include the context of the occasion in your choice, or give free rein to your creativity for a unique surprise!


Select presents

Choose the presents carefully to put in the surprise box. Make sure they fit perfectly with the chosen theme. Think of items that are sure to surprise and delight the recipient. Don't forget to wrap the presents beautifully for an extra festive touch!


Decorating the box

Decorate the box on the inside and outside with matching decorations and ribbons for a festive look. Choose colorful ribbons and decorations that suit the occasion. Wrap the ribbon around the box and tie a pretty bow on top. Not too much ribbon or it may look messy. Use double-sided tape to keep the decorations firmly in place. Finish it off with a nice card or label for a personal touch.


Wrapping the presents

Wrap the presents nicely with paper and ribbons. Make sure the paper is tight and the ribbons are tied nicely. Then place the wrapped gifts in the box in an attractive manner. Make sure everything is beautifully presented and prevent it from shifting during transport.


Adding a personal touch

Add a personal card or note. This allows you to surprise the recipient and convey a special message. Write a personal message on the card or note and place it with the gift. This way you add a personal touch to the gift and make it extra special.


Finishing and closure

  • Check whether everything is properly attached to the surprise box.
  • Close the box in a special way, for example with a ribbon or sticker.
  • Find a suitable decoration to complete the surprise.
  • Don't forget to add a personal card for an extra special touch.

Optional: add extras

Consider adding extras to make your surprise even more special. For example, add colorful confetti to your gift packaging for a festive touch. Or add a small bouquet of flowers for a touch of elegance. Other surprises such as a handwritten card or a ribbon in a contrasting color can also create the intended wow effect. Be creative and personalize your gift with these fun extras!


Handing over the surprise box

Hand the surprise box to the recipient personally. Make sure you witness their reaction to the homemade surprise. Enjoy this special moment together and see how happy and surprised the recipient is!

Come up with a unique creation

In the conclusion of your blog post about “How to make a surprise box” you emphasize that with the help of the manual you have provided, it is possible to make creative and personal surprise boxes yourself. These gifts will certainly put a smile on the recipient's face. Good luck and, above all, have fun creating unforgettable surprises!


  • A sturdy box
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Decorative ribbons and stickers
  • Pair of scissors
  • Adhesive tape
  • Various presents
  • Creative materials such as stamps, paint, glitter etc
  • Cards for the personal touch
  • Optional extras such as confetti, chocolate, notebook etc

Practical ideas for surprise boxes

  • Choose a theme for your surprise box, such as beauty, food or travel, to make it personal
  • Consider the recipient's interests and preferences to tailor the contents of the box
  • Provide a good mix of products, from small items to something large, for a nice variation
  • Don't forget to add a personal note to make the surprise extra special
  • Wrap the surprise box beautifully with matching gift wrap or ribbon for a festive look
  • Please take shipping into account to ensure the box arrives on time and maintains the effect of the surprise

How does it work?

  • Start by choosing a reliable Surprise Box provider
  • Read the description of the box carefully to know which products you can expect
  • Be surprised and make it a fun experience by discovering the contents of the box step by step
  • Provide feedback to the provider about your experience and what you might like to see different
  • Enjoy the fun and excitement of receiving surprising products! Have fun!

Frequently asked questions about surprise boxes

Are there companies that specialize in putting together surprise boxes?

Yes, there are indeed companies that specialize in putting together surprise boxes. These companies often offer different types of surprise boxes, such as beauty boxes, food boxes or gift boxes. They ensure that the contents of the box remain a surprise and you can often indicate your preferences, so that the box can be tailored to your wishes. It's a nice way to treat yourself or someone else with a surprising gift!

What exactly are surprise boxes?

Surprise boxes are packages with a mix of different products that you buy without knowing exactly what is inside. These products can range from beauty and care products to snacks, gadgets and even clothing. The concept revolves around surprise and the pleasure of not knowing exactly what you will receive. Companies offer surprise boxes where the contents can be tailored to different themes or preferences, such as a beauty box, a food box or a lifestyle box. It's a fun way to discover new products and surprise yourself or others with a unique gift.

What kind of products are often included in surprise boxes?

Surprise boxes often contain a mix of products, such as snacks, beauty products, stationery, gadgets, and sometimes even clothing or accessories. They can also be seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations or summer goodies. It depends on the theme of the surprise box and its provider. They often contain various products to complete the surprise!

Are there surprise boxes especially for certain target groups?

Yes, there are surprise boxes that have been specially put together for certain target groups. For example, there are surprise boxes aimed at children, beauty enthusiasts, athletes, and even pets. These boxes contain products that match the interests and needs of the specific target group. It can be a fun way to discover new products that match your preferences!

What types of surprise boxes are there?

There are different types of surprise boxes, including beauty boxes, food boxes, book boxes, and lifestyle boxes. Each box contains an assortment of products within a specific theme, which you will receive as a nice surprise. It can range from cosmetics and snacks to books and gadgets. It's a fun way to discover new products and treat yourself!

How can you be sure that you will be satisfied with the contents of a surprise box?

To know if you'll be happy with the contents of a surprise box, look at the box's theme and description. Companies often indicate what types of items are included, such as snacks, beauty products or home decor. You can also view the reviews from other customers to get an idea of the quality and variety of the products in the surprise box. This can help you make an informed decision and determine whether the box will meet your expectations.

How does returning a surprise box work?

Returning a surprise box usually works as follows: contact the customer service of the company where you purchased the box and indicate that you want to return the box. They will likely give you instructions on how to return the box and how to get a refund. Make sure you check the company's return policies as they may vary from company to company.

How can you order a surprise box?

To order a surprise box, you usually have to go to the website of the company that offers the surprise box. On their website you can usually choose from different themes or options for the surprise box. You then add the box to your shopping cart and go through the ordering process. You often have to fill in your personal details and provide payment details before you finally place the order. Don't forget to check the delivery terms and delivery times before completing your order. Have fun with the surprise box!

Are there certain trends in surprise boxes?

Yes, there are certainly certain trends in surprise boxes. For example, one of the trends is the emphasis on sustainability and environmental friendliness. Many surprise boxes now contain products that are sustainably made or that help reduce waste. You also see that personalization is an important trend, where the contents of the box are tailored to the preferences and interests of the recipient. Finally, thematic surprise boxes, such as those focused on wellness, nutrition or hobbies, have also become very popular.

Are surprise boxes also given as gifts?

Yes, surprise boxes are often given as gifts! They are popular as a gift option because of the element of surprise and diversity they provide. Many people give surprise boxes to friends or family for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays or simply as a surprise. It's a nice way to surprise someone with a gift whose contents they only discover when they open the box. So yes, surprise boxes are certainly a popular gift!

Are surprise boxes sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Yes, surprise boxes can be sustainable and environmentally friendly, but this depends on the specific provider and products contained in the box. Some companies use sustainable packaging, biodegradable materials and ethically sourced products. It is important to check that the company you are purchasing the surprise box from is transparent about their sustainability policy and what steps they are taking to be environmentally friendly. You can also look for quality marks such as Fair Trade, FSC and organic certified to support sustainable options.

Are surprise boxes cheaper than individual purchases?

Yes, surprise boxes can be cheaper than individual purchases, depending on the contents and pricing of the box. Surprise boxes often contain a combination of products with a total value that is higher than the price of the box itself. It can be a fun way to discover new products and save money at the same time. However, it is important to look carefully at what is in the box and whether these products are actually interesting for you. Don't forget to compare the prices with what you would normally pay for the individual products.

Are there subscriptions for surprise boxes?

Yes, subscriptions are available for surprise boxes. Many companies offer subscriptions where you regularly receive a surprise box with different products. You can often choose a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription, depending on your wishes. It's a fun way to discover new products and surprise yourself or others!



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