How to make a buffet buffet

Hey readers! Are you looking for inspiration for your next party or meeting? In this blog post we are going to show you how to put together a delicious snack buffet. With useful tips on choosing the right ingredients and beautifully presenting the perfect drinks platter, your next party is guaranteed to be a success! Read on and be inspired.

Ingredient selection

A drinks board is an excellent way to welcome guests or simply enjoy them during a pleasant evening. By carefully selecting various cheeses, meats, nuts, fruit, dips and breads, you can create a varied and tasty drinks platter that is guaranteed to impress your guests.


Hard cheeses

  • Mature Gouda cheese: A classic that is loved by many.
  • Parmesan cheese: Add a touch of Italian flavor.

Soft cheeses

  • Brie: Creamy and soft in taste.
  • Camembert: Perfect for dipping with pieces of bread.


Dried ham

  • Parma ham: A delicacy with a fine salty taste.
  • Serrano ham: Wonderfully mild and aromatic.

Types of sausages

  • Chorizo: Spicy and full of flavour.
  • Salami: Classic and always a success.


  • Walnuts: Crispy and full of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Almonds: Healthy and delicious to nibble.


  • Grapes: Fresh and juicy, perfect as a refresher between bites.
  • Figs: Sweet and soft, a nice addition to the cheese.


  • Hummus: Creamy and savory, delicious with vegetable sticks.
  • tapenade: Intense flavour, delicious on pieces of bread.

Bread types

  • baguette: Crispy and neutral, perfect for dipping.
  • Olive bread: With pieces of olives for extra flavor.

With this selection of high-quality ingredients you can easily put together a drinks board that is both visually appealing and a feast for the taste buds of your guests. Experiment with different combinations and presentations to create a unique experience that your guests will love. Happy planking!

Presentation and layout

Do you want to impress your guests with a beautifully decorated drinks board? Then play with colours, textures and shapes to create an eye-catching presentation that not only tastes delicious, but looks fantastic too. Here are some tips to make your drinks board visually appealing and give it that wow factor your festive occasion deserves.

Color combinations

  • Choose a mix of colors that are visually appealing and go well together.
  • For example, combine fresh green herbs with vibrant red tomatoes, deep red grapes and creamy cheeses for a balanced color scheme.

Playing with textures

  • Vary textures to stimulate the senses and add dimension to your drinks platter.
  • Think crunchy nuts, soft cheeses, creamy dips and crusty baguettes for an interesting mix of textures.

Shapes and presentation

  • Use various shapes and structures for an aesthetically pleasing shelf.
  • Combine round slices of sausage with cubes of cheese, cold cuts and strips of vegetables for a playful setup.

Festive look

To give your drinks board a festive look, here are some tips:

  • Add glossy olives and sun-dried tomatoes for a luxurious look.
  • Decorate with edible flowers for a chic and colorful touch.
  • Use serving bowls or boards made of natural wood or marble for an elegant presentation.
  • Top with an assortment of crackers and crusty bread for texture and crunch.

By playing with colours, textures and shapes and paying attention to the presentation, you can put together a visually appealing drinks board that is not only tasty, but also a feast for the eyes. Experiment with different ingredients and combinations for a personalized and festive board that will impress your guests.

Combinations and flavor variations

A balanced and varied drinks board is an art in itself. By cleverly combining different flavors, you can create an unforgettable experience for yourself and your guests. In this article we delve deeper into which flavors go well together and how you can put together a snack board that combines the best of savory and sweet.

Savory and sweet: a match made in heaven

Combining savory and sweet elements on a snack board can provide a perfectly balanced taste experience. Here are some suggestions for flavorful combinations:

  • Cheese and honey: A classic combination that always works well. Try an aged cheese with a light honey for a delicious sweet-creamy taste.
  • Cold cuts and fig jam: The salty taste of meats such as prosciutto or salami goes well with the sweet and slightly sour taste of fig jam.
  • Nuts and dried fruit: Combine crunchy nuts with dried fruit such as apricots or dates for a perfect balance between savory and sweet.

Create the ultimate drinks board

When putting together a snack board, it is important to vary flavors, textures and temperatures. Here are some practical tips to create the perfect drinks platter:

  • Choose a mix of cheeses: Go for different types of cheeses such as soft brie, spicy blue cheese and mild goat cheese to increase diversity.
  • Add various meats: Think dry sausage, Parma ham and chorizo for a wide range of flavours.
  • Mix crackers, bread and dips: Combine crispy crackers with fresh baguette and add dips such as hummus, tapenade and mustard for extra variety.

Surprising combinations to try

Do you really want to surprise your guests? Then try these unique combinations on your drinks board:

  • Blue cheese with caramelized nuts: The spicy taste of blue cheese combined with sweet caramelized nuts provides an explosion of flavor.
  • Smoked salmon with horseradish cream: The delicate flavor of smoked salmon and the tangy kick of horseradish cream make an unexpected, yet delicious combination.

By playing with different flavors and textures you can create a drinks board that is not only visually appealing, but also a feast for the taste buds. Experiment with different ingredients and discover your perfect combinations!

Practical tips and supplies

Drink boards are a popular choice for parties and social gatherings. With the right preparation and selection of delicacies you can put together an impressive drinks platter that will surprise and delight your guests. Here are some practical tips to ensure your drinks platter is a success!

Select a diverse mix of ingredients

  • Choose a mix of cheeses, meats, nuts, fruit, crackers and dips to make your snack board interesting and tasty. Some suggestions are:
    • Old Amsterdam cheese
    • Prosciutto di Parma
    • Mixed nuts from De Notenshop
    • Fresh grapes and figs
    • Crackers from LU or Wasa
    • Hummus dips from Maza

Use serving utensils to present your board beautifully

  • Invest in serving utensils such as cheese knives, tweezers, small spoons and forks to neatly present your platter and make it easy to serve. Some useful tools are:
    • Boska cheese knife
    • Stainless steel tweezers set
    • Mini serving spoons and forks from Xenos

Take the dietary requirements of your guests into account

  • Ask in advance about any dietary requirements of your guests, such as vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. Make sure you also have options on the shelf that meet these needs, for example:
    • Vegan cheese alternatives such as Violife
    • Gluten-free crackers from Schär
    • Vegetable sticks and dips for vegetarian options

With these tips and supplies, you are well on your way to presenting a delicious drinks platter that everyone can enjoy! Good luck putting together your perfect creation.


Great, after reading this blog post you will be ready to make a fantastic sideboard buffet yourself! Give free rein to your creativity and experiment with different flavors and presentation styles for an unforgettable drinks experience. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

Frequently asked questions about our appetizer buffet

What is the best way to present a drinks buffet buffet?

To best present a drinks buffet buffet, it is important to have a good mix of different flavors, colors and textures. Make sure you have a variety of cheeses, meats, nuts, fruit, dips and crackers on the shelf. Place the items in groups and vary their height by using small dishes, bowls or plates. Don't forget to add some fresh herbs or edible flowers for a nice finishing touch. Present the drinks board on a beautiful wooden board or serving bowl for an extra luxurious look. This way you not only create a tasty, but also an attractive presentation of the buffet buffet. Cheers!

What is the best way to combine the different flavors and textures on a buffet buffet?

To best combine the different flavors and textures on a buffet buffet, you can keep the following in mind:

  • Start by choosing a variety of flavors, from salty to sweet and from savory to spicy.
  • Combine hard cheeses with soft cheeses and add different types of meats for textural variation.
  • Add nuts, olives and pickles for a crunchy and salty touch.
  • Don't forget to add dips and spreads such as hummus, pesto or chutney for extra dimensions of flavor.
  • Present everything on the shelf in an attractive way, so that it is visually appealing and invites you to enjoy it.

By combining these elements, you create a balanced snack board that is a feast for the senses in terms of both taste and texture. Have fun putting it together and enjoy the food!

Which types of fruit and nuts are a good addition to a buffet buffet?

Different types of fruit and nuts are good additions to a buffet buffet. For example, think of grapes, strawberries, pieces of apple or pear. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts and pistachios always do well on a snack board. This combination of sweet and savory provides a varied offering for your guests. Do you want to make it extra festive? Then add dried fruit such as apricots or dates.



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