Maintenance and cleaning wooden drinks board

Whether you bought the tapas board yourself or received it as a gift; You naturally want to keep your new drinks board beautiful for a long time. Frequent use requires cleaning and occasional good maintenance. It is especially important to clean it correctly after use to prevent your tapas board from quickly becoming less attractive. We are happy to give you some tips for the maintenance and correct cleaning of your cutting board and/or drinks boards!

From pre-treatment to bacteria-free

Wood is a natural product that discolors over time and therefore requires special care. To ensure lasting enjoyment of beautiful, fresh drinks boards, you can use various cleaning methods. As long as you follow the maintenance instructions below, you can continue to enjoy your wooden cutting board for years to come. 

Basic rule: avoid the dishwasher!
This seriously damages wooden serving boards and can cause cracks in the long term.

Treatment of wooden serving board before use 

Is your wooden serving board untreated? Then rub your board evenly (in all directions) with oil before first use. We prefer special cutting board oil (for example available from IKEA) or grape seed oil.

Almond oil is also very suitable, but please note that this is not suitable if someone has a nut allergy. There is a good chance that you will forget that oil on your board if a guest at your home indicates that they would rather not see nuts on your snack board because of an allergy. So it is better to be safe. Grape seed oil, on the other hand, is not only a safe choice, but also taste and odor free. 

Are you thinking: I don't have that at home, I'll get some olive oil; do not do it! Olive oil is too greasy for the wood and will cause stains and a 'sticky' feeling.

How do you use the treatment oil correctly?

Rub the board on all sides with oil. Do this evenly and briefly in all directions. Finish rubbing with the grain of the wood to avoid strange streaks. Use a piece of paper towel or cloth to spread and rub. Let the board dry for a day and it is ready to use. Repeat this oil treatment every approximately 10 times that you have used the board.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska through Pexels

Treatment of wooden board after use

Your lovely drinks evening is over and you naturally want to be able to place your wooden serving board clean and back in the cupboard or decoratively on the countertop. Then always remember this: Never put your wooden board in the dishwasher. It is wood and wood will (eventually) split and crack from large amounts of water. 

How do you clean wooden serving boards?

Only use water (no detergent) to wipe the board with a sponge. Finally, rinse briefly with lukewarm running water and then dry immediately with a dry cloth. The moment you let your plank dry wet, the wood can start to 'work' and warp due to the moisture. You will not see this with the naked eye, but over time the quality of your wooden plank will deteriorate considerably. 

Have you had a good drink and does your wooden board require thorough hygienic cleaning? To properly remove food scraps from your board without damaging the wood, you can use the following miracle remedies. 

  • Want to freshen up the shelf? Mix a scoop of soda with lukewarm water and wash your tapas board with it.
  • Want to make the plank bacteria-free? Squeeze half a lemon over your previously cleaned and dried board, sprinkle with salt and leave for 15 minutes. Scrub your board thoroughly and repeat the process of rinsing and immediately patting it dry.
Photo by RachelClaire through Pexels

Repair damage

Have your board been scratched during drinks? Then treat the plank with oil immediately after it is clean and dry. Rub some oil into the plank on the damaged areas and you will see that the scratches are a lot less visible. 

Finally, avoid direct sunlight and heat to keep your serving board beautiful. However, damage/discoloration caused by sunlight can often be concealed with an oil treatment.

Summary of maintenance wooden drinks board:

  • Pre-treat your board with grapeseed oil;
  • After use, rinse only with lukewarm water and dry immediately with a dry cloth;
  • Always avoid the dishwasher with wood to prevent cracks; 
  • Repeat the treatment with oil regularly;
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning products, but use soda or lemon and salt for a scrub; 
  • Avoid direct sunlight and regular exposure to heat;
  • Repair damage immediately after cleaning and drying to keep the plank in good condition for as long as possible.

Disclaimer: always check the type of wood first and whether the plank has already been treated. In some cases, the wood does not improve if you give it an oil treatment. This is a matter of taste.

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